Turkish Lobby Floods Canada’s House of Commons with Anti Armenian Propaganda

The US-based Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) has launched an email campaign targeting members of Canada’s House of Commons to strike down two motions recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

Motions M-380 and M-377–initiated by MP Madeleine Dalphond-Guiral–will be debated and voted on February 25.

Some members of the House of Commons have received up to 400 emails from Turks–asking them to block passage of the motions.

In response to ATAA’s attack–the Armenian National Committee of Canada (ANCC) released an "Action Alert" to members of the Armenian community of Canada–urging them to immediately forward letters to local members of parliament asking for their support for passage of Motions M-380 and M-377.

The ANCC refers to the content of the ATAA-initiated letter as "propaganda–full of historical inaccuracies–innuendo–blackmail and threats. It is an insult not only to the dignity and inelegance of the House of Commons members–but also to the Canadian people."

The ANCC also points to ATAA’s interference in internal Canadian affairs as a blatant violation of Canadian sovereignty and independence.

ANCC asks Armenia’s to refer–in their letters–to overwhelming accounts of non-partisan historians and scholars proving and reaffirming the fact of the Armenian Genocide–as well as some Turks who have begun to address the issue in an unprejudiced manner.

Recently–scores of Turkish scholars–historians–and journalists–among them Halil Berktay–Ragip Zarakolu–Taner Akcam–Ali Ertem–and Ahmed Altan have condemned the Turkish Government’s policy of denial and of rewriting history. More significantly–over 12,000 Turks–members of the German-Turkish Association Opposed to Genocide–signed a petition (Dec. 2000) stating: "What we have learned at school (Turkish) is a forgery of history." They asked the Turkish government to repent for the crime of Genocide which "We feel morally obliged to end their (Armenia’s) disillusions and agony." Furthermore–the association asked for "International condemnation of the crimes committed against the Armenia’s–Assyrians–and Pontian-Greeks."

The ANCC also stresses that the International Genocide Scholars Association–the most eminent body on the issue of genocides–unanimously adopted a resolution during its 1997 convention–reaffirming: "The mass murder of Armenia’s in Turkey in 1915" as "a case of genocide" and condemned "the denial of the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish government."


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