28th ARF World Congress Announcement

Following a careful assessment of the current realities of the Armenian people–as well as the issues facing the Armenian state and Armenian political life–the 28th World Congress of the Armenia’s Revolutionary Federation concluded its activities on February 12–2000 in Armenia.

The Congress ecstatically noted that the ARF’s 80-year struggle to return to the homeland was marked by a victory. The ARF’s right to work as a pan-national entity and with a national mission has been achieved in its own homeland and within its people and a national Armenian state.

The convention of the World Congress coincided with a difficult juncture for Armenia and the Armenian people.

On the Karabakh struggle front–Armenia and Karabakh are confronting a diplomatic attack by great-power forces tightening their grip on the Caucasian region. The legal recognition of our national rights achieved by blood is in jeopardy.

The socio-economic crisis in Armenia has reached a unspeakable proportions and even threatens the national security of Armenian Statehood.

Based on this–the World Congress assessed the activities of the ARF in the last four years and adopted the ARF strategy and political course for the upcoming years–encompassing international and national fronts.

The ARF deems the preservation of the national security of Armenia and Karabakh as an important priority through bringing together all national forces in the homeland and the Diaspora. [The World Congress] also stresses the imperative of mobilizing our national potential for the strengthening of the Armenian statehood. It is only through this route that Armenia and Karabakh can overcome concessions being forced on the Armenian side during international peace talks.

Evidently–the struggle for the Armenian Cause is at a fateful juncture–whereby a massive effort and competition has begun to redraw and re-identify the political landscape of the region for a new century. In response to this–the ARF–more than ever–remains firm on its basic principles of struggling for its territorial and national rights and stresses the imperative of garnering international recognition and adequate reparations for the Armenian Genocide by Turkey.

To successfully counter these growing challenges–Armenia and the Armenian people–in the homeland and the Diaspora–should work with the necessary strength–conviction and will through a complete mobilization of the people and by the coordination of governmental and national-political resources.

Thus–the ARF emphasizes the importance of immediate modernization of its structures in Armenia and the Diaspora. In this realm–the Armenian youth has an important role to play in articulating our national deman’s.

At the same time–the ARF deman’s that its rank and file and bodies commit–with a renewed impetus–to the re-establishment of the ARF’s ideological–organizational and moral traditions. The expansion of the state-building and inter-political cooperation within Armenian life require the contagious example brought forth by the ARF spirit and active participation.

The ARF has the intention to cooperation with all national forces which at this important juncture for the Armenian Cause–have enlisted their efforts in the strengthening of the two Armenian states and Armenia’s national political reality. Through unified means we can bring the Armenian governmental structures out of its current situation: * by correcting the constitution and creating a state based on rule of law–democracy and social justice; * by struggling against corruption and bribery; * by reinvigorating the dormant economy of Armenia and healing our people’s socio-economic situation; * by finding radical solutions to end the unemployment crisis and the exodus from Armenia.

Finally–the Armenian Revolutionary Federation calls on all people to confront the obstacles facing Armenia and the Armenian people in a unified manner and with conviction–by bringing together the potential and resources of the governmen’s of Armenia and Karabakh–the national-political forces and the entire Armenian people on the road to realizing the ultimate goal of establishing a united–free and independent Armenia.

28th ARF World Congress


February 12–2000


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