Perhaps my title was inspired by the successful Armenians and Progressive Politics.  This year’s theme was Capitalism.  Participants were treated to various analyses, informational presentations, moving visuals of poverty in Armenia, and hopeful avenues for action.  But of course, there’s not much of a better term to describe what we’ve seen of Capitalism, particularly over the past quarter century.

Not only did Reagan’s election lead to the implementation of horrendous policies in the U.S., but the ground he thus prepared led to the overwhelming immiseration of the former Soviet Republics and much of Eastern Europe.  “Brilliant advisors” paved the way for the crony Capitalism that emerged and led to the enrichment of preexisting elites.  It was nothing short of banditry.

It seems to me the same spirit permeates the current regime in Armenia as it prepares to “give away the farm” to Turkey through “football/soccer” diplomacy and the Protocols of September.

Imagine, Vartan Oskanian, the fairly low key, soft spoken former, and longest serving, Foreign Minister of Armenia is formally, publicly, calling on the government to NOT sign the protocols, at least not without major changes.  He too points out the preconditions Turkey has managed to work into them.  These are the same preconditions— no territorial demands, no Genocide recognition, give Azerbaijan what it wants in Artzakh— that successive Armenian governments have rightly rejected.  In fact, weakness on this front helped bring down the Levon Der Bedrossian regime.

Add to this a very interesting piece written by Ara Papian titled “Armenia and Turkey Are Not Authorized ‘to Define’ the Border”.  He argues that because of how the post WWI borders were set, based on international law, Armenia and Turkey do not have the standing to change the borders established by Woodrow Wilson.  So even on this front, both countries are out of line.

I am outraged, incensed, furious, and countless other such sentiments.  I want to really blast these guys.  Let’s keep up the heat.  Maybe threats of terminating Diaspora support, not just financial, but political.  We’ve started.  The AYF organized a protest last weekend at Armenia’s U.N. Mission.  There are more actions planned.  Internet petitions and Facebook communications abound.

But wouldn’t it be great if we could deliver the message directly to the rotten fish head?  I wish that the President of the Republic of Armenia would come to NY for the annual hoopla as the U.N. kicks off its year.  Many heads of state attend this meeting every year.  Then, it would be a dream come true to embarrass him and harass him at every turn.

Let the jeering beginning.  It supports and strengthens the weighty analysis.  It’s a good cop- bad cop game.  Let’s turn up the heat.  Armenians’ national future depends on us doing so.  Get off your couch and grab a picket sign, there’s some hootin’ and hollerin’ to be done.


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