To the Editor: Think Tanks

Ever since I read Harut Sassounian’s April 24-25 commentary entitled “Think Tank Report on Armenia: You get What You Pay For” I have been extremely upset and angry.

Why and how come we are still such a fair game for the Powers to be? Especially now, that we have a government of Armenia, so to speak.

We must get serious and double our efforts to counteract such treacherous policies at their own game. If money can buy “history revisionists” then our money can buy the truth seekers and those who can do our just bidding. I suggest that we do the following:

1. We start a campaign of awareness-building about this dastardly “Think Tank.”
2. We should start a telethon especially to raise funds for fighting such dangerous and disastrous PR “commerce.”
3. We must expose the authors of these lunacy and call them to justice. There is no time to lose.

The damage control must be quick and to the point. We must force the followers of these criminal movers and shakers that we, the Armenian People, are not subjects of their whims and machinations.

Of course our efforts will be much easier if the Armenian Government will work toward showing the Big Powers that we are important players in that particular geopolitical location. One recent example I can think of is that Armenia could have been proactive in becoming a neutral mediator between U.S. and Iran instead of allow Turkey to assume that role.

Yes, Armenia is small but it is not inconsequential in the geopolitics of the region (and show that it is the case by constant engagement in whatever goes on in Caucasus).

There is no political dividend to always be in a reactive mode.

I suggest all those who are concerned read Harut Sassounian’s commentary and give it very serious thought.

Armine Koundakjian
Los Angeles


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One Comment;

  1. leoAryatsi said:

    By only seeking recognition we are weakening our stance. We ourselves are in fact putting the issue up for negotiations and allowing manipulation to occur which attacks the validity of the genocide. The genocide is a fact lets move on to our lands and reparation. Artsakh and the many other Armenian provinces which are under foreign occupation is what we should spend our money, time and energy fighting for, not what a puppet figure in the white house “recocgnizes”.