$100,000 Raised at Ferrahian School Board Annual Banquet

ENCINO–The School Board of Holy Martyrs Armenian Elementary and Ferrahian High School and Holy Martyrs ARS Ashkhen Pilavjian Preschool hosted their Annual Banquet on March 29 at the George Deukmejian Grand Ballroom in Mission Hills. The event was organized under the auspices of Western Prelate Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian.
The Annual Banquet, whose main intent continues to be fundraising, was a great success and raised more than $100,000 through direct pledges. All proceeds of the event help offset a portion of the School’s ongoing financial tuition assistance, granted to numerous students who qualify for tuition aid, and ongoing renovations to both campuses as necessitated.
More than 300 guests were present for this elegant event that included brief speeches, fine dining and dancing. Among the guests were representatives of Board of Regents, Holy Martyrs Apostolic Church Board of Trustees, ARF Rosdom Gomideh, ARS Anahid Chapter, Homenetmen Massis Chapter, Hamazkayin, Valley Armenian Council on Aging, and Ferrahian Alumni Association all of which pledged their very generous donations. The remarkable list of donations was coupled with an additional $20,000 donation previously made through attorneys Mark Geragos and Brian Kabateck on behalf of the New York Life Insurance settlement which was presented to School Board member Zorik Mooradian and parents Anto Kamarian and Sahag Majarian one month prior to this event
The evening was ordained by Reverand Father Razmig Khatchadourian, who gave his blessing of the meal. School Board Chairperson, Toros Kejejian, gave a warm welcoming address and thanked all who participated as donors, volunteers and attendees. He stated that the School’s foundation has been the stable ground for the building blocks of the yesteryears and the future growth of a thriving educational institution.
School Principal, John Kossakian gave a very lighthearted account of the messages he has delivered over the last six years of his role as the Principal of the School. Kossakian’s story of a fish merchant’s criticism by customers over his obvious “Fresh Fish Sold Here” sign was a very well received humorous analogy to his years of choosing topics for his Annual Banquet messages. The principal’s story was a recap of the School’s accomplishmen’s during his tenure.
Western Prelate Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, who graced the Banquet with his presence, made the events’ closing remarks. In his message, His Eminence focused on the importance of the Christian morals and values that help drive our consciousness to give and in return receive all the glory that life offers us. His words were encouraging and hopeful.
Arsen Kalayjian, representative of the recently revived Ferrahian Alumni Association, took a brief moment to congratulate the school for its ongoing successes.
The event was a great insight that the community is proud of this Armenian institution. Christine Magarian, Esq., Alumni Class of 1990, who was one of the many attendees of this annual event, best characterized the prevailing mood by her encouraging words, “After all that was said and done, we know that more will be done than said. I am hopeful that the heartening environment of this Armenian school will continue for generations to come.”

The School Board of Holy Martyrs Armenian Elementary and Ferrahian High School would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the following donors for their very generous contributions.
ARS Anahid Chapter $7,500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Sam & Henaz Bekerian $7,500.00
Valley Armenian-American Council on Aging $6,000.00
Armenian Jewelers Association $5,250.00
Mrs. Askhen Pilavjian $5,000.00
Holy Martyrs Armenian Apostolic Church $5,000.00
ARF Rosdom Gomideh $5,000.00
Mr. & Mrs. Ara & Tamar Sayabalian $4,000.00
Mr. & Mrs. Vicken Gulesserian $3,000.00
Hamazkayin Barouyr Sevag Chapter $2,500.00
Homenetmen Massis Chapter $2,500.00
Mr. Koko Tapalian $2,500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Raffi & Dina Guedikian $2,500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Rafi & Anoush Kuyumjian $2,500.00
Ferrahian Alumni Association $2,500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Shakeh Avakian $2,500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Harout and Ozhen Broutian $2,500.00
Anonymous $2,500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Toros & Lucy Kejejian $2,000.00
Mr. & Mrs. Kevork & Talin Chakarian $2,000.00
Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Seta Hovsepian $2,000.00
Mr. & Mrs. Zorik & Talin Mooradian $2,000.00
Mr. & Mrs. Vicken & Seta Aghjayan $1,500.00
Los Angeles United Investment Co. $1,000.00
Mr. & Mrs. Eli & Sossy Baliozian $1,000.00
Mr. & Mrs. Hrair & Nancy Bederian $1,000.00
Mr. Hrant Cemcem $1,000.00
Dr. & Mrs. Hagop DerMegerdichian $1,000.00
Mr. & Mrs. Ared & Karin Menzilician $1,000.00
Mr. & Mrs. Rafi & Zarmig Nazarian $1,000.00
Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Shoghig Khadarian $1,000.00
Dr. and Mrs. Mark & Annette Kosker $1,000.00
Anonymous $1,000.00
Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Clara Sipilian $500.00
Daniel & Son Assayers (Mr. & Mrs. Garo & Socie Daghlarian) $500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Vartan & Suzie Grigorians $500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Tony & Mirna Kandah $500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Vahe & Rita Messerlian $500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Vasken and Silva Mardoyan $500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Ara & Lara Kazanjian $500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Sarkis & Siroun Derderian $500.00
Samko General Partnership $500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Vahe & Adrineh Markarian $500.00
Mr. Raffy Soulahian $500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Ouzounian $500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Raffi & Camilla Yazijian $500.00
Mr. & Mrs. Vatche & Suzan Donoyan $500.00
Anonymous $500.00
Hagop, Lara, Sarine, Nairi, Haig, Gregory, Galina $400.00
Mr. & Mrs. Raffi Bebekian $300.00
Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel & Rose Injejikian $300.00
Mr. & Mrs. Levon & Janet Kokonian $300.00
Mr. & Mrs. Krikor Alexanian $300.00
Mr. Ara Bedrossian $300.00
Mr. & Mrs. Zareh & Elsie Khatchadourian $300.00
Mr. & Mrs. Armen & Natalie Hagobian $300.00
Mr. & Mrs. Mardig & Arpy Keushkerian $300.00
Anonymous $300.00
Mr. & Mrs. Serop & Arsho Beylerian $250.00
Mr. & Mrs. John & Marina Kossakian $250.00
George Ignatius Foundation $250.00
Mr. & Mrs. Garo & Hilda Germirlian $200.00
Mr. & Mrs. Dave & Salpy Kovacs $200.00
Mr. & Mrs. Hrach & Eliz Semerdjian $200.00
Mr. & Mrs. Roobik & Mariette Grigorians $200.00
Mr. & Mrs. Abraham & Sossi Poladian $200.00
Ms. Clara Khodabakshian $200.00
Mr. & Mrs. James and Lalik Thiele $200.00
Mr. & Mrs. Armand & Azniv Sahakian $200.00
Mr. & Mrs. Yenikomshian $200.00
Ms. Vehik Gabrielian $200.00
Mr. & Mrs. Roger and Zvig Guedikian $200.00
Anonymous $200.00
Kevork & Sako Demirjian $150.00
Mr. & Mrs. Papken and Talar Pakhchanyan $100.00
Mrs. Taline Yerelekian $100.00


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