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  1. kristina said:

    Senator Joe Simitian, I want to thank you for the grate way you spoke towards the “1915 Genocide” hope those with you in polotics can see the way you do, in order to put this tragoty in the arcives as a sloved case . Thank you .

  2. Suren said:

    These two liars are chocking when they deny Armenian Genocide, even though they are paid big time by Turkish propaganda money. Just look at their non-verbal. You can say big lies but acting is very hard.

  3. Pattyl said:

    It’s unfortunate that we don’t have more men and women like Joe Simitian, Anna Eshoo and Jackie Spier fighting the fight. In the next 10 years, our young leaders should NOT only consider careers in law, medicine and business but should consider careers in politics and journalism. Our voice is strong now. Imagine how much stronger in can be if we multiply!
    We Armenians are so smart and talented. I can name hundreds of Armenian Americans who can speak more passionately and with more substance than Bruce Fein– without the triple zero salaries!

  4. Kia Meger said:

    OMG now they bringing up California’s budget crises, there are no funds there for no need to inform student,my god how far these people will go to deny the Armenian Genocide.

  5. Suri said:

    Joe Simitian is extremely smart. Love the way he represents his argument: Calm and assertive.

  6. Albert Tomassian said:

    Nobody could possibly take Bruce Fein’s statements seriously. He is on the payroll of the Turkish government. It is very sad when a former Associate Deputy US Attorney General stoops so low and without any shame denies the Armenian Genocide using legalese jargon.
    He ignores all the documents in the archives of various governments, all the research conducted by reputable academicians and all the eyewitnesses of the genocide. The two academicians Bruce refers to could not possibly be taken seriously. Stanford Shaw of UCLA happens to have a Turkish wife. He is known for spending summer vacations in Turkey while being wined and dined by the Turkish government. Bernard Lewis was on the verge of being censured by the Academic Senate of Princeton University for using his academic position and publishing papers promoting the Turkish view while being on the payroll of the Turkish government. I question the validity of any of the research that these two professors have conducted.

    On the other hand, Senator Joe Simitian spoke logically and with great compassion.

  7. S. said:

    Mr. Fein, allow me to present to you a list of reputable scholars in academia today who deny that six million Jews were exterminated by the Nazis during World War II. May I do that for you? And will you tell me how that makes you feel? And how it would disgrace the memory of your ancestors who were exterminated? The scholars who deny the Holocaust are just as reputable as the “scholars” who deny the Armenian Genocide took place. Your hypocrisy is disgraceful! Shame on you for allowing the money the Turkish lobbyists pay you as a salary to deny the truth.