Armenian-Turkish Protocols To Confirm Kars Treaty

YEREVAN (—If signed, the protocols on establishing relations between Armenia and Turkey will give legal power to the treaty of Kars, signed between Kemalist Turkey and the Soviet government on October 13, 1921, according to Arman Melikyan, the former Foreign Minister of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

The fifth clause in the first protocol establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries requires “the the mutual recognition of the existing border between the two countries as defined by the relevant treaties of international law.”

The only relevant treaty defining the de facto borders between the Republic of Armenia and Turkey is the Treaty of Kars, signed between Turkey and Bolshevik Russia, as well as the Soviet Republics of Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. Armenia, as vassal state at the time, was forced to relinquish its rights to the treaty of Sevres and cede control of Nakhichevan and Nagorno Karabakh to Azerbaijan. The treaty was not reconfirmed following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“The Kars agreement stipulated the acknowledgement of borders between Turkey and the Caucasian states: Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. At present, the protocols specifies only the Republic of Armenia’s de facto border with Turkey,” Melikyan explained, adding that Yerevan should “annul the Kars agreement, and then continue its negotiations with Turkey.”

Melikyan added also that neither Azerbaijan nor Georgia have acknowledged their borders with Turkey, thus automatically annulling the agreement. As a result, Nakhichevan, which was given to Azerbaijan by the Kars treaty, legally does not belong to Azerbaijan.

According to Melikyan, Armenia will find itself at an unfavorable position vis-à-vis Turkey if it signs the protocols. “I don’t want such fate to befall our country,” he said, adding that Armenia will be at the mercy of the Turks if the Kars treaty is indirectly ratified through the protocols. “We have to clarify our relations with Turkey.”


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  2. papken hartunian said:

    ” Armenia will find itself at an unfavorable position vis-à-vis Turkey if it signs the protocols.”

    The so called protocals have been signed already. They have serious implications to all Armrnians. For example, Armenians can be sued around the world if they use symbol of Ararat. If boarder is open, Turkey will organize to populate Armenia and Artsakh by Turks and Kurds. Within a few decades, they will have Armenia and Artsakh without Armenians. They will give new names to Armenia and Artsakh. Armenian had 15-18 years to build their defense system against their old enemies. If they had not done so till now, then may be they are not entitle to freedom from Turks.

    I am sure, Armenians have done so because otherwise Turks would have been marching in Yeran and Artsakh by now.

    What is really bothering Turks is that a few millions Armenians are able not only survive among 75 millions Turks but has managed to liberate and continue to control their homeland without having any petro dollars.

    Long Live Armenia! Long Live Artsakh! Long Live Diaspora!

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  5. John said:

    First the Turks must return slope facing or Mt. Ararat no deal should be made with out this being in force. Russia gave to to Turkey at the end. This was in allied hands may not have anything to do with Kars Treaty. Must get seaports also on coast. And land in Ani also. This is just for now. Later we may want when the kurds get land we may ask for 40,000 thousand sq miles of land back so don’t sign unless we find what happans with Kurds. We may split land with Kurds under new Treaty. We must be strong with the Turk. So fight on

  6. Ella said:

    I just do not understand one thing when the whole Armenian nation in Armenia, Diaspora and Artsakh is against those protocols does not it signal to Armenian government that it was doing something wrong? The stupidest thing that Serj has ever done. I wonder if he has regretted what he has done. Very painful to think even about it.