Bad News Ping-Pong

That’s what I feel like these days, a little white ball getting whacked back and forth.

Summer began with the Gul invitation and possibility of an historical (coverup) commission.

Then, the financial industry finally collapsed under the cumulative weight years of unsupervised (deregulated) brinkmanship by banks, other lenders, and their agents and middlemen’seeking to make quick profits off unsuspecting (though sometimes complicit) consumers.

But, Serzh Sarkissian appeared in New York to distract us from the markets and remind us of the shenanigans continuing since Gul visited Armenia and both presidents told their foreign ministers “get to work”. On what? Who knows! It’s all a hush-hush. Still worse, the Armenian side is being even more secretive than the Turkish. The latter at least is releasing the names of who met with whom. Maybe that’s because Turkey has already gotten more out of the process than Armenia and stands to reap even greater benefits. Can you say, “Make Genocide, reparations, and lands issues go away?”

But, fortuitously, we have a Congress, a President, and financial scammers, er industry, to redirect our focus away from the potential loss of our birthright. These people have decided to blow well over a trillion dollars, $1,000,000,000,000.00, saving the tails of the incompetents, abusers, and clowns who contributed mightily to the creation of this mess. Already you’re probably hearing argumen’s going around, that government– legislative and administrative –enabled this thievery, first from people and now the treasury. But who do you think lobbied, “bribed” (campaign contributions), and cajoled government– elected and appointed –to make these changes? Don’t fall for that bit of right wing propaganda.

More “amusing” is that right after the commitment to expend these funds was made, the stock market, that oh-so-reliable barometer of things economic tanked. Other country’s markets are experiencing similar drops. Then the C-in-C (Criminal-in-Chief) of the U.S. lays on this bit of wisdom: “it’s going to take time to cure the ills of the economy”. An appropriate reaction is “No duh! You oughtta know. You let it happen”

Couple this with the presidential election’s representative of the right wing, largely responsible for the current mess, claiming to stand for change while having sided with the current regime occupying the White House overwhelmingly over the past eight years. Let’s also not forget that John McCain is partially responsible for the Savings And Loan meltdown of two decades ago. Plus, he’s spoken strongly in support of Georgia in its disastrous incitement of Russian armed action. Plus he’s not been supportive on Genocide related matters. Plus he’s surrounded by uniformly bad-on-Armenian-issues foreign policy advisors.

So, for the sake of America and Armenia, and unless you want even more bad news on November 5 and after, make sure you vote for Barack Obama.


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