Promises And Bribes Can Never Sway ARF Ideology


"These days–various officials–new and old–former prime ministers–mayors and ministers–have all entered the election campaign attached to various parties and political alliances–each screaming–in turn–about the desire to increase pensions–return bank deposits–and establish justice–issues that that they themselves have ignored on multiple occasions in the past," pointing out ARF Bureau member Vahan Hovhannisian campaigning at the Nubarashen district of Yerevan.

"Today all political camps–pro-government and opposition–are united against the ARF since they know very well that it is impossible to control the ARF or to send agents to destroy this powerful structure that does not revolve around any particular individual such as Vahan Hovhannisian or Armen Rustamian–but around an ideology."

Hovhannisian revealed that there exist great examples during the past four years in Armenia’s Parliament of disintegration and failure of those political organizations structured around individuals. "Even a faction called "Stability" disintegrated," declared Hovhannisian–reminding that the ARF not only remained stable–but also added to its existing membership.

Alliances formed by several political forces in order to enter the Parliament is dangerous–cautioned Hovhannisian–since they do not last long–and subsequently tend to blame everyone but themselves in failing to ensure development and prosperity.

Responding to the question of why political forces are so concerned about the ARF forming a parliamentary majority–Hovhannisian replied–"Because they know that if the ARF does form a majority–they cannot force this party to make a decision by offering bribes or promises," while emphasizing the fact that the ARF is the only faction in the previous parliament to have fought to eliminate the clause on immunity of parliament deputies whereas all other political activists remained silent. "And they remained silent on many other important issues while resenting the fact that the ARF suggested restructuring to improve the quality of life and changes in the system."

A Noragavit resident Gegham Voskanian asked Hovannissian to comment on corruption. Hovhannisian said that ARF parliament members have suggested establishing an anti-corruption body to be accountable not to the government but only to the Parliament and the people. On pensions and deposit issues– the ARF Bureau member presented the party’s approach based on socialist ideology. A person who privatizes a factory should be accountable to carry out obligations.

"During the rule of the Armenian National Movement (ANM)–attempts to counter the process of privatization–and struggle against other illegalities resulted in the imprisonment of ARF activists," said Vahan Hovhannisian–noting that the ARF is the only force to never betray its ideology and to also have a record of self-cleansing. "Today–when some political forces hunt for politicians and other government officials in order to serve and benefit them–the ARF removes a minister from its ran’s," said Hovhannisian.

Vahan Hovhannisian held a similar meeting with the people of the South-Western district of Yerevan.


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