Final Karabakh Election Results Announced by CEC

STEPANAKERT (Noyan Tapan)–On June 21–the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Central Election Commission published the final results of the elections to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic National Assembly. The voter turn-out in the regions is as follows:

Town of Stepanakert – 39,8%

Martuni Region – 73,0%

Martakert Region – 68,8%

Askeran Region – 74,2%

Hadrut Region – 66,5%

Kashatagh Region – 72,0%

Shushi Region – 71,8%

Shahoumian Region – 78,7%

Total in the Republic – 59,7%

Thus–according to the results of the June 18–2000 elections–the following candidates for deputies to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic National Assembly were elected:

Sarkisian A. Artur – Stepanakert–polling district N.1

Galstian G. Janna – Stepanakert–polling district N.2

Soghomonian I. Arkady – Stepanakert–polling district N.3

Hayrapetian H. Seiran – Stepanakert–polling district N.4

Hayrapetian E. Yury – Stepanakert–polling district N.5

Adamian M. Karen – Stepanakert–polling district N.6

Mirzoyan M. Maxim – Stepanakert–polling district N.7

Petrosian V. Ararat – Stepanakert–polling district N.8

Ghalayan L. Lernik – Stepanakert–polling district N.9

Petrosian R. Gagik – Stepanakert–polling district N.10

Grigorian E. Garik – Stepanakert–polling district N.11

Hakopian G. Arthur – Shahoumian–polling district N.12

Daniyelian A. Mayor – Shushi–polling district N.13

Gabrielian G. Alyosha – Askeran–polling district N.14

Ohanjanian G. Mushegh – Noragyugh–polling district N.15

Aghabekian A. Eduard – Shosh–polling district N.16

Barseghian V. Kamo – Aygestan–polling district N.17

Khasapetian R. Arpik – Hadrut–polling district N.18

Hayrian A. Levon – Mets Taghlar–polling district N.19

Hambartsoumian Kh. Albert – Ukhtadzori–polling district N.20

Mosian A. Arthur – Martouni–polling district N.21

Azarian M. Roudik – Berdashen–polling district N.22

Balayan R. Vahram – Gishi–polling district N.23

Alibabayan A. Genady – Tchartar–polling district N.24

Yesayan E. Oleg – Sos–polling district N.25

Babourian Z. Karen – Karmir Shuka–polling district N.26

Atajanian A. Vasily – Martakert–polling district N.27

Babayan I. Valery – Maghavuz–polling district N.28

Sarkisian Kh. Suren – Drmbon–polling district N.29

Atanesian S. Vahram – Arachadzor–polling district N.30

Ohanian M. Seryozha – Haterk–polling district N.31

Kyureghian S. Tigran – Berdzor–polling district N.32

Yeghoyan M. Azat – Hakary–polling district N.33

The day before the parliamentary elections in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic–on June 17–"The Independent Newspaper" which is published in Moscow issued the article "Karabakh And Democracy"–in particular–saying:

On June 18 the elections to the National Assembly–which is a 33-seater Parliament–will take place in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. According to the Karabakh authorities and the greater part of political figures’ convictions–these parliamentary elections are to become another confirmation of the fact that democracy has taken place in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and its commitment to the building of a civil society. The most important result of the voting must–in fact–become the sign of the era of the priority of a civil power over a military one in Nagorno-Karabakh–which is a significant achievement for the half-recognized Republic.

It is symptomatic that this characteristics of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic status in the international scene today–is de-facto–being supported by almost all the states and international organizations "involved" into the Transcaucasian processes."NG" has already informed that on the basis of statutes passed by the USA Congress–the official Washington renders direct governmental assistance to Nagorno-Karabakh and the humanitarian organizations representing the American government sign treaties on the cooperation and coordinating realization of projects directed to the Republic’s economy restoration and development with the corresponding ministries and departmen’s of the Karabakh government. We shall note at the same time the foreign diplomats accredited in Yerevan–the ambassadors of Russia–USA–France–Greece–and Iran began contacting more often with "gestures of good will–respect–and good mood" towards the Nagorno Karabakh Republic political leadership.

"Today the Karabakh confrontation is not only the struggle for military superiority–geopolitical priority–economic development–but the struggle for democracy as well."Azerbaijan still loses it to both Armenia and self proclaimed Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh"–told the "NG" journalist to the western diplomat the activity of whom is directly connected with the settlement of the Karabakh problem. According to him–"today the west clearly shows to Azerbaijan that it does not any longer intend to close the eyes to the policy of aggressive totalitarianism conducted by the authorities–terror towards opposition–the evident restriction of the freedom of word". The Europe Council Commission on the Human Rights recommended repeatedly not to admit Azerbaijan to this organization. "However–I am sure that eventually Azerbaijan will be admitted to the Europe Council together with Armenia but–at that–they will demand more concessions from Baku than from Yerevan"–said interlocutor noting that the west "deman’s" may touch political and economic spheres as well as the Karabakh problems. In this light the holding of the parliamentary elections in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic gains special significance.


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