C-SPAN to Broadcast Call-in Show on Turkey With Amb. Logoglu

–Logoglu has aggressively spearheaded the Turkish government’s opposition to US recognition of the Armenian Genocide


On Friday–November 1st at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern US) C-SPAN will broadcast a two-hour call-in show on "Turkey: The Nation–Its People and Politics." Studio guests will include:

* Turkish Ambassador to the United States Faruk Logoglu; Henri Barkey–Lehigh University (Bethlehem–Pennsylvania) Professor of International Relations and author of several books and articles on Turkey–and; James Kitfield–National Journal’s Foreign Affairs and National Security Correspondent. The show will feature calls from viewers. The telephone numbers will be announced on screen during the program. Action:

Call-in to the show to ask relevant questions about Turkey and its policies toward Armenia.

C-SPAN traditionally has a strong response to its call-in shows–so please be sure to tune in early and call the show as soon as the telephone numbers appear on the screen. Keep dialing if you get a busy signal.

Suggested Questions:

* 60 Minutes reported this past Sunday about charges that the Turkish Government is operating spies in the State Department and Pentagon. Can you comment on this report?

* Why does the Turkish government spend millions of dollars each year on high-priced lobbyists – like former Congressman Bob Livingston – to deny the Armenian Genocide?

* How do you account for the increasingly troubled US Turkish bilateral relationship–particularly the growing tension surrounding Turkey’s refusal to cooperate with the United States on an invasion of Iraq?

* For the past nine years–Turkey has illegally blocked the US humanitarian aid to Armenia. As a result–food–fuel–and medical supplies have been denied to needy populations in Armenia. The US Congress has condemned this blockade and imposed sanctions on Turkey for its illegal conduct. How does Turkey justify this violation of US and international law?

* The European Union has again put Turkey’s application on the back burner based on a variety of issues–including your nation’s ongoing blockade of Armenia–denial of the Armenian Genocide–continued occupation of Cyprus–systematic mistreatment of the Kurds–unfair restrictions on Christian minorities–and worsening human rights record. What specific steps has Turkey taken to address these concerns?

* The Christian communities of Turkey–namely the Greek Orthodox–the Armenia’s–the Assyrians–and others–are faced with unfair and burdensome restrictions that severely limit their ability to practice their faith–educate their children and perpetuate their culture. When will Turkey lift these restrictions and allow its Christian minorities to live in freedom?

* Why is it that Turkey is consistently being criticized by the State Department–the European Parliament–Amnesty International–and Human Rights Watch for widespread torture of civilians?

* The State Department and the Pentagon have documented the Turkish military’s use of US-supplied weapons to commit human rights abuses. How do you respond to the concerns of Americans who are morally opposed to the selling of weapons that will likely be used to kill and wound innocent civilians?

* Human rights groups constantly criticize Turkey for jailing journalists. Here in the United States we respect the right of reporters to express themselves without fear of violence or prison. What does Turkey have to fear from journalists?

* When will Turkey withdraw its occupation forces from Cyprus and what other steps is Turkey taking to demilitarize the island?


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