Papal Bull

Yup he, Pope Benedict XVI, might as well have issued a Bull proclaiming for all the world that Turkey is the eighth wonder of the world! His idiocy in repeating some Byzantine emperor’s quote about Islam from a thousand years ago painted the biggest ego of the biggest sect of the biggest religion on planet Earth into such a corner that he had to go cowering to Turkey, effectively begging forgiveness. Go figure, all this while the Catholic Church isn’t even recognized in Turkey. Such absurdity! A huge deal was made of him praying in a mosque, walking a political tightrope of relations with the Orthodox Church–centered in Bolis, and hoisting a Turkish flag with Islam’s crescent on it. What a boost to the pathetic Turkish ego, probably the biggest since Ataturk rode out of hell to establish the ‘Republic’ of Turkey. Of course, in all this, there is no mention of the plight of Armenia’s in Turkey, not a peep. I guess we just don’t exist for the American media. Benny, the relatively-freshly minted pope, not only brown nosed his way through Turkey, but screwed Armenia’s in the process. By so praising Turkey and avoiding even a modicum of criticism for its abuse of minorities/Christians’ human rights undercut progress towards alleviating the plight of Turkey’s persecuted groups. This was direct damage inflicted on the Armenia’s living in the major cities as well as occupied portions of Armenia. Indirectly, by having to backpedal on his opposition to EU membership for Turkey, he also hurt us. That process and its attendant reforms and actions required of Turkey are probably the greatest bit of leverage we have over Turkey by way of progress towards restitution for Armenia’s. Whenever any aspect of our leverage is weakened (such as having a defense and oil industry dominated administration in D.C.) we should respond. This pope should hear loud and clear from Armenia’s, particularly the Catholics among us. All this to-do also provided more positive coverage of Turkey than a thousand times the millions they spend on public relations and lobbying outfits could ever have gotten them. Again, this is a hit against us because positives for Turkey are generally damaging to our cause and Armenia. The bitter irony of all this? Turkey got this boost, this bit of relevance, by virtue of the fact that its Turkic/Ottoman antecedents brutally conquered and occupied Armenian, Greek, and other territory!


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