Medvedev Agrees with Aliyev’s Territorial Integrity Assertion

RUSSIA-AZERBAIJAN-MEDVEDEV-ALIYEVBAKU (Combined Sources)—Russian President Demitry Medvedev at a joint press conference Tuesday appeared to agree with his Azeri counterpart’s assertions that the Karabakh conflict must be resolved with the principle of territorial integrity as its main driving force.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting in Baku where Russia formally signed a deal to buy natural gas from Azerbaijan, Medvedev and Ilham Aliyev both praised the recent St. Petersburg meeting between the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan and called it a productive step forward.

When asked about the principles of territorial integrity and self determination, Aliyev was quick to point out that “the principle of territorial integrity is an inviolable one.”

“With regard to the principle of self-determination of peoples, it can be successfully implemented within the framework of the territorial integrity of a single Azerbaijani state,” added Aliyev.

“Our view, that is, the view of the Russian Federation, the country hosting the talks, is that at various points in the last meeting in St Petersburg, the negotiating parties – and here I mean Azerbaijan and Armenia – were ready to deal systematically with the disparities that exist in their positions on specific issues and make progress in precisely the way that the President of Azerbaijan just described, by moving forward. There is every chance that this conflict will be resolved in fairly short order. And Russia is ready to do everything it can along with other nations (this is no place for petty jealousy) so that this conflict can be settled as efficiently as possible,” said Medvedev.

Both presidents claimed their support for last year’s Moscow declaration, in which all parties agreed to move forward on peace efforts based on principles of international and norms established by international organizations.

“The nature of this framework is well-known – Mr. Aliyev has just laid it out. In effect we are talking about the general principles of international law that were developed by what used to be called the civilized nations. Of course we are talking about the decisions of major international organizations and above all those of the United Nations, and of the resolutions that were adopted concerning the Nagorno Karabakh conflict,” added Medvedev.

“I think the most important thing is not even that these principles are available, as nobody challenges them, but that all parties be ready to consider all the issues in this spirit and resolve the conflict on the basis of these fundamental principles, without trying to invent something completely different. In my opinion this is what will make possible the resolution of this very long and difficult conflict,” he added.


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  1. Hye4Life said:

    So much for our “dear norther friend, Russia”. Russia gets to buy Azeri gas at the cost of Karabagh Armenians.

  2. Frank said:

    If Armenians had any doubts about our so called “Orthodox Brothers” than they were justified, at the first whiff of natural gas they change their tone, it seems an apology may be in order to our Georgian neighbours.

  3. Papken Haertunian said:

    Only an International Tribunal that is approved by the all parties in conflict can pass judgment on the issue of self-determination versus territorial integrity. Every conflict is a diffferent case. Those who are familiar with the history of recent nations do agree that the principle of self-determination is more inclusion than the principle of territorial integrity.

    Our communities must articulate against any opinion that goes against our national interest. Otherwise, silence could be interperted agreement with these baseless opinions.

  4. Haro said:

    Territorial Integrity for Russia means Russian territorial integrity, otherwise it makes no sense. This article sounds like the queen in Alice in Wonderland, read for example the paragraph:
    “I think the most important thing is not even that these principles are available, as nobody challenges them, but that all parties be …”
    The problem is that Russians are trying to isolate what remains of the Georgian state. By the way, again, with respect to Georgia, the Russians respect the territorial integrity principle, because it was always there, meaning that the territorial integrity of Georgia under these “international norms” is nothing but the territorial integrity of Russia.
    So, quite absurdly, the territorial integrity of Azerbeijan must be interpreted as the Russian territorial integrity, along with the Caspian resources and all pipelines.
    Of course, this has nothing to do with Arzakh where another “international norm” and fundamental principle holds. Namely, “if you want the land, come and get it, if you can…”

  5. mike said:

    First of, Medvedev didn’t say anything that suggests he is in favor of territorial integrity. Second, an Azerbaijan that’s inclined more towards Russia benefits Armenia as well because it draws Azerbaijan further away from Turkey. This is just another Russian political game to fight of western intervention in the Caucuses. Armenia is a more reliable partner for Russia than Azerbaijan.

  6. Armen said:

    Why don’t they start by enforcing International Law on an earlier conflict, such as the Israeli-Palestinian one. Then with the expertise they have gained, they can resolve Nagarno-Karabagh one. Oh, wait. They already have the Kosovo experience, why not follow that model.


    I have said it before and I will say it again ” Hye joghovourt ko meyag pergoutiune ko havakagan oujeen mechne” Odarneroon chi vesdahink. Trust no one! United we stand, divided we fall! For odars, we are just a poker chip. They use us for their political game and they sell us to the highest bidder.

  8. Hagop Varoujian said:

    I totally agree with John Keuseyan. I would also add that we, the diaspora armenians should repatriate in large numbers. We should re-settle in our ancestral homeland- Armenia and Artsakh. Action speaks louder than words.

  9. Haro said:

    Կեցցէ՛ Ջոն եւ մանաւանդ Յակոբ, we must repatriate in large numbers and in an organized manner. Have you people seen or compare the existing Armenian land with the rest of the world. It’s beautiful… What are we doing outside our fatherland?

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