No, I’m not discussing Alcoholics Anonymous, though the people involved ought to be in rehab. No, I’m not discussing overtly anti-Armenian activities. No, I’m not discussing an abominable abortion. No, I’m not discussing just Armenian absurdity, which in some circles is rife. No, I’m not discussing Armenian a–holes, though you might understandably think so. No, I’m not discussing the AAA, the auto club that as, but rather another organization that uses that acronym. Oops, I might’ve already tipped you off as to my topic through these denialist statemen’s of mine! You might remember they (the Armenian Assembly- for the acronymically challenged) played a starring role in my piece about a month ago. But, what’s really interesting and typical of their shameless spinning is a release that appeared a few days after it. Of course the timing of the release was nothing but purely coincidental In that release we learn that the Armenian Assembly lauds Ambassador Evans. We learn they do not consider Hoagland to be a Genocide denier. Yes you read that correctly, Hoagland is not a denier according to the Assembly. The poor soul just has to abide by what his boss, the pres, tells him. By that measure, the Germans who "just followed orders" in committing the acts that constitute the Holocaust were also "innocent". Then comes more. You see it’s really, really important, for Armenia’s sake, to have a U.S. Ambassador in place. Even Armenia’s government hasn’t opposed Hoagland appointment. And, by the way, goodness-gracious, what-oh-what would Armenia ever do if there was no such person in place when parliamentary elections are held in a few months. Gasp! So because Armenia hasn’t said dump that denying jerk Hoagland, we have to support him? Armenia’s position relative to the U.S. is the same as ours, citizens of the U.S. with a stake in that decision? C’mon, spare me the insulting estimate of the Armenian public’s opinion! This is where having a Diaspora pays off. Armenia is obviously constrained. Can you imagine Armenia telling the U.S. what to do? It certainly wouldn’t be easy. But we can, should, and will fight such an inappropriate individual’s appointment. Now if I were a conspiracy monger, I might think the following. By undermining the Hoagland efforts, an embarrassing situation is created for Armenia’s in the eyes of the senators who will be voting on the confirmation. The Assembly has given them perfect cover by manufacturing a difference of opinion within our community. A senator will understandably want to avoid being put in such a situation where no matter which way his/her vote is cast, some "part" of the Armenian community will be angry. This division, as I’ve written before, gives them a lot of wiggle room to just vote to confirm Hoagland’s nomination, as would be the norm with most appointmen’s. Result? We lose. The Assembly’s administration and State Department masters are pleased and will throw it a few more crumbs. Finally, this whole situation will also weaken our hand when it comes to passage of a Genocide resolution. The Assembly’s position is so patently wrong, obscene, and over-the-top that even The Armenian-Mirror Spectator editorialized against it. Remember, this is a publication of the Ramgavars, a party not known for its backbone or principled stances. These are the people who allegedly are the "conservatives" within our community, yet supported the allegedly "socialist" Soviet Union and its occupation of Armenia for seventy years. Yet even they felt compelled to comment about the AA’s line. Let’s shift gears a little. You might remember I’d avoided being tacky in the aftermath of Hrant Dink’s assassination. But it’s time to bring out what I’ve taken to calling the "perfect storm" of idiocy. Moving with great haste, the Armenian Assembly’s office in LA (Bet you didn’t even know it existed, right? That’s how relevant they are.) organized a vigil the Friday after Dink was killed. I went to see just how many people showed up. Held in front of the building housing the Turkish Consulate in LA, a standard demonstrating point for us, the vigil boasted, a massive 30 people. That was about 40 minutes after the announced starting time. A few people might have left, and a few more were on the way in. I included the latter in my count. So let’s say they ended up with 40, naaah, I’m feelin’ generous, 50, people. What I haven’t told you yet is that the Hnchagian Party and its youth group, Gaidz (or Sparks Juniors as I’ve seen them referred to in 60-70 year old publications) were co-organizers with the AA. Remember, these people are the ones who opposed the qualified, first ever, Armenian candidate, Paul Krekorian, now in office, in his bid for the 43rd Assembly District seat in California. I wrote about this race last year and the vile political tactics it spawned. The Hnchags never found it appropriate to condemn these actions. So we have here two "organizations" whose actions damage our interests on two very important fronts– Genocide recognition and Armenian electoral advancement– demonstrating their level of "support" in a community as huge as the greater LA area. They might have waited and joined forces with other organizations (and the Hnchags did this as well in their typical shameless style) that worked cooperatively on this new and promising front in our struggle. But no, they had to be "first" because they obviously felt the need to prove themselves, to atone for their past and ongoing transgressions against Armenian interests by "showing everyone else up." Pathetic! The Hunchagians are essentially irrelevant on our political scene anyway. All they can do is cause embarrassment and damage as they flail about and emit their moribund rales. And I write this with no great joy. My great-grandfather was a member of that party and served our nation through it proudly and meaningfully. But the Assembly, because of its money-bags backers, can wreak much more havoc. It really is time for it to be dismembered. Those of its supporters who are truly concerned with our community would no doubt support its internship program as a stand-alone entity. Similarly, the Armenia Tree Project, which operates independently and does excellent work but is legally part of the Assembly, should be rid of the pall cast by the latter. And the AA Yerevan office could also continue doing work funded by U.S. government gran’s, based on merit (which I understand it has), rather than as patronage for treachery. The damage arises from the abuse of these component parts to mask the broader political machinations the AA leadership engages in.


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