Board of Regents Evaluates Principals, Pre-School Directors

Last April, the Board of Regents conducted a comprehensive performance evaluation of the principals and preschool directors of the Prelacy Armenian Schools. A task force comprised of Maggie Sarkuni, Charlotte Sassounian Dr. Albert Tomassian was formed under the leadership of Dr. Armine Hacopian to conduct the evaluation.

The Evaluation Task Force utilized the "360 Degree Performance Assessment" which involved seeking information from various groups who, on regular basis, interact with the principals and preschool directors.

The Board of Regents assessed the performance of the following principals and preschool directors:

John Kossakian:
Principal, Holy Martyrs Ferrahian Armenian School

Vazken Madenlian:
Principal, Vahan and Anoush Chamlian Armenian School

Dr. Yeprem Mehranian:
Principal, Krouzian Zekarian Vasbouragan Armenian School

Hilda Saliba:
Principal, Mesrobian Armenian School

Dr. Viken Yacoubian:
Principal, Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School

Arsine Aghazarian:
Director, Richard Tufenkian Armenian Preschool

Vehik Gabrielian:
Director, Holy Martyrs A.R.S. Ashkhen Pilavjian Armenian Preschool

Helen Manoucherian:
Director, Levon and Hasmig Tavlian Armenian Preschool

Takouhi Saatjian:
Director, Mary Postoian Armenian Preschool

This was a great undertaking and the Board made certain that every constituency group was involved in sharing their perceptions. The Board sought the opinions of all school employees, parents, 11th grade students and the School Boards. These groups were all invited to participate by providing their opinions on the performance of their respective principals and preschool directors. In all, 98 questions were asked. In addition, the principals and preschool directors were asked to conduct a ‘self-assessment’ by completing the same questionnaires in order to discover concurrences and gaps between their perceptions and the opinions of those who responded to the questions.

The results were tabulated electronically. From the results, two basic patterns emerged; areas of strengths and areas that need further goal development.

The Board of Regents is proud to announce that most respondents were very favorable on the performance of principals and preschool directors.

Over these past few weeks, Mr. Mark Guedikian, chairman of the Board of Regents, and the Evaluation Task Force has met separately with each principal, preschool director and their respective School Boards to discuss their individual results and facilitate goal developmen’s to improve performance.

The preschool directors’ tabulated ‘360 Degree Assessment’ results reveal that parents and employees are very satisfied with the performance of their respective preschool directors. The high response rate from faculty and staff made the results very reliable and valid. Some common themes that emerged as strengths warranting praise and commendations for preschool directors’ performance for

* having the children’s safety, well-being and health as a top priority,

* making the preschool grounds extremely safe with locked gates,

* keeping parents informed of various programs and activities,

* ascertaining impressive accreditation status from National Association
of Educating the Young Children (NAEYC),

* creating a very positive school atmosphere

* making instruction and play developmentally and age appropriate
to California educational standards and requiremen’s,

* improving their own knowledge and leadership skills so that they are
with current trends in the education of the young,

* providing well-maintained playground equipment and up-to-date
classroom supplies and equipment, and

* being very visible on campus, supervising the employees and children
throughout the day.

Some of the areas requiring further improvement through goal setting are dependent on the budget situation at each preschool. Due to the demographics of the preschools, there is a shortage of classrooms; therefore, there are long waiting lists. Major fund-raising efforts are required to purchase land/buildings in order to accommodate the long waiting lists.

The principals’ tabulated results of their performance revealed a great deal of satisfaction with their performance by the majority of those who responded to the questionnaires. Areas of common strengths that emerged from computer generated data include the following for which the principals must be praised and commended because they

Promote the Armenian Language, Culture and Heritage,

Have created a very safe school environment,

Maintain student health, safety, and well-being as a priority,

Keep up-to-date with current trends in education,

Have been able to provide quality education, thus receiving WASC accreditation,

Are able to utilize available resources in problem solving,

Implement fair procedures in disciplinary matters,

Identify the needed areas of improvemen’s and initiate solutions, and

Maintain a rigorous curriculum in various subject areas.

Some of the areas that require goal development on the part of the principals again, have to deal with budgeting and school related financial issues, and include new employee orientation procedures, and positive reinforcement.

The principals and preschool directors have been encouraged to share the results of their surveys with their respective faculty members and to discuss their future goals with them. The Evaluation Task Force will continue to meet with each principal and preschool director to finalize their goals and by the end of the current academic year will embark on evaluating their performance through examining their accomplishmen’s in attaining their goals.

All the principals and preschool directors were extremely open to this process and welcomed knowledge of the results as they were very willing to hear the perceptions of those whom they served.

The Board of Regents congratulates every principal and every preschool director for their accomplishmen’s as revealed through the outcome of these questionnaires. Its sincere appreciation is extended to them for being open and willing to become familiar with a new process.

The Prelacy principals and preschool directors have a challenging task ahead of them by working with youngsters who face many pressures from the mainstream society and culture.

They have been very willing and open to changes in order to keep up-to-date with new educational trends, and yet maintain the values of the Armenian Culture and Heritage. The excellent results of these questionnaires establish just that and indicate that their performance is worthy of commendation and praise.

Board Of Regents
Of Prelacy Armenian Schools


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