A New Christmas

Ho Ho Ho. It’s that time of year again. People getting excited to go shopping for gifts people don’t need. It can be such a drag. You have to go shopping for gifts you don’t want to buy but you have to because you know that person is getting you something. It’s a terrible cycle. We live now in a time when people have enough money to buy things they need and things they want, so you’re left pondering, “What do I get this person who pretty much has everything?”

I have an answer for you.

In this incredible year of change and progress, let us revolutionize the way we give gifts. Instead of wasting time in a mall, or time at work shopping online, I call on you to make a donation to the Armenian National Committee of America (www.anca.org) on behalf of all those folks you are purchasing gifts for. Make a donation to the organization that is fighting day and night, tooth and nail, to remind the American and Turkish governmen’s that we will not rest until there is recognition and justice for the Genocide.

What better gift can you give than to show your parents and relatives that you care enough about the Armenian cause that instead of spending your money on a gift that is going to collect dust, you are putting that money to work by giving to Genocide recognition efforts?

The ANCA is at the forefront of the battle for the hearts and minds of the people with power in Washington DC, and in your communities. The people who work for the ANCA know no time sheets; they work day and night fighting for justice. The ANCA not only lobbies the halls of Congress, the White House, the State Department, and your state and city governmen’s. They also run the Capitol Gateway Program which enables young Armenia’s to come to DC, live rent free for three months, while they look for a job in the government sector. A donation to the Capitol Gateway Program is not only tax deductible, but goes directly to help young Armenian college graduates find jobs that will help the ANCA gain influence in the government. What better way to gain influence than to have Armenia’s working with the very government officials we are lobbying?

I also call upon young adults to take advantage of this momentous year and start giving to the ANCA. You have all seen your parents write checks, and you yourself may have been active members of Homenetmen, AYF, or ACYO as kids. It is time for us twenty and thirty year olds to take out our own checkbooks and credit cards and start giving to the ANCA. It feels so good. I promise you, you will be more satisfied giving money to the ANCA than you will buying that new scarf, or going to Starbucks for a couple days, or going out drinking one weekend. Just think about the money you spend when you go out to a bar with friends. If you donated just that amount once or twice a year to the ANCA, the ANCA would have enough money to have one lobbyist for each representative and senator in Congress!

The ANCA gives us much more than that Christmas present will give us. I call on all Armenia’s to shift our focus this Christmas season from materialism to justice. Donate to the ANCA.

To make a donation online go to www.anca.org. If you prefer to mail in a check send your donation to the ANCA, 1711 N St. NW, Washington DC, 20036.


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