Withdrawal From Liberated Territories Will Lead to War, Says Karabakh MP


STEPANAKERT (News.am)—Azerbaijan will eventually invade and occupy Nagorno-Karabakh if the Karabakh Defense Forces are forced to withdraw from the liberated territories surrounding the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, a member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation serving as a deputy in Karabakh’s National Assembly warned on Monday.

War will break out if If Karabakh loses the territories and is forced to only maintain a narrow corridor to Armenia, Armen Sargsyan told reporters Monday. “Azerbaijan will sooner or later attack it to divide this part from Armenia,” he warned.

“We should preserve these territories, he underscored, stressing that there are serious historic and security precedents for Karabakh to remain in the territories.

The independence of Karabakh’s is also in danger, he warned, noting Turkey’s growing involvement in the process and its efforts to link the normalization of its relations with Armenia on a resolution to the Karabakh conflict favoring its ally Azerbaijan.  

“The Turkish factor must not become decisive in the peace process,” he stated, adding that a new stage has begun in the peace process and new principles for peace should be presented, which are rooted in the Nagorno-Karabakh people’s right to self determination.


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  1. raffi said:

    Well said . there should be no withdrawell before asuring Karabakh’s independence . What have the world powers done to stop the Armenian’s Genocie nothing . why don’t we learn from the history

  2. papken hartunian said:

    War is inavoidable. Be prapare. Armenians must only offere peace for resolving all other Armenian issues.

  3. Haro said:

    These surrounding territories together with the rest of the Karabakh non-mountainous regions plus Shahoumian region are legally outside the Azerbeijan of 1918, the 1921 Soviet Azerbeijan, as well as the new 1989 supreme soviet constitution. In 1989, during Gorbachev, the entire Karabakh region including all the regions surrounding the mountainous region were legally reinstated under the jurisdiction of the Moscow central government. And it was in 1991 when the Karabakh people declared their independence from this Moscow jurisdiction (since these lands never were legally part of Azerbeijan). Soon after the Soviet Union collapsed leaving the legal situation in status quo. Therefore, legally they were never under Azerbeijan.

    The Armenian diplomacy information war has done a poor job in elevating the legality issues of Arzakh to the world. We all know that historically these lands belong to us, but few Armenians know that they are also part of Armenia in every existing legal document, be it documents by the 1918 world powers, the soviet constitution, as well as the new regional politic powers.
    Read Alexander Manasyan’s books for further details regarding the legal side of Karabakh, as well as Nakhichevan regions.

    Also, we have kept the liberated lands of Arzakh for over 20 years now, this fact by itself produces a status quo that the rightful owners of the land are the Armenians. Otherwise, if such military control does not matter, then by the same token 90% of Asia Minor should be returned to Armenia, because 300 years of Turkic occupation would not have mattered.

  4. papken hartunian said:

    Cristina Armenians and Turks have been in war for over a century. Turkey has one obejective. To create Armenia without Armenians. The problem is that Armenians now have guns. They are united enough that more than 75 million turks cannot repeat its atrocities against Armenians at least for last 20 years and why not for centureies to come or may be for ever.

    What Armenian Current administration is seeking is to buy time. Nagorno Karabakh is the main protector of republic of Armenia. Turks cannot see two independent Armenian Republics because their problem of removing Armenians from the region would be much more complicated. I have news for Turks. Armenias are going to rule all the region in near future including Turkey. All we need a leader from the new generation that has born and raised in free Armenia.

    Long Live Armenia And Artsakh!

  5. Cristina said:

    Kezi hed 100% hamadzayn em. I have a bolsahay friend and he told me he is inviting me to Bolis to walk around etc etc and i told him no, Turkey is the country of the enemy, so i wil only enter it griv enelu.
    I am just thinking about the tens or hundreds or thousands of ordinary people who will die in this war, al they crying the pain the spilt precious blood… :( I guess it is true – our ga hay, ga vay :(
    And allow me a correction:
    Long Live Armenia And Artsakh! => You mean Getse azad angakh yev miatsyal Hayasdane! :)

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