The Psychic

The stairs leading up to Maggie’s apartment are halfway down the length of the building located in the heart of West Los Angeles. I climb up the gloomy darkness and knock on her door. I wonder if, through her psychic abilities, she already knew I had arrived. A short, stocky woman in her early sixties with close cropped graying blond hair answers the door. She steps aside to let me in and smiles warmly revealing the gaps of her missing teeth.

“Welcome,” she says as she leads me into her apartment. Incense and candles are already burning inside “to cleanse the air.” The front rooms are overstuffed with furniture and objects that seem to have accumulated in the small space over a long period of time. Although everything is tidy and clean there is no unused surface anywhere. She directs me to the dining room table and points to the chair in which she wants me to sit. “The spirits talk to me from my right,” she offers as an explanation for the choice of seats to the left of her chair.

“Are you Armenian?” she asked. I nodded. “My father was Armenian. He passed away last year. Mihran. That was his name.”

Maggie was five years old when she started talking to her guardian angel, the other angels around her and her invisible friends. By the age of seven she was able to do readings.

“My mother had a client,” she begins the story. “’I don’t know exactly what day you’re going to leave,’ she told the client, ‘but I know you’re leaving this week.’” Maggie remembers it was a Sunday and she was playing near enough to have heard what her mother had said. “So I said to my mother ‘oh, she’s leaving Friday morning at 5.’ My mother said ‘mind your own business,’ and sent me back to play.” Three days later the client called Maria, her mother, to tell her that little Maggie’s prediction was correct, she was set to leave in two days time at 5:30 in the morning. From then on Maria began to teach her daughter how to develop her ESP (extra-sensory perception). “She would not let me contact any spirits until I prayed to the heavenly father first. Little by little, through the meditations my mother taught me, I started to go in and out of trances and could predict things.”

It’s a heavy burden for a little girl especially in a country like Romania during the Soviet era. “I knew I was different. I had to hide those things (psychic ability) because Romania was a communist country and they didn’t allow those things. They taught that people like this could be witches,” she tells of her early days.

It seemed odd that psychic who claims 95% accuracy in her predictions would have faith in God but Maggie’s conversations are peppered with the phrase “My Lord Jesus Christ” or “The Heavenly Father.” “Only God can be 100% accurate,” she says in deference.

“I see you being very talented and could excel at three things but you should pick two,” she says to me. “Writing and painting. You were a painter in a past life. That is what my spirit is telling me.”

“What is the third thing?” I asked wanting to know all my options.

“My spirit is not revealing that yet,” she responded.

Upon seeing the look of skepticism on my face she explained herself this way: “I’m a very powerful psychic and a medium. I’m a spiritual advisor. I’m a certified hypnotherapist and a healer. I read a lot. I have a lot of knowledge about everything and anything. I don’t believe in astrology. I don’t believe in numerology because those things can shift depending on how the planets shift. I believe whatever messages I receive from above through my spirit guides which I’ve known since I was five years old. I meditate through them.”

There are three spirits with whom Maggie consults, all of whom where real people at some point in time. The first two she’s known from a young age: Aram and Josie. The third is Maria, her mother, who has joined her from the other side since her passing many years ago. Maggie is the oldest of four siblings and the only one to have inherited her mother’s gift.

Mihran, Maggie’s father, was an Armenian born in Romania whose parents emigrated from Turkey in the late 1800’s. Mihran’s mother passed away at a young age and his father placed both him and his brother Alexander with a couple Maggie affectionately calls “my grandparents.” “Then they lost contact,” she says of her paternal grandfather. “So my father didn’t know if he went back to Turkey or stayed in Romania.”

In 1976, to fulfill a cherished dream of her parents, Maggie, her siblings and her young son emigrated to the United States. She settled in Los Angeles and soon remarried. “I’m happily married. He’s a very, very good man. Excellent. The best. But he’s American so that’s the only problem,” she says with a slight shrug of her shoulder and a small chuckle. “He has a very American mentality. No left, no right. I tried to make baklava for him one time and he said ‘what is this?’ and didn’t eat it. Give him a piece of meat and potatoes and he’s happy. But I knew he was my twin soul. I knew immediately I would marry him. My spirit guides told me.”

“I don’t predict death, health or lottery numbers,” she clarifies then is silent for a moment before she continues.

“My spirits guides want you to know that you should finish your two books,” she predicts correctly. “You started them and dropped them. You need to go back. Follow your instincts. Follow your heart. Usually the first thing you hear in your mind you should follow it. If you have doubts about it, you’re going to be misled by your subconscious,” she advises me vehemently. “Ever night, prior to going to sleep, talk to your subconscious mind,” she continued telling me to ask for answers and the purpose of my existence. “I don’t know when you’re going to get your answer but you are going to get your answer. And it’s going to be like a split second movie.

“How do you think Einstein got all his answers?” she asks. “Through his subconscious mind.”



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