34 Top Navasartian Moments in 2009

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There are many magical moments surrounding the 34th anniversary of the Navasartian Games in 2009. Record breaking attendance numbers were confirmed for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night!!! Allow me to share 34 of those moments in no particular order.   

Observing surprised and smiling kids as they watch the night sky fill with colors, lights and sparks as they hear the explosion of fireworks celebrating America’s Independence and the 34th anniversary of the Navasartian Games.                     

Being able to breeze through the entrance lines—not because of the lack of attendees, but because of the state of the art scanners and itsmyseat.com ticket purchasing system.  

Spending $12 on a flashy bubble machine that my daughter demanded to have as we walked by the many vendors and booths bordering the festival area.  

Picture 2Fellow customers whispering in my ear that the young, handsome man volunteering at the Camp Committee booth and making my cheese panini is a scout “Kmpabed” and a UCLA student working towards his PhD.  

The humble look given by Baydsar Thomasian as she simply nods and smiles to the thanks given to her and her husband, Vahagn, for their continued financial support and volunteer hours by hundreds of attendees at the Victory Ball.  

A chapter executive running back and forth to replenish his chapter’s ice supply and thinking aloud, “Am I really using my vacation days to volunteer at Navasartian?”  

Listening to Homenetmen TV’s star reporter, Kouyr Nora Tchaparian, invigorate and motivate the crowd at the Closing Ceremonies.  

Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian’s words of praise as he is escorted around Navasartian by Regional members. Archbishop Mardirossian recited Helen Keller’s words to Chairman Steve Artinian—“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”  

Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Charlie Ghailian stressed the importance of Homenetmen in the lives of so many people—from past Honorary Presidents to our young scouts and athletes.  

The heat of the gym, the lack of air and the sweat glistening on the players’ foreheads while the crowd goes wild with every shot, rebound and steal as the audience wonders why our star athletes are not playing at the Staples Center.   

The Oscar-like props and other creative visuals distinctive of the style and artistic touch of Navasartian Committee Chairman, Yeghpayr Mher Tavitian.  

Picture 5Viewers sitting on the uncomfortable bleachers and watching the “A” division boy’s basketball game and hearing over the loudspeakers… and I quote– “If you see even a speck of bleacher metal, you aren’t sitting close enough.  Move in. Move in. Move in.”  

Hoy Lari’s special performance to future Homenetmen scouts and athletes including my daughter and her very young and ethnocentric friends.  

The silence in the room as Yeghpayr Zakar Chorbajian speaks about his life-long commitment to Homenetmen.  The room was so quiet that the cracking in his voice rang as an emotional siren in the ears of close to 500 supporters.  

Watching the smile on a child’s face as he spots his mother sitting in the crowded bleachers during the parade of chapters at the Closing Ceremonies. 

Picture 3Watching a parent as a tear trickles down her cheek as she sees her daughter marching for the first time in her scout uniform, proudly waving the Armenian flag.  

Kouyr Salpi begging her twin brother to sit in the dunk tank at the Kid’s Carnival for hours on hours– exposed to hundreds of giggling kids swing at a chance to see him hit the cold water.  

Chairman Steve Artinian restoring the Homenetmen dream to a room, filled to capacity, as he counts the many successes in the past few years.   

The grey hair and slower speeds on the court—but the same faces and the same passion rooted in athletes participating in the Navasartian games for decades.  

Chairman Steve Artinian acknowledging the Western Regional Executive Board for their dedication, diligence, and success.  

Navasartian busting at the seams.  

Hundreds of parents volunteering in the food and activity booths to support their chapters. 

Security at full alert—keeping order and safety for all attendees.  

The crowd cheering as another entertainer takes the stage to perform at the festival.  

A slew of media photographers assigned to cover the event working towards capturing the perfect shot.  

The proud faces of chapter representatives at the Victory Ball as they are praised for their relentless efforts and commitment.  

Media representatives conducting interviews with excited volunteers- each with a unique message to convey about Homenetmen.  

Karnig Sarkissian taking the stage Opening and Closing Night as the crowd cheers with appreciation and excitement.  

Chapped lips, crooked smiles and sweaty uniforms of 7 year old soccer players so excited to mark their first participation in the Games. Lose of win, they have the Homenetmen spirit.  

Witnessing the generations of Armenians who have, continue to, and will be a part of Homenetmen’s ever-growing family.  

Team Australia marching at the Closing Festivals in true Australian fashion bringing with them the Homenetmen spirit, smile and salute.  

Homenetmen Regional members, Yeghpayrs Hovig, Raffi and Thomas directing traffic to open a new parking lot to allow for additional convenience for late-night attendees.  A perfect reminder that Regional Members work modestly to ensure flawlessness of every facet of the Games and do not allow title and rank to determine what type of volunteer work they contribute to.   

Knowing that every single person working for the Navasartian Games volunteered their time, energy and resources to make this year a cut above.  

The exploding streamers launched at the Closing ceremonies as colors of the rainbow hugged thousands of supporters sitting arm to arm with no room to move.


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Photo Credit: Helena Grigorian

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