Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan’s Address to the ARF World Congress

Dear friends,

On behalf of Government of the Republic of Armenia and myself, I welcome the World Congress of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, and wish it a productive and successful fruition in the name of the homeland and for the betterment of all Armenia’s.
Today, as a member of the ruling coalition, the ARF has assumed its share of the responsibility for ensuring the country’s progress. The country’s political leadership has tasked the government to resolve all accumulated problems.
What are these problems? They are poverty, unequal competition, corruption, negligent government officials, a large shadow economy, an unhealthy moral and psychological environment, and a schism in the very fabric of Armenian society.
The political leadership of the country has recognized these problems. The task of the new government now is to offer acceptable solutions.
Let me introduce the frameworks in which our common program is built.
First, we are living in a rapidly changing world. Many people describe these changes as a crisis, but in my opinion we are witnessing the formation of a new world.
But we have to figure out where this world is heading, and how it will look in five, ten, or twenty years. We should not replicate the experience of other developed nations, but rather study them and look toward the future.
Second, we are living in a world that becomes smaller with each passing day. This means that we are subject to the changes of the modern world.
Third, intellectual activity is the basic process of the current world. This means that we are to build a knowledge-based society and economy. If we fail to revise our way of thinking, if we fail to create knowledge-we shall not have our own place in this modern world. Today, we live in the era of producing knowledge, not products. Our ultimate objective is to create an economy that will be able to learn and produce new knowledge.
Fourth, preservation of spiritual and cultural values becomes the only reliable guarantee of the nation’s progress. In the 21st century the issue of nations coexistence is entering the environment of a dialogue of civilizations and competition. In this environment we have to deal, not with states, but with ideological competition. Our ideology–namely, our civilization is different. It is the ‘Armenian World’.
Fifth, self-expression and self-realization are the deman’s of the contemporary individual and we have to ensure a field for the implementation of the basic human freedoms. The "Armenian World" must give to the Armenian individual a competitive advantage for full, dignified and national self-expression, irrespective of where in the world he lives.
So, in today’s geopolitical environment, Armenia can successfully compete only through the notion of the "Armenian World." We can make our state stronger if we make stronger the "Armenian World" and by making the ‘Armenian World’ stronger, we shall make our world stronger.
Our mottos are "global thinking–concrete activity," and "from the concept of future to the implementation of current programs."

How will the government behave?

Armenia’s are just people. This is the most important and key characteristic of our nation. If we treat unjustly even the last scoundrel our people will rise against injustice. So, we shall not look for differences that separated us in the past, and will try instead to find the unifying ideas. We shall expose our flaws and shortcomings and we shall speak about them publicly.
We have to be tough, resolute and just, we must preach solidarity and cooperation.
Our government has declared the start of five national projects: to create an environment of business excellence; to become an educational powerhouse, to have healthcare; to become a financial center; and a tourist attraction.
This means that the services to be offered by these centers will be economically beneficial and accessible not only for citizens of Armenia but for foreigners as well.
Armenia’s scattered around the world will have the opportunity to participate in the implementation of these projects. Their inclusion is an extra opportunity for the consolidation of our national, spiritual and cultural unity.
It is obvious that we can’t build a new world using old tools and methods. Our projects extend beyond the borders of the Republic of Armenia. They will be implemented based on the principle of government-private sector cooperation, which requires the joint development and realization of our programs. This approach is a real mechanism for strengthening the reciprocal trust and emergence of synergy.
The combined strength of all Armenia’s will become our competitive advantage. This is what the "Armenian World" means.
The first step toward the introduction of the idea of the "Armenian World" was made. We have formed the National Competitiveness Council with the participation of both state and public figures.
The ARF is a component of the "Armenian World," which in turn is part of the global network. Moreover, in the arena of nations’ political competition, the ARF is one of the Armenian nation’s advantages.
Dear friends, today we have quite a different situation in Armenia. The coalition government has come to implement changes under the country’s political leadership. The people’s expectations give us a historical opportunity to jointly carry out breakthrough projects.
Many of the people in this hall have arrived from different corners of the globe. We invite you to make use of this historical opportunity to become active participants in the implementation of these projects. We for our part will ensure all the necessary conditions.
This year has a special significance for each of us. In a few days we will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenian and the heroic battles of May. Just like in 1918, when the ARF managed to show political will and establish the first Armenian republic, now in the absence of a just society, public solidarity and mutual trust it is necessary that we display political will as well to join our strength and build the "Armenian World."
Thank you for attention.


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