Yup–caught in the act–red (in this case black-ink) handed. I committed an error in my article last week. I neglected to insert the term "vice-" in front of "chair" when stating that an individual holding such a prominent position with the Armenia Fund had no business supporting a State Assembly candidate running against the Armenian community’s "hometown" favorite–Paul Krekorian. I regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

Aside from the wry observation that now–with my streak of perfection broken–I’m free to make more mistakes–I’ll also gleefully point out someone else’s mistake. Misery loves company and this one’s a lulu. Coincidentally and ironically–it’s that of the Quintero campaign–Krekorian’s opponent!

In the wee hours of Wednesday May 31–2006–an alert Burbank ANC activist noticed what appeared to be a simple e-mail redundancy. One message sent twice. On closer examination–it turned out to be the Quintero campaign trying to cover its tracks. (See the two e-mails in accompanying box–where it reads "sent? by ?"). Anyone visiting the site would be "amazed" to find that Voters Against Election Fraud has only uncovered one case–the same as that cited by Quintero–of "fraud" in all of California. You know how scrupulous California politicians are right? President Richard Nixon–Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham–State Senator Alan Robbins? Now add this fact about the website–it is privately registered. Who’s behind it remains hidden. Kind of odd–don’t you think–for an organization whose very name speaks to the need for openness?

The obvious conclusion is–Quintero set up the bogus website as a way of discrediting Krekorian with the same unsubstantiated mud slinging Quintero indulged in last week. You’ll recall he accused the Krekorian campaign of fraud based on "evidence" that could just as easily indicate that the culprit was the Quintero campaign itself. But–providentially–someone erred and sent out the email under the Quintero campaign banner first. So–even in sneakiness–they’re incompetent.

Now as a voter–forget about Armenian interests in developing political power–one is faced with an easy choice. Vote for the guy who makes baseless fraud accusations only to be caught engaging in fraud days later. Or–vote for the squeaky clean guy. Hmm–I wonder?

But meanwhile–on Armenian cable TV–at least one of Quintero’s Armenian supporters has seen fit to cite certain commen’s from my piece last week–deeming them inappropriate. Again–hmm–a paragon of propriety–someone (totally in line with any citizen’s rights though it is) who for whatever reason is working against our community’s interests has the nerve to condemn critiques of those defending a candidate who is clearly less than a glowing example of integrity.

While I’m flattered at being read–next time–I’d appreciate being asked for an Armenian translation of what I’ve written so the nuances are not lost or mutilated. I’d be happy to provide it. In the interest of fairness even toward those opposed to my perspective–I also appreciate the absence of being named–it allows focus on what’s being said rather than who’s saying it. However–using my commentary as part of a legitimizing springboard to deception-by-half-truths rankles. Most arose in the context of attempting to discredit "those who today are advocating supporting the Armenian candidate" (this is an approximate quote representing the spirit of what was said). I’ll address three of these misdirecting representations.

Pointing out the fact that ANC (again–not directly named–and similarly for the other examples) endorsed Quintero five years ago is irrelevant–since he was already not endorsed just ONE year ago in his second run for Glendale Council–a fact that was omitted. A false claim was made that ANC did not endorse George Deukmejian in his first run for governor in 1982. The correct information is–it was a dual endorsement for him and Tom Bradley. The latter had actually advised ANC to go "with your man only." But his stalwart and forthcoming support for Genocide recognition and being the ONLY one willing to do the opening remarks in J. Michael Hagopian’s 1975 documentary film "The Forgotten Genocide" earned his spot on the ANC slate too. Finally–it’s ANC’s non-endorsement of Bill Paparian in his current congressional run on the Green Party ticket. I guess the fact that he’s running unopposed in the Primary Election of his party is irrelevant. The ANC has only infrequently made endorsemen’s in primary races–this too must be irrelevant. See the pattern? Pick something that’s true. Count on your audience’s lack of complete information or short memory. Go into full-mislead-mode.

Let’s not omit the cream of electoral idiocy–its royalty–who on the night of May 31–through their late night cable TV show were busy providing misdirection too. It wasn’t enough to cost a competent Armenian a seat on the Glendale school board last year. Now they’ve jumped on the Quintero bandwagon. They got creamed in last year’s election. So–like many sore losers–they’re claiming fraud in that election and trying to have their lies accrue to this year’s election. It’s absurd–but there seems to be no bottom to the depths they’re willing to sink. How credible are they? They pretend to be experts on public schools issues. However–one of them was so out of line in disregarding school policy that a ban on entry to most school district property was enforced for a period of time. Possibly related to this prohibition is an incident in which another parent received advice from this "consultant" not to attempt to resolve a problem with the school principal. Rather–the parent was told she should go directly to the newspaper with her grievance.

Want more? Go to www.whoownsfrankquintero.com and see the kind of big money interests–energy–alcohol–gaming–prison guards–pharmaceuticals–etc. this guy is supported by. Or take a look at who’s been paying for all those fancy–glossy mailers–coming to your mailbox two and three per day touting St. Frank. Those of his supporters getting pieces into the local papers portraying him as some latter-day Robin Hood–standing up for the interests of the downtrodden should check these facts out. To top it all off–Quintero was heard to decry the intrusion of so-called "independent expenditures" on the electoral process. But that’s what these groups are doing for him. (At a rate nearly triple what Krekorian has received in such support–largely from unions). The duplicity is astonishing.

There seems to be a fairly well organized effort to disenfranchise the Armenian community. Here’s how. Quintero’s campaign has written a letter to the Registrar of Voters–the election official in Los Angeles County–asking that all absentee ballots (VBMs) be segregated–that is–not counted with the rest. Given that at least 40% (by a recent count I heard) are Armenia’s’ votes–this is clearly an effort to muddy the waters and give Quintero an early lead. Then–if the final count–including VBMs–gives Krekorian the election–the former will cry foul–and actually seem reasonable (can you say Florida 2000?). This is where the game initiated last week–and referenced above–was leading. In addition–having Quintero’s Armenian lackeys sow discord–doubt–and division among the relatively new voters comprising the otherwise unified Armenian voting community can lead to disinterest–disengagement–and finally non-voting–Quintero’s desired result.

What’s really interesting is–some of the same people who have advocated–"vote for the Armenian candidate regardless," and cried foul when a non-Armenian was supported over an Armenian–now are talking out the other side of their mouths. ANC and credible others have not adopted an "Armenia’s only" position. Rather–their approach has been to support the best candidate from the perspective of Armenian interests and who is most likely to win. Paul Krekorian becomes the obvious choice in the case of the 43rd. Be sure to vote. Be sure to vote for Paul if you’re in the district.

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