Declaration of the General Congress of the ARF

YEREVAN (Yerkir)–The 29th World Congress of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF)–having discussed ARF activities of the past four years–establishes that the party has taken significant steps in strengthening Armenia’s statehood–promoting issues that benefit all Armenia’s–expanding the role of the organization in Armenia’s political life–as well as reactivating and mobilizing the organizational life of the party.

In the past four years–the party raised to new levels the process of regaining political rights of Armenia’s (Hai Tahd)–and defending the rights of Armenia–Artsakh–and all Armenia’s. The party established the Hai Tahd office in Europe–organized the Pro-Armenia forum to bring together those figures supporting Armenian political issues–and reestablished its membership in the Socialist International.

The 29th World Congress of the ARF–having examined those issues that Armenia’s and Armenia face–establishes:

– The Armenian state and the Armenian people face difficult national and international challenges.

– Negative fallout of current world processes hinder the economic–financial–political–social–cultural–environmental–and other developmen’s tied to self-sufficiency of nations and states;

– Armenia must ensure justice and the rule of law–fight to eradicate corruption–and fundamentally improve the socioeconomic situation in Armenia.

– The establishment of a Political Coalition in Armenia not only set a precedent–but also raised the level of politics in the Republic. Being a part of the government–however–is not an objective in itself–and ARF’s participation in the Coalition is conditioned by the implementation of the goals and principles set forth by the Coalition’s Memorandum;

– Mountainous Karabagh Republic continues to fight for full international recognition of its right to self-determination;

– Armenia’s of Javakhk strive to improve the dire situation that has resulted from a continuous policy of discrimination by the former leaderships of Georgia–maintain and strengthen national and cultural identity–and improve socio-economic conditions;

– As a result of large-scale emigration from Armenia–thus movement of Armenia’s into its communities–as well as international developmen’s–the Diaspora is reevaluating its goals and identity.

The 29th General Congress of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation declares:

– The party will continue to work in the direction of strengthening the Armenian state–insisting that it defends the rights of Artsakh Armenia’s and those in other regions–promote international recognition of the Armenian Genocide–and work to support the preservation of national identity in the Diaspora and strengthen relations with the Homeland.

– ARF will do its utmost to improve Armenia’s socio-economic situation–to eradicate corruption and economic monopolies–to establish social justice and the rule of law–to form civil society–and make fundamental improvemen’s in the political system;

– ARF will continue its vigorous struggle to promote Hai Tahd issues. The ARF rejects false Turkish-Armenian reconciliation initiatives. The General Congress stresses the necessity of expanding and giving momentum to activities aimed at countering Turkey’s policy of denial and gaining recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

– ARF considers unacceptable any concessions that comprise the security of Mountainous Karabagh Republic. International recognition of Mountainous Karabagh Republic must assist to reunify it with the Homeland.

In light of the government of Azerbaijan’s destructive policy–Mountainous Karabagh Republic must participate in the peace talks–while Armenia assumes the role of the guarantor of Artsakh’s independence and security;

– The ARF will continue to work consistently to develop the economy of Artsakh–improve social and demographic situations–and strengthen its democratic institutions;

-The ARF will support Armenia’s of Javakhk in overcoming tough socio-economic conditions–in strengthening education and culture in their lives–and will respond to their aspirations for autonomy to be formalized in Georgia’s constitution;

– It is necessary to clarify and reevaluate the relationship between the Homeland and the Diaspora–in order coordinate and expand the relationship. As a fundamental right–the Armenian constitution should allow dual citizenship;

– Considering that Armenian youth will shape the nation’s future–ARF will enhance its ideological and organizational activities–and unite Armenian youth by entrusting them with major political tasks.

– ARF considers national unity and cooperation crucial.

The 29th World Congress of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation–on behalf of its members and bodies–reestablishes its determination to use comprehensive means and devotedly work for the prosperity of the Homeland and to accomplish political objectives–with the final goal of creating a Free–Independent–and United Armenia.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

29th World Congress


February 17–2004


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