When I sat down to write this week’s column–I thought that the words would just flow. This entire week I was a one-man Armenian activism machine working to complete my "To Do" list from last week’s column and help bring recognition to the Armenian genocide. But each time I started striking the keys on my keyboard–I ended up hitting the delete button and starting over. Maybe the emotions overwhelmed me or maybe it was the lack of clarity with so many thoughts swimming in my head–but something wasn’t coming together. It’s probably both. Regardless of what the real reason is–I’ve now pumped my system with so many mocha shmocha caramel sweetness frappucinos and my blood caffeine/sugar level is so high–that I’m ready to wrestle a large African elephant with my bare hands. That’s what happens when you try to write an article in a coffee shop and have had writer’s block for six hours! I guess this is my way of saying "I’m sorry that this article is brief and not up to my usual standards" but the show must go on!

I’m not going to recap everything that took place over the course of last week (or month) related to the Armenian genocide recognition events but I do want to use this forum to say "Thank You" to the members of System Of A Down who went to Washington–DC to raise awareness about this issue. I don’t know what their future holds–but I hope this crew of Armenian rockers have many more years of success ahead of them before their VH1 "Behind the Music" special featuring Shavo’s or Serge’s old school Armenian neighbor–some guy named "Baron Sako," wearing a wool sweater and suit in 90 degree LA weather explaining what the System kids were like growing up with subtitles scrolling at the bottom. Serge–John–Daron–and Shavo–Thank you–thank you–thank you! You made all of us proud this week. You’re great Armenian Americans but more importantly–you’re great human beings.

In spite of all the great coverage that the System guys received from their visit to Washington–DC–it was still not as perfect as I would have hoped–because at the same time our boys were "moshing" (Put the dictionary down. It’s not in there. It’s a form of rock n’ roll dancing) around Capitol Hill–President Aliyev of Azerbaijan was visiting our nation’s capitol to probably discuss a wide spectrum of various issues with President Bush and US State Department officials such as:

1. How much oil can Azerbaijan produce?

2. How much oil can Azerbaijan sell to the US?

3. How much oil Azerbaijan will pump through their Baku-Ceyhan pipeline?

4. How much oil?

You get the point. And how appropriate that Aliyev’s visit coincides with claims President Bush has made about probing into price gouging by major oil companies. Or how ironic that in addition to issuing a very political message on April 24 that omitted the word "genocide," the President decided instead to meet with the son of a former Soviet KGB official bent on wiping out the Armenia’s of Artsakh (aka Mountainous Karabagh Republic) off the map. Atta boy Mr. President! You never let us down. On April 24–a day that will live in world history in infamy–your assistants met with a man who openly advocates ethnically cleansing Armenia’s from their historic lands in Artsakh. What’s next? Meeting with Holocaust deniers the week before the start of Hanukkah? How about visiting a tobacco farm during National Heart Association month? The President should know better and if he doesn’t–then his staff is not doing a good job of briefing him on issues that are important to his constituency.

The most recent polls show that President Bush’s approval ratings are the lowest they have ever been. His approval rating dropped faster than a Hummer’s gas gage going from "F" to "E." I have a solution to the President’s popularity woes. It’s simple–fiscally responsible–and will set the tone for the legacy of his Administration–and it doesn’t involve Iraq. Mr. President–all you have to do is issue a forceful statement to the Republic of Turkey stating that you agree that if Turkey is to ever join the European Union (and the Westernized world) then it must acknowledge its genocide of the Armenia’s and make the proper apologies and reparations. It’s a very simple and morally sound position to defend. And even though some pundits or spin doctors will try to make it seem as though it will hurt America’s interests in the region–your own experience should show that our interests can’t be hurt any more than they are. At least this would show the world that America means business when it comes to freedom and liberty. You can do it! Some of us still believe that you will do the right thing.

I didn’t want to write a long piece this week. I only had a few things to say and I said them. I know that this President hasn’t been the best President that he can be–but I believe that he still possesses the potential to come around on critical issues and show the world what Americans are really made of. President Bush–if you’re reading this right now–please do the right thing!

Trust me on this one my friend. Do this and your approval rating will change faster than Paris Hilton’s boyfriends. You can do it. A lot of people still believe in you.

Skeptik Sinikian has been ordered to attend anger management classes following this year’s April 24 disappointmen’s. This column was part of a 12 step program to control anger and frustrations. He will return next week when his mood altering medication has worn off. In the meantime–you can email him at [email protected] or visit his blog at www.sinikian.blogspot.com.


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