Hrant is Killed, Let All Liars Shut Up

Everyone who says that this was an attack on Turkey, everyone who talks about the sinister games played on Turkey, everyone who talks about the timing of this attack coinciding with foreign parliamen’s making decisions on the "alleged" genocide, and thus trying to disguise the fact that Hrant Dink was being tried because he said "genocide" and was receiving threats because of this, and everyone who is protecting the real murderer by allowing the Committee of Union and Progress’s covert operator, lyncher and rabid spirit to still live on, has a share of the responsibility. The former justice minister, Hikmet Sami Turk, who yelled from the podiums of the congress that the ones who were organizing the Armenian conference were stabbing the Turkish people in the back; president Ahmet Necdet Sezer, who vetoed the law proposal dealing with minority foundations on the grounds that it would strengthen minorities; the district attorneys who turn a blind eye on thousands of cases of torture, convictions without trial, unknown culprits taken into custody and lost, but processed and tried the alleged "notices of guilt" that are devoid of the most elementary notions of universal law; the newspaper Hurriyet–which in the days Hrant Dink declared he was going to look for justice in the European Human Rights Courts, made front page news with the head of the Greek foundations who said he wouldn’t go to the European Human Rights Courts because he trusted the Turkish Justice system–called him a true citizen; and before Hrant’s blood was even dry, the Turkish television stations that for hours debated a litany of provocation by relating it to the Genocide Resolution pending in the U.S. Congress. They are all a part of this murder. They all have a responsibility. Anyone who says that this was an attack on Turkey is lying. Because this attack was made possible by Turkey herself, and therefore Turkey is responsible. This attack was made possible by the government that implemented Article 301, as protection against only the "denigration of Turkishness," and not of all identities, thus providing a legal basis for aggression. It was made possible by an entire population in Turkey who didn’t reject this article. Everybody who, instead of feeling shame when faced with the murder of Hrant Dink, worries about Turkey’s dignity instead of saying "we are all guilty"–from the officials to the opinion leaders–are all lying. They are trying to disguise their guilt. Let all the liars shut up. And you shut up too please, democratic journalists like Altan Oymen. If you are not refusing to answer questions that link the murder of Hrant to the Genocide Resolution in the U.S. Congress, if you are not refusing to be disrespectful to the Armenian people’s pain by making such connections, if you are not rejecting to thus support the ones who are trying to fool the Turkish people with conspiracy theories involving foreign powers aimed at them (just to exonerate our own murderers), shut up. All of you shut up. Let all liars shut up. Hrant’s wounds are still bleeding. Ayse Gunaysu is a journalist and human rights activist in Istanbul.


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