War Imminent If Armenia Adheres to Soft Stance Warns Legal Expert

YEREVAN (Noyan Tapan)–"There’s going to be no war if Armenia and Karabakh take a strong stand. However–war is imminent in case Armenia assumes a cowardly position and starts appeasing the aggressor. It is still since Munich times that winking at aggression has been known to bring no peace," International Law expert Dr. Yuri Barseghov said at a news conference on Friday.

He feels that the Armenian people are currently going through a critical stage in their history which can be compared perhaps only with the battles of Avarair and Sardarabad. The future of the Armenia’s depends on how they overcome this situation–for Armenia can not exist as a political state without Nagorno-Karabakh and those who fail to realize it are not politicians–nor are they Armenian politicians–asserted the expert

Barseghov sharply criticized the position of Armenia which agreed to a "stage-by-stage" plan of conflict settlement. According to him–it is clear that this is a deliberately disadvantageous approach. Barseghov juxtaposed Armenia’s position with that of Karabakh. According to him–the position of the Karabakh delegation proved capable of convincing the co-chairmen that a package variant is being widely used in the present-day world to solve similar conflicts.

Barseghov said that the so-called stage-by-stage version was based on Azerbaijan’s approach. It is Azerbaijan that had unleashed a colonial war of aggression against the people of Karabakh–a war in which it was later defeated. So–Azerbaijan decided on a stage-by-stage plan to eliminate the consequences of its own aggression by political means. Meanwhile–Azerbaijan keeps toughening its position in the hope of a so-called oil diplomacy. Armenia has to seek a legal solution to the problem without letting Azerbaijan use its oil trump.

Barseghov called Azerbaijan’s promises to provide some autonomy to Nagorno-Karabakh a "bluff." He holds that today Azerbaijan is not ready to provide even the freedoms given to Karabakh by the Bolsheviks. Besides–at that time the matter concerned a broad autonomy within the Soviet State that could somehow restrain Azerbaijan. While with Karabakh under its jurisdiction–sovereign Azerbaijan is certain to put the "final solution" into practice.

According to Barseghov–Azerbaijan’s proposal to establish a bicommunal system in Nagorno Karabakh–which will fundamentally change the basis of the formerly existing autonomy–reveals this country’s further plans.

Barseghov pointed out that Armenia primordially supported a stage-by-stage settlement plan–relying on it to help raise the blockade. However the expectations failed–besides Armenia has got accustomed to live under blockade conditions. Therefore–Barseghov thinks that there is no urgent need to be getting the blockade lifted. According to him–besides through capitulatory statemen’s–Armenia has all possibilities to put forth and realize alternative variants.

The status of a self-governing state on the basis of special treaty relations with Azerbaijan is one of the possible variants. He referred to the example of relations between the Islands of Cook and New Zealand–as well as West Samoa and the United States.

He said he was puzzled over the fact that the Armenian delegation had allowed the statement by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Acting Chairman in Lisbon; the statement that disregarded the OSCE basic principle–that is the principle of consensus. Barseghov said the document issued in Lisbon was just a mere statement but not a legal document as Azerbaijan and its transatlantic patrons were trying to present it.

Addressing further developmen’s–Barseghov stressed that there were no alternatives to a peaceful way of Karabakh settlement.

He noted that he believed it wrong not to allow Iran which has a common border with Armenia and Azerbaijan to participate in the conflict settlement.

Barseghov drew attention to other available opportunities. According to him–the West which is currently pressuring Armenia–is also to be blame for the Genocide of Armenia’s.

"This is a disgrace for the West–but we do not use this fact to restrict West’s possibilities. We have never told the United States–France and Germany that they are guilty of Armenia’s losing nine tenth of its territory. We should use their responsibility for the Genocide."

Instead of that–according to Barseghov–the Armenian side praises the co-chairmen.

"We consider it subtle diplomacy to agree to everything and raise our hands before hearing a shot," concluded the law expert.


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