Resolution Urges End to Protocols Process

GLENDALE—The more than 10,000 participants of a public rally on Sunday in opposition to the Armenia-Turkey protocols unanimously adopted a strongly-word resolution directed at the Armenian authorities, rejecting Turkey’s preconditions for establishing relations with Armenia and demanding the government put an immediate end to the Turkey-Armenia protocols.

Below is the complete text of the resolution:


Based on the imperative of defending the absolute interests of Armenia and the Armenian people and taking into consideration that the August 31 Protocols on Establishment and Development of Relations between the Republics of Armenia and Turkey are loaded with dangerous provision that are counter to those interests, we, the participants of this public rally declare that:

Whereas, the veracity of the Armenian Genocide is an irrefutable fact. We find unacceptable that within the context of “implementing dialogue on the historical dimension” any examination of “historical records and archives” by a commission or sub-commission on any level. Such an examination not only will irrevocably halt the process of international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, but also completely diminishes the Armenian people’s achievements resulting from decades of immense and continuous efforts, as well as reality of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by numerous countries.

Whereas, as members of the United Nations and other international organizations, Armenia and Turkey have already agreed to, under acceptable international norms, to acknowledge each other’s borders. To reaffirm this through a separate agreement and the Republic of Armenia’s official recognition of Turkey’s current borders is a concession of our people’s historic, territorial, moral and legal rights, in the name of establishing inequitable and unjust relation.

Whereas, the principle of the nations’ right to self-determination, on which hinges the just resolution of the Artsakh Question is visibly absence from the documents, which contain other irrelevant specifics.

Whereas, the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the pursuit of the Armenian Cause (Hai Tahd) are the sole responsibility of the Armenian people, be they in Armenia or the Diaspora. This is not an issue of our ancestors or our generation, but rather it is an issue of the rights of the Armenian people’s future generation. The Armenian authorities do not have the legal right, in the name of the Armenian people, to bargain during negotiations with Turkey, the just right of the Armenian people, especially the issues of the Armenian Genocide, our occupied historical territories and reparations.

Be it Resolved that

We, the participants of the public rally, by expressing our opposition and protest, reject any pre-conditions for the establishment of relations between Armenia and Turkey; and find the announced protocols, in their current form, unacceptable and dangerous. The signing of such defeatist protocols by the Armenian government is fraught with irreversible and heavy consequences. Thus, we demand from the Armenian government to immediately end all efforts and activities for the signing and approval of both protocols. Otherwise, the president of Armenia will bare sole responsibility for future events and will be treated accordingly by the Armenian people and history.

*The public rally was organized by the Social Democratic Hunchakian Party, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, the Ramkavar Azadagan party and Unified Armenian Youth at Pelaconi Park on the corner of Glenoaks Boulevard and Grandview Street in Glendale.


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  1. Ishkhan Babajanian Md said:

    Our Diaspora Patriotic Organizations should work hard and consult with our compatriots in Armenia and Artsaklh and ask them to join the Diaspora brothers to protest against this disastrous Protocol
    When National interests is involve passivity is harmful…


  2. ruben martirosian said:

    Serzh Sargsyan , Eduard Nalbandyan and Levon Ter-Petrosyan should be tried in Armenian High Court for treason and must be expelled from Armenia to turkey and israel. The Armenian political parties should expedite this process as soon as possible. Tommorrow it is too late. The enemies of Armenian people have no right to leave on our homeland! Kick out these imposter stooges from Armenia.

  3. Ara Khatchikian said:

    I cannot believe what is happening , if you had told me years before that such a thing can or would happen I would have said you are dreaming or hallucinating , It’s embarrassing embarrassing embarrassing , hope our President will snap out before it’s to late , I really hope ……………….