An Old Sad Story: Armenian genocide measure bottled up in Congress again

The Fresno Bee published an editorial Saturday–June 10–criticizing the inaction on the Armenian Genocide Legislation pending passage in Congress.

(Fresno Bee)–It’s as regular as clockwork: A bill comes before Congress that would recognize the massacres by Turkish authorities against Armenia’s in the days of World War I as what they were–a genocide.

The Turkish Government objects strenuously. The White House and the State Department pass the word: Don’t upset our Turkish allies. Congress caves. The Genocide remains unofficially recognized by this Government and by Turkey.

It happened again this week. House leaders refused to let a measure come to the floor for a vote that it surely would have passed. It happens nearly every year–in every administration–regardless of which party controls the White House and Congress. It is an offense against the strong sense of justice that animates Armenian Americans and others. And it makes no sense.

This is the same valuable Turkish ally–remember–that wouldn’t let American troops cross their land during the invasion of Iraq. In hindsight–that didn’t hinder the quick advance of the American-led coalition that ousted Saddam Hussein–but it could have.

This is also the same valuable Turkish ally that stands as a strong bulwark against southern expansion by the dreaded Evil Empire of the Soviet Union–which no longer exists.

This is the same valuable Turkish ally that wants desperately to join the European Union–but can’t–because the Europeans rightly demand that Turkey acknowledge the Genocide first.

This is getting very old–like the remaining survivors of the massacres who would like nothing better than some small measure of justice all these years later.


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