ARF Bureau Calls for Ter Petrosyan’s Resignation

In assessing the situation created in Armenia–the Armenian Revolutionary Federation declares:

* The current leadership crisis created in Armenia is the result of the complete failure of policies enacted throughout the years by the President of the Republic of Armenia and his organization;

* Using the Karabakh question as a pawn in domestic political struggles and efforts to pit against one another the two Armenian states and the interests of various circles are jeopardizing the bases of our state. Through such a mode of operation state and national issues aim to serve personal/factional interests.

* Years of shortsighted socio-economic policies have resulted in complete collapse of industry. Unemployment and emmigration have reach unprecedented proportions–with the nation’s intellectual–educational–cultural and healthcare resources are being held hostage by a select group of pro-leadership individuals–under the guise of market reforms.

* The alienation of the public from the leadership and the state–the complete violation of the people’s free will during the parliamentary and presidential elections–as well as the constitutional referendum–and the illegal persecution of the opposition have veered the Republic of Armenia from the path to democracy and progress.

* From the beginning of the Karabakh liberation movement–the Armenian Revolutionary Federation has stressed the importance of resolving the conflict through a united effort of the entire Armenian nation. With the current posturing by the President of the Republic of Armenia–the peace process has entered a difficult phase. The situation–however–is not a dead-end and through the united efforts of Armenia–Karabakh and the Diaspora a means out of the gridlock is possible to achieve through mutual national interests.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation finds that due to the current situation–all social and political forces in Armenia must demonstrate their conviction and return the nation to its natural course of democratic revitalization.

Given the current political situation,

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation announces that the president of the Republic must make the responsible decision and through his resignation assist in the establishment of order and a government of the people–through new parliamentary and presidential elections.

ARF Bureau

ARF Executive Council of Armenia

January 29–1998


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