Turkish Ambassador Uses Protocols to Attack Genocide Resolution

WASHINGTON–On Friday, Oct. 23, Turkey’s Ambassador to the U.S. Nabi Sensoy, appearing on a Voice of America television news segment on the recent Senate introduction of the Armenian Genocide Resolution, cited the newly signed Turkey-Armenia protocols as a reason for his government’s intensifying campaign to block U.S.  recognition of this crime against humanity, reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).


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One Comment;

  1. jda said:

    Dear Ambassador Sensoy,

    Your Excellency:

    Have you heard of Jessie Owens?

    How about the 1936 Berlin Olympics?

    Probably not. I’ll explain in a moment.

    See, pal, we’re Americans. We have free speech. All of us. And we don’t take orders from foreigners about what we can say or think, or what our elected representatives can say. Foreigners like you, guys who think that because you have a lot of money and some power, with plenty of fancy friends who used to be in our government, that you can tell us what we think, and what we can say.

    I understand that hardly a day goes by that you and your little helpers aren’t busy telling American members of Congress, or judges, or our President what they can and can’t say without offending the people of Turkey. [Given that the people of Turkey can’t express themselves freely without being prosecuted by any number of wingnut nationalists who are just waitng to slit the throats of the current governement, its not all that easy to know what all the people of Turkey actually do think,is it].

    Anyway, your writ does not run here. We are no more afraid of you and your money than we are of the man on the moon. This is not Turkey. We say what we like. Nobody – not even the Members of Congress your little helpers wine, dine and pay off, cares a whit about your dire warnings about how our “loyal ally Turkey” [nobody believes that, either] will be offended if the United States re-affirmsthe the truth of the Armenain, Assyrian and Pontian Genocides.

    So that’s where the Olympics come in. When the United States and British Olympic Teams passed Hitler in review, they neither dipped their flags nor gave the Nazi salute, as did the other teams. And when Jessie Owens stood taller than all the Aryan atheletes he had kicked to das Kurb, he gave no Nazi salute. Why?

    He was an American. We don’t take orders from foreigners.

    And we don’t give a damn about your arguments. You’re in our house, we make the rules, pipsqueak.

    Signed- A typical American.