EP Accepts Turkey Without Recognition of Genocide

YEREVAN (ARF Press Office)–The Armenian National Committee office in Brussels released a report on Wednesday–October 10–announcing the European Pariliament’s (EP) adoption of a "Deceleration on the Inclusion of Turkey in the Written Declaration," and the reports includes statemen’s made by Alain Lamasour. None of the changes in the wording of the declaration included anything regarding the Genocide recognition issue or Turkey’s continued blockade of Armenia.

On November–15–2001–EP adopted resolutions putting conditions on Turkey’s admission into the European Union–including the recognition of the Genocide by the Turkish government–the initiation of normalized relations between Turkey and Armenia–and lifting the blockade of Armenia. The Council of Europe first put the Genocide recognition condition on Turkey back in 1987.

Lamasour’s new declaration disregards all these issues. Instead it expresses sympathy toward the "Turkish and Armenian former diplomats’ and intellectuals’ informal undertaking–which he thinks–will greatly assist in establishing normalized relations between the two countries and peoples."

Hilda Choboian–Chairwomen of the Armenian National Committee of Europe who followed the Council of Europe’s actions very carefully announced–"Regarding the issue of normalizing relations with Turkey–the European Council has two options. Either they can accept Turkey’s disavowal on the matter and will be subject to Turkey’s actions and pass on the news about Turkey’s atrocities to mankind–or it can force Turkey to accept that the only precondition on which Turkey and Armenia can establish normalized relations is if it accepts its injustices to mankind."

Choboian added that Turkey’s attempts of undermine the Genocide recognition with a self-proclaimed commission is extremely disrespectful to the memory of 1.5 million martyrs. The Armenian National Committee of Europe calls on all the democratic organizations of Europe to make amendmen’s in the Lamasour’s report in the upcoming October 22-25 EP session–re-authenticating the former resolutions of EP–which forced Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide and to establish normalized relations with Armenia.

On the other hand–on behalf of all the Armenian organizations of France–the Aril 24 Committee of France made a joint statement on October 4–regarding Lamasour’s declaration–saying that the French rapporteur has erased the Armenian Genocide section in order to support the Turkish-Armenian "Reconciliation Commission–which does not have any official or governmental status. On the contrary–it aims in deterring the Genocide recognition process–and resisting all the necessary argumen’s for the democratization of Turkey. For this very reason all the French Armenia’s strongly condemn such fraud actions since this commission is illegal and can not be referred by Lamasour in order to circumvent the Genocide issue within his report. All the Armenian organizations of France as well as all the French Armenia’s will stay alert until the section about the genocide recognition is included in the Lamasour’s report which will be discussed in the upcoming session." On the same day the Forum of Armenian Organizations of Europe made a statement regarding the exclusion of the Genocide issue from the Lamasour’s report–declaring it a regression for EP. The Forum calls on all Armenia’s living in Europe to express their disappointment on the matter since the "reconciliation commission will never succeed in dealing with the public comprehension of problems occurred in the past and it is disgrace for EP to transfer this issue to a non-official and informal commission."


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