Missed a B

Garen Yegparian

Just over two years ago–I gleefully wrote about the ousting of then Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar–one of those who energetically supported the murderous adventure in Iraq. Then I dared hope that two other thugs–Tony Blair and George W. Bush–would be ousted.

But I missed a B–as in Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi. As of this writing–he seems to have been dumped. However–it’s a squeaker of an election and the results may not be clear for weeks–so it’s too soon to gloat. This would likely further weaken Bush–at least on the international/Iraq war front.

With recent revelations of Bush’ subordinating matters of state security to political/electoral machinations–calls for his resignation or impeachment may grow louder and get more traction. Add to this the possibility that the immigration-related-rights demonstrations (in which we should really be involved since we suffer the same community impacts of current US law) could grow. They could also morph into a broader based agenda of reforms. Now consider the corruption of numerous Republican Congressional leaders (think Jack Abramoff)–and consequent weakening of the Bush regime’s influence over the legislature–particularly as a lame duck president. Federal and statewide elections are coming in November with their primaries around the corner. The Republicans are feeling the heat generated by their misrule. The result? The band of crooks occupying the White House could be reeling.

Why all this in April when Genocide issues should be foremost?

Exactly for that reason!

Do we matter enough? Can we raise enough of a ruckus–take advantage of the above and other developmen’s to corner the White House/Department of State into at least sitting on the sidelines and allowing passage of a Genocide resolution in both houses of Congress? Obviously–securing a simultaneous action by the Executive branch would be even better.

As you read this–it’s less than ten days to the twenty-fourth. Our communities’ attentions are actually focused on the issue. Might we channel that into an explosion of pressure and achieve our goals?

For those of us who have a conscience and generally cannot tolerate the Bush regime’s and its legislative cronies’ shenanigans–it might mean having to suck it up and shut up about these vile creatures in exchange for them doing the right thing for once. Are we willing to make such a deal with these devils and maybe even say something (shudder) nice about them?

Who’s going to take up this banner and lead the charge?


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