NKR Foreign Minister Sums Up Results of Meeting With Counterparts From Unrecognized Republics

STEPANAKERT (NKR News)–According to NKR Minister of Foreign Affairs Naira Melkoumian–the second meeting of the heads of the foreign offices of the four unrecognized states in the post-Soviet area – Nagorno-Karabakh–Sisdniestria–Abkhazia and South Ossetia – which took place last week in Stepanakert–as expected–caused loud reactions in Baku–Tbilisi and Chisinau.

All three governmen’s assessed the event as a "separatist gathering". Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Vilayat Guliyev went so far as to say that the meeting of the four unrecognized republics did not have juridical grounds.

Touching upon the results of the meeting in Stepanakert–Melkoumian said an appropriate assessment of the realities faced by the unrecognized republics is what led them to realize the necessity of coordinating approaches toward solving the conflicts.

"We realized that our statehood is based not on confrontation–but on affirmation. Each of our states faces problems that can be solved only through state mechanisms. These issues include security–as well as ensuring human rights and freedoms," said the Karabakh Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Melkoumian said that the final communiqu of last week’s meeting intentionally notes that the sovereign statehood of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic–the Sisdniestrian Moldovan Republic–the Republic of Abkhazia and the Republic of South Ossetia are determined to maintaining stability–ensure human rights–and help bring about necessary conditions for peaceful co-existence and steady development.

After examining the settlement processes of each of the four conflicts–the meeting participants came to a common conclusion that the political and economic development of their states must clearly take place in the context of the most modern tendencies of integration. In particular–the communiqu stresses that economic development and economic cooperation are able to set conditions for political reconciliation in the regions.

Another important result of the meeting is the fact that although the four republics had certain differences in the way in which they formed their states–all have one thing in common – the fact that they followed the necessary procedures mandated by Soviet law in their secession from a Soviet republic.

In this connection–Melkoumian stressed the fact that the disintegration process of the Soviet Union is still unfinished–despite the international recognition of the 15 former union republics. The autonomous entities of the Soviet Union never integrated or assimilated during the Soviet era and were successful in preserving their national identities. These entities are today’s unrecognized states in the post-Soviet era–concluded Naira Melkoumian.


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