Kocharian Urges Bush to Keep Section 907

President of Armenia Robert Kocharian has written a letter to US President George W. Bush asking him not to repeal Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act. In his letter Kocharian states that the people of Armenia continue to grieve the loss of life in the US due to the "horrific" events of September 11. He also said that Armenia is ready to help the US in any way it can. Kocharian stated that we (the global community) must preserve peace and stability throughout the world–and asked President Bush not to lose sight of other regions that are also plagued with similar ethnic and religious conflicts.

"Indeed unilaterally lifting 907 at this time will not be understood either by the people of Armenia or by our compatriots in the US. Repealing 907–which stands to benefit Azerbaijan directly–will be interpreted as a reward–as if Azerbaijan is somehow bringing greater participation than Armenia to the international effort against terrorism," writes Kocharian. He continued to state that the repeal of section 907 would put Armenia in a very difficult position–because as Azerbaijan continues to blockade Armenia’s borders–by lifting Section 907–it would then possess greater resources to not only continue the blockade–but also resume combat in Nagorno Karabakh.

Kocharian also stated that widely known fact to President Bush that Azerbaijan is a well known terrorist harborer–and as recently reported in the US media–Azerbaijan has linked with Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network of terrorists. Kocharian writes–"Removing 907 will appear to be a reward to a country which in fact harbors terrorists."

Repealing Section 907 would also greatly undermine the peace keeping efforts of the OSCE Minsk group who have been able to get Armenia and Azerbaijan to agree to a ceasefire. A repeal of 907 would open the door for Azerbaijan to begin the war over Karabakh once again. "Any changes to Section 907 will be seen as a change in US policy. It will be received as implicit endorsement of Azerbaijan’s continued calls for military action against the people of Nagorno Karabakh and their continued efforts to marginalize Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh via the blockade which will continue to remain in place–unopposed."

The repeal of Section 907 is not only a threat to the security of Armenia and of the democratically elected Republic of Nagorno Karabakh–but it is also a reward for a nation that not only harbors terrorists but also terrorizes.


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