Bush Administration Disappoints Ethnic Voters

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–Multi-Ethnic Review Reveals Deep-Rooted Frustration Across Diverse Communities

WASHINGTON–DC–Community leaders representing millions of ethnic Americans are fed up with George W. Bush’s neglect–opposition–and–all too often–outright assault on the issues and values they care about–according to a review released recently by the National Democratic Ethnic Leadership Council (NDELC).

"Each of the community leaders reached out to in this survey represents a different element of our nation’s great ethnic diversity–but what they all have in common is a profound disappointment with how the Bush Administration has misled their communities and mismanaged issues–both domestic and international–that hold the most meaning for the ethnic voters they represent," said AADLC representative Tsoghig Margossian.

"Over the past four years–Armenian Americans have suffered setback after setback under the Bush Administration’s attack on the issues we care about as a community," added Margossian. "As the NDELC review makes clear–we aren’t alone in our frustration over these disastrous policies–nor do we stand alone in our efforts to bring about real change this November."

The National Democratic Ethnic Leadership Council (NDELC) is an ethnic constituency based organization encompassing the community of immigran’s and descendants of immigran’s who primarily trace their heritage from Europe and the Mediterranean. The groups include–but are not limited to Albanian–Arab–Armenian–Croatian–Czech–Danish–German–Finnish–French Canadian–Greek–Hungarian–Iranian–Irish–Italian–Lithuanian–Norwegian–Polish–Portuguese–Romanian–Russian–Serbian–Slovak–Slovene–Swedish–and Ukrainian Americans. The purpose of NDELC is to continue the work of the 1990s to redefine how the Democratic Party communicates with ethnic Americans and to ensure that ethnic Democrats continue to be players in American politics.

For more information about "Armenia’s for Kerry" and Senator Kerry’s record on Armenian American issues–visit www.Armenia’sforKerry.com

"Armenia’s for Kerry" works in partnership with the Armenian American Democratic Leadership Council (AADLC)–a long-standing ethnic council of the Democratic National Committee’s National Democratic Ethnic Coordinating Committee. The AADLC actively fosters support within the Armenian American community for the Democratic Party and national Democratic office holders–while promoting the election of Armenian American Democrats to political office and encouraging participation by Armenian American Democrats at all levels of the public policy process.

The text of the NDELC review is provided below. For more information about the role that ethnic Americans are playing this election season–visit: www.ethnicdemocrats.org

George W. Bush is Wrong for Ethnic Americans*


"George W. Bush turned his back on 44 million Irish Americans by failing to engage in the Northern Ireland peace process and standing by while a top advisor made reckless comparisons to the war on Al Qaeda."

–Stella O’Leary–Irish American Democrats


"George W. Bush turned his back on 10 million Polish Americans by relying on Poland’s sacrifice in Iraq but continuing to impose burdensome and costly visa requiremen’s on Poles coming to the US and by not facilitating bidding by Polish firms on post-war contracts in Iraq."

–Nicholas Rey–Ambassador to Poland 1993-1997


"George W. Bush turned his back on 1.5 million Armenian Americans by breaking his pledge to recognize the Armenian genocide."

–Aram Hamparian–Armenian National Committee of America


"George W. Bush turned his back on 3.5 million Arab Americans by tolerating anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry from members of his Administration and allowing an unfettered John Ashcroft to run roughshod over the civil liberties of Arab immigran’s–creating fear and mistrust."

–Dr. Jim Zogby–Arab American Institute


"George W. Bush turned his back on 3 million Greek Americans by failing to show the required leadership–diplomacy and commitment in resolving the Cyprus conflict to help bring peace and stability to the region."

–Clay Constantinou–former Ambassador–Dean of Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relation


"George W. Bush turned his back on 1.5 million Ukrainian Americans by blocking legislation condemning Stalin’s Famine-Genocide against the Ukrainian nation."

–Julian Kulas–Ukrainian Americans for Kerry-Edwards


"George W. Bush turned his back on 7 million Muslim Americans by speaking of inclusion while creating an atmosphere where law-abiding Muslim Americans are afraid of a government they thought was supposed to protect them–not harass them."

–Isi Siddiqui–Undersecretary of Agriculture during Clinton Administration


"George W. Bush turned his back on 2 million Romanian Americans by seeking to cut foreign aid–and failing to engage pro-democracy–anti-corruption forces in Romania."

–Prof. Radu Florescu–Romanian American community leader


"George W. Bush turned his back on 1 million Albanian Americans by abdicating America’s traditional leadership role in resolving Kosovo’s final status and securing stability in the Balkans."

–Ilir Zherka–Clinton-Gore ’96 Ethnic Outreach Coordinator


"George W. Bush turned his back on 2 million Serbian Americans by abandoning US efforts to promote regional stability in the Balkans and support for democratic forces within Serbia."

–Obrad Kesic–Serbian American community leader


"George W. Bush turned his back on 2 million Hungarian Americans by ignoring the human–civil–and religious rights of Hungarian minorities throughout Central Europe."

–Peter Ujvagi–State Representative–Ohio District 47


"George W. Bush turned his back on 5 million Bosnian–Bulgarian–Croatian–Czech–and Slovak Americans by failing to continue America’s traditional engagement with pro-democracy forces."

–Mark Brzezinski–former director Southeast European Affairs–National Security Council


"George W. Bush turned his back on 1 million Latvian–Lithuanian–and Estonian Americans by eliminating VOA and RFE radio broadcasts to the Baltic states."

–Asta Banionis–Lithuanian American community leader

*Organizational affiliations are for identification purposes only.


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