What Does ADL’s Abraham Foxman Have in Common with Iran’s Ahmadinnajad?

Both are genocide deniers. Genocide denial is the worst hate crime. Not only does it murder the historical memories of the victims but it also murders the victims a second time by erasing them from the pages of history.
We were and continue to be intensely offended by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran for his public denying of the Holocaust last November 2006.
We are similarly deeply offended by Foxman’s ADL for publicly denying the Armenian genocide and actively working against the Congressional affirmation of it.
In adopting the Turkish denlialist line, Foxman calls the Armenian genocide a "consequence" of World War I, describing it as "tantamount to genocide". Foxman is in obvious breach of article II of UN genocide treaty of 1948, which uses the word ‘intent’ and not "consequence."
ADL board members are playing delay tactics and asking–in bad faith–a human rights group to wait until November, hoping that the issue dissipates.
To wait would buy the ADL additional time to lobby on behalf of the Turkish government against the Congressional affirmation of the Armenian genocide.
The ADL is corrupt and morally bankrupt and has lost its authority to lecture on human rights. For the past fifteen years the ADL has continually traded its human rights agenda with that of a bizarre foreign policy agenda. It has been exposed for what it truly is and can no longer maintain the facade of a human rights organization. Refusing to be in the same boat as Ahmadinnajad another high profile genocide denier, human rights groups are confronting the ADL and severing their links with the morally bankrupt organization.
The Armenian Genocide of 1915 began two years after the founding of the ADL. The organization has had 92 years to acknowledge that Turkey is guilty of genocide. If the ADL again fails to acknowledge the Genocide it is guilty of denial and no different than President Ahmadinnajad.

Berge Jololian
Cambridge, Mass.


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