Gul Invites Historians to ‘Study’ Genocide

serzhgul1ISTANBUL (Combined Sources)—Turkish President Abdullah Gul Tuesday urged foreign historians to join a commission to study the Armenian Genocide, reported Agence France Presse.

“There are all sorts of allegations about what happened a century ago. It is clear that people who do not know what happened where or how are not able to take decisions on this matter,” Gul said in an interview.

“What we hope is that historians, archive specialists study this matter and we are ready to accept the conclusions of this commission. To show that we are sincere, we even said that if a third country is interested in this matter, if French historians, for example, want to take part in this commission, they are welcome,” he added on the eve of a visit to France.

The establishment of a commission to study the Genocide is part of two protocols that Turkey and Armenia said they would sign in a bid to establish diplomatic ties for the first time and open their border, sealed since 1993.

President Sarkisian, during his Diaspora tour, has been assuring community leaders that the protocols do not contain provision for the establishment of such a commission, but rather a grouping that would help Turkey deal with its past.

In a separate interview with the Wall Street Journal, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the protocols would be signed on Saturday. Armenia’s presidential spokesperson did not confirm or deny that report.


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  1. Armen said:

    Well, they can start by de-criminalising discussions amongst the people about the Genocide!! Remember, Article 301? You can’t even talk about it in turkey!

  2. katia k. said:

    There are Turkish historians, and Turkish citizens who are getting arrested, sued and assasinated in Turkey for as much as uttering the words Armenian and Genocide in the same sentence. If Gul was sincere about correcting his ignorance of his own country’s history, he would have started by listening to his own people. The human rights abuse is so unbelievable in Turkey, with complete disregard to freedom of expression and press, that this announcement in France strikes me only as a desperate attempt from Turkey to join the EU.
    And to think that this would have been a perfect opportunity for the Armenians to utilize the political capitol that they had accumulated over the past 30 years, … and what does Serj Sarkisian do?…. He is agreeing to a list of protocols very intelligently drafted by Turkey, which will relieve Turkey from returning any of the Armenian lands in Western Armenia even if this commission is allowed to do an honest work, and confirm what historians have long ago characterized as Genocide. What else could it have been.. The word “Genocide” was created by Rafael Lemkin to specifically describe what had happened to the Armenian nation. The word Genocide BELONGS to the Armenian people…. very tragically.
    If the Armenian President was courageous enough, he would demand that the protocols take out the clause that says to acknowledge the “legality” of the borders, and just let it say “acknowledge existing borders”. And the next thing it should do is to formally acknowledge the independence of the Republic of Karapagh. Armenia can then sign the protocols.

  3. Gayane said:

    I am absolutely COMPLETELY disgusted by this news.. What is this telling us? What is this referring to? The lies that Sargissyan fed the leaders of Western and Easter organizations that the protocols have nothing to do with preconditions? Then how do you explain this filth?

    What is the President of Turkey planning without consulting Armenia? Oh wait.. why should he? The Armenian president basically gave him the power to do everything he wants by standing behind this so-called Protocols that will send our people and nation to damnation… GOOD JOB President Sargissyan…

    Now we are faced to Turkey’s direct involvement and planning this to clarify what happened??

    Hope Turkey burns in hell…


  4. Dave Boyajian said:

    Even if this so-called historical commission came up with a verdict of “genocide,” Turkey would either reject its conclusions (despite what Gul claims now) or simply say that the Republic of Turkey is not legally responsible for what Ottoman Turkey did.

    That’s more or less what happened with the TARC/ICTJ report of several years ago. Once it was issued, the Turks simply rejected its verdict of genocide. The report is now largely forgotten, though occasionally referenced.

    Turkey always manages to find some Armenian somewhere who can be coaxed into yet another “study.”
    First, Turkey and the US State Department got the Armenian Assembly of America and the then-Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian (remember?) to help create TARC. Now Turkey gets Serge to help create yet another commission. It never ends.

  5. Elsa said:

    unfortunately all they do (turkish government) is beat around bush without any outcome. it is very hard for them to accept the fact, but I’m sure once they do they will feel better with themselves and get on with life.they will also earn the respect of the other nations(not because they have to )and earn the trust of Armenia
    the truth is the only solution of this tangled situation,

  6. christain said:

    well since when we need historians ?this question is always solved can not be discussed ,togrther with the land issues .
    i guess if the People of Turkey starts realizing the truth and accepts the Genocide it will be much easier and they will be respected in all of the world.

  7. manooshag said:

    Hye, Turkey’s Gul insults the ‘foreign historians’ asking them to join a commission. See, the Turk, the narcisstic
    Turk has spoken. NOW the Turk wants a commission…. Yet the world – all the civilized world – (historians too) know of the Genocide of the Armenian nation planned by the Ottoman Turk to take Christian Armenian lands and culture as their own… Too, all the subsequent Turkish denials until today! And more, Turks are the prime example for all the despots of 20th to 21st centuries of pursuing Genocides, since it appears the Turks ‘got away with slaughtering innocents and then denying their Genocide!
    What fools we be to trust such Turks – still in Ottoman mentality. Historically, Turkey has never abided, followed through, any agreements it made in its foreign relations.
    And today to trust a Turkey today…. VOHCH… Armenian for NO!

  8. satenik said:

    How can we trust the Turks to change their modus vivendi? Are we that naive? What Gul is suggesting it’s insulting to all the Armenians!I can imagine just how much money Turkey will spend on some rotten “historians” to “prove” that it was not genocide.We know the truth, we know the facts, we’ve lived through the pain and we still do, so who is he trying to prove that it was or wasn’t genocide?Denying is deep in Turkish DNA!

  9. katia k said:

    Gul is asking historians from France to join a historical commission.How absurd! France has officially recognized the Armenian GenocidE! Gul just wants to brainwash gullible Armenian organizations that he is honest in his proposal. He is either attempting to help out the Armenian president or just warming up to the EU. Mostly. tough, he wants to keep on knocking at different historians doors to find a group which will disprove the Genocide. Ridiculous Denial at its worst. If Turkey ever accepts the Genocide besides paying for the damages of that time it sould pay for every one of the 94 years that Turkey denied and covered up the Genocide.

  10. Gayane said:

    You know what is funny?

    Gul starting all this when the protocols are still pending the signature.. what is that tell us again? hmmm.. no need to go into it too much.. I am sure everyone understands it..

    THE NERVE of that monster… this goes to both Gul and Sargisyan… My blood pressure is rising with every word I type… Why can’t we stop this? Why?

    Katia, you said it straight.. a great post and I agree with you 100%…

    I pray to God every day for a miracle.. I pray to GOd that nations all around the world see what Turkey is all about, the true nature of the beast and stop them from every angle..

    Lets see how Sargisyan is going to respond to Gul’s action about inviting historians to execute this process? I bet money he will NOT do anything about it.. which is the sad part.. I am disgusted .. truly ashamed…


  11. Levon said:

    The foremost unbiased and independent historical commission has already studied the history and decided that the massacres and deportations of the Armenians in Ottoman Turkey during the first world war were indeed Genocide. The commission is the International Association of Genocide Scholars. You can visit their website at:

  12. Gayane said:

    I SECOND THAT KATIA>. You are absolutely right.

    I definitely think TURKEY OWES Armenia not only for all the lands and riches it took from us, not only the 94 years of making the living Armenians lives miserable.. but they have to pay EXTRA for being the most uncivilized and uncuth nation on this planet.. that will be their punishment..

    How hard skin this Gul can be asking France to join in the commission.. but we all know it is a cover up.. and if was able to say whatever I wanted to say here, I would have called him a very nice name.. i am calling him that in my mind.. soo I am content.. bastard…

    We have not heard a peep from our President about this.. is he going to say something? To say or not to say.. that is the question..? Hope we were in midieval times when ill character of the person was subject to brutal punishment or death.. I know both Gul and Sarkissyan deserve that torture..

  13. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    Shame on Serz Sarkisian & his Parliament on the protocols with Turkey. Without recognition of the Armenian Genocide and recognition of the Sevres Treaty and reparations to the Armenian people then these protocols are in vain. Also, any concessions of lands in Artsakh will also be a serious mistake. Armenians world wide have demonstrated against these protocols and Sarkisian & his parliment should take notice before any documents are signed with the Turks.

  14. John K. said:

    At the end of 19th century, the RED Sulton massacred 100s of thousands of Armenians to solve the Armenian Question and he failed. In 1915 Talat massacred 1.5 million Armenians and he (boastingly) told the American ambassador Morgonthow that he had solved the Armenian Question in a few months which his ancestors failed to do in 600 years. But fortunately for us he also failed. Now Mr. Sarkisyan will succeed in killing the Armenian Question by signing this PROTOCOL. Only we, the Armenians, can kill the Armenian Question and no one else can.

  15. Barkev Asadourian said:

    Are they [ Turks ] trying to genocide one more to Armenians
    because they would to distroy whole Armenians in the world
    and to keep one Armenian alive in Musuem
    Gul and Erdoghan go back to your history.

  16. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    Turkey is not going to endorce Turkey-Armenia Protocols. That is why Mr. Gul is ahead of schedule taking out, pointing out, and using those items of the Protocols that are ungently benefitial for the Turkish side. (It is too bad for Turkey not to repent. In such situations, society and statehood decay from inside.) And poor Armenians hope that Turkey will open the border and they will have the opportunity (as Armenian non-legitimate President has promised them) to trade with and across Turkey.

  17. Aram said:

    How turkish historians will discuss about the Armenian Genocide in Turkey, if this G word is banned through the hideous article 301! What a joke, any reasonable person would see in that a huge trap. Turkey always perpetrated his long-term politics in a very intelligent way, for that they merit an aknowledgment.

    They even do not recognise the EU-member Cyprus, eventhough they promised to the EU they never did it yet, so how Mr. Sarkissian can believe that they will going to discuss about the Genocide. My grand-father Armenag Sarafyan (who lost everything during the Genocide including his father decapitated in front of his 14-year old eyes, and all his belonings during the wealth tax) was always telling me: ”Turkin chouvanove hore ches gernar inchnal ”(you can’t go in an artesian well with a turkish rope).

    I think we lost our battle…..

  18. gayane said:

    TO ARAM: You are soo right.. If Gul puts people in jail, execute them for even uttering the Genocide word, how is this going to help the commission? If he going to make exceptions? WOW.. OF COURSE.. what a cover up.. what a scham… Article 301 definitely stops anyone to talk against Turkishness and will silence anyone who uses the word Genocide.. Why can’t our govt say that to their face? Why can’t we use the same tactics against Turkey like they do to us?

    I am just dumbfounded.. Am I really that blind and stupid? I personally dont’ think so.. I myself dont’ have PhD, Masters or extensive experience in politics but I sure do and know and understand more than the actual politicians and everyone involved in this absurd protocol process.. what is that tell us? We have uneducated, uncuth, grpogh, chrpogh govt officials..

    I feel soooooooooo safe and confident in our govt.. this is just sad..

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