Aznavour Demands Western Armenian Lands

ruovanzaYEREVAN (Yerkir)—Western Armenian lands must be returned to Armenia, said Armenia’s Ambasador to Switzerland, famous singer Charles Aznavour in an interview with Italy’s RIA3 television channel.

“When I was born, in 1924, [they] promised Armenia the return of lands. I am 85 years old and I cannot wait much longer,” said Aznavour.

“In 1924, Stalin promised Armenia the return of Erzeroum, Erzngan, Sebastia, Kharpert, Dikranagert, Bitlis, Van, Moush… The ‘Wilsonian Armenia’ also included regions of Trabizon, Erzeroum, Van and Bitlis,” said Aznavour while welcoming the prospects for establishment of diplomatic relations between Armenia and Turkey.

“It would be pleasant to see open borders in the last part of my life,” added Aznavour.


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  1. Yervant said:

    What a traitor. Either you demand Western Armenia or you support the wrong-headed protocols. You cant have it both ways.

    A number of Diaspora Armenians have issued a statement today which reads:

    Dear compatriots,

    The Soccer Diplomacy initiated by the President of Armenia in September of last year opened the door for the process of the normalization of relations between Armenia and Turkey. It has drawn the attention and the support of the entire international community.

    It is clear that this process does not mean to forget the past and to question the fact and the importance of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. The Armenian leaders with the sense of high responsibility for the future of the motherland and coming generations, act today with wisdom and courage for the establishment of the relations between the two countries and the opening of borders without any preconditions.

    We support the policy adopted by the Armenian authorities by urging all our compatriots in Armenia and Diaspora to assist this process in all possible ways.

    Charles Aznavour – Paris

    Artur Chilingarov – Moscow

    Edurado Ernekian – Buenos Aires

    Hrayr Hovnanian – Washington D.C.

    Jean Jansem – Paris

    Armen Jigarkhanian – Moscow

    Vache Manukian – London

    Berdj Sedrakian -New York

    Serge Tchuruk – Paris

    Alain Terzian – Paris

    Ruben Vardanian – Moscow

  2. Realist said:

    Didnt he support the protocols??? Who does he think he’s fooling other than himself? Of course Western Armenia is ours but not with outrageous protocols that legally hand them away to turkey.

    My advice: stick to singing.

  3. Haro said:

    Yes, that’s the way to go, press the squeeze out of the Protocols.
    The latest pressure by Europe and USA on Turkey must not be sacrificed by Armenia as is the case of the Protocols. We must use this opportunity to demand reparation from Turkey. The pipelines are a few miles away from Armenia, if Europe wants cheap oil, Azerbeijan wants income and Turkey wants EU membership, then let them press on Turkey to recognize Genocide and return our lands, and keep the Azerbeijanies away from saber rattling, it’s time they admit that they lost the war.

  4. An Armenian said:

    Hey Charlie:

    When you supported the protocols that set the border between Armenia and Turkey as they are today, you forever gave Western Armenia and the Ararat Mountains to the Turks you idiot.

    Why don’t you write a song about that; here is an appropriate tile “Je suis un crétin” (I am a moron)

  5. Armen said:


    Don’t act silly – if Aznavour is a traitor, then please do not talk about Armenia and Armenians (i feel ashamed of you). You no NOTHING about us! Have you ever been in Armenia?


  6. MGL said:

    Aznavour is the man!
    He says the right things and the world is listening him!
    He proved that he is a great patriot by helping Armenia like nobody else.

  7. Armanen said:

    He is part of the Armenian government, this is good that he is making such comments. I see from some of the comments here that most of you don’t comprehend how international diplomacy works, or what is termed ‘realpolitik’

  8. Sarig said:

    I find it interesting that an open letter would be signed by individuals rather than organizations who represent any segment of the great community. Clearly, the individuals named above are deep pockets and by no means ”leaders.” The individuals named above continue in the tradition of effendi’s who choose the path of subjugation to preserve their personal interests and wealth. They should be held accountable.

    Those who have met Aznavour know that his intellect and judgment do not go beyond his music. He should stick to his craft and not allow himself to be manipulated to take role in things that he doesn’t understand.

  9. Hovo said:

    No any Armenia is disagree with some improvment for better economy by help of opening borders with historical enemy (Turkey). but the question is, in what cast?

    First, turkey need to Stop denial the fact of Genocide and return Western Armenia lands that is belongs to genocide victims.

    Secound, Armenian-Azeri issue for Nagorno Karabakh have nothing to do with opening borders. turkey have no right to mix in Karabakh issue.

  10. Bedig said:

    Wow Yervant…i didn’t see or hear about that news . Did Asbarez report that news or was it filtered..
    Shame on him.

  11. Hovo said:

    No any Armenia is disagree with some improvment for better economy by help of opening borders with historical enemy (Turkey), but the question is in what cast?

    First, turkey need to Stop denial the fact of Genocide and return Western Armenia lands that is belongs to genocide victims.

    Secound, Armenian-Azeri issue for Nagorno Karabakh have nothing to do with opening borders, turkey have no right to mix in Karabakh issue.

  12. Greg B. said:

    Talk is cheap.
    Action, such as that signed letter above, tends to say it all.
    Add this nimrod to the growing Tavajun list.

  13. gharakhanian said:

    yeah thank you Haro, and Yearvant and everyone above, lets have him Mr. La La La La Land, talk to the Armenian reporters here. LOL, him and his pals. he didn’t hear his fellow Armenians in the Paris protests, or all over the world. maybe he is hard of hearing, yeah that must be it. Anyone who thinks they know better and are above the will of the majority of their people and want to force their way on us are.. dictators traitors. Mr. La La La La Land, hear this VOCH!! we the people are Armenia wherever we are… instead of standing with us and helping us your people, you went and found some, who know less than you. so sorry.. open the border at what cost ? you have a position instead of learning to negotiate knowing the value of your people the value of the land we already have, you and your friends have never known the value of a single Armenian have you? still?.. you will live, yeah, to see us take your name off the Yerevan square. oh yeah, we shall overcome!

  14. William Bairamian said:

    Hold on.

    I do not enjoy the fact that Mr. Aznavour supported the protocols but I strongly caution you against calling him a traitor.

    First, keep in mind that he is Armenia’s ambassador to Switzerland. Therefore, he is an employee of the administration. This means that he, as any ambassador, must support the position of his government, however much he might disagree with it. He can resign, you may say. Yes, he can, but let’s not forget that he’s not a diplomat and this is a largely ceremonial role.

    Secondly, and more importantly, it’s incredible to me that you are so quick to call him a traitor considering what this man has done for the PEOPLE of Armenia. When the earthquake hit, he was one of the most instrumental Diasporan personalities in raising both money and awareness about the destruction in Armenia. He not only donated money and supply himself, he organized a concert of superstars to raise money from around the world. Besides that, he lent an incredible amount of support to the Artsakh liberation movement, again, through financial means and by providing supplies.

    And you call him a traitor.

    It worries and disappoints me that we have people in our community with such fickle standards.

    If individuals and organizations in Armenian history were judged as traitorous on the singular or few mistakes they made in their course, we would have no heroes and we would have no lasting organizations.

  15. Ishkhan Babajanian MD said:

    Maybe I am naive. Will somebody please interpret for me If these officials are foolish or trying to fool Armenian People??

  16. Ophelia said:

    Is this man really in cahoots with the AAA lackey’s in dc and the davajans in yerevan? Shame on him. I agree with relaist…Aznavour should stick to singing.

  17. manooshag said:

    Hye, these ‘comments’ seem to be emanating from individuals who may very well have their own business interests in Armenia (excluding artists)…
    I still have ringing in my ears all the voices of the citizens of Armenia – joined together with their brethern across the world in the Armenian Diaspora – together – for the elimination of the Protocols, roadmaps, et al, as designed by Turks who are still in the Armenian Genocide mode – having not ‘completed’ what their forbears wrought upon our nation – now to crush the Armenian nation in toto. Together, our voices have said it all – the truths loud and clear!
    Yet, some evidently cannot , shall not, will not hear the loud resonance of their own people for freedom from the yoke of the Turk… Sadly.

  18. Sarkis said:

    I love Aznavour songs, specially the one called “Emmenez-moi” (Take me away), which gives hope to any human being. But most of all, I appreciated Aznavour for not showing up in the line-up of applauding cheer-leaders, at the heart-breaking ceremony of signing of the Protocols.

    I dislike the way foreign powers treat the Armenian question to best suit their interests, sometimes on the basis of “de jure” principles, and some other times on the basis of “de facto” principles.

    For example, Karabakh issue is allegedly pursued to be solved peacefully in line with “de jure” principles, to Azerbaijan’s advantage. Armenia is considered to be the “de facto” party controlling the territory by military forces.
    At the same time, “Wilsonian Armenia” and the arbitral award are “de jure” in Armenia’s favor; however, the territory is “de facto” controlled by the Turkish military forces.

    To be consistent, one cannot have it both ways. If “de jure” is the way to go: then Turkey has to hand over “Wilsonian Armenia”, recognize the Genocide before of after joining the EU, pay reparations bankrolled by western powers, Armenia will then open the Nakhitchevan border and return the so-called five (5) Azerbaijani territories. Azeri refugees will return to the returned territories, and Armenian refugees will return from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, and elsewhere, to Karabakh proper.

    If “de facto” is the way to go: then the current status quo will continue indefinitely for the Armenian-Turkish border and Karabakh. Through history, if force is considered to be the only way to acquire and maintain land, then Armenians will have to rise up to defend what they’ve acquired and fight for it to the end.

    Author Thomas de Waal, suggests on page 277 of the book “Black Garden” (meaning Kara-bakh), that if Armenia doesn’t compromise now, it will slowly become a “Theme Park for the Diaspora”. Which one is better? Seven million Diasporans supporting three million theme park attendants, to live and die with dignity and honor, or having a country which has become a floor rug for Turkic trespassers to jump back and forth from East to West ?

    Armenians do like Aznavour when he sings “Emmenez-moi au bout de la terre…” (take me to the end of the world…), “Emmenez-moi au pays des merveilles…” (take me to a fantasy land…). Undoubtedly, open borders would mean the wholesale of Armenia, locals will be happy to take the money and run. Diasporans will then witness the first economic genocide of the 21st Century, sadly perpetrated by an Armenian Government against its own citizens. This must be stopped at any cost.

  19. Haro said:

    Mr gharakhanian, please read my comment more carefully before mixing suger with salt in your coffee or tea. As for the LA LA LA land, you would not say such if you knew what some of us Armenians have been doing for the last 30 years of our lives, besides surviving the fight in Artsakh liberation, as well as the Lebanese civil war.

  20. Levon said:

    Granted, Aznavour must carry the government line just like any diplomat .

    HOWEVER, this doesn’t necessitate or justify his actions in attempting to further promote or market the ridiculous protocols with that signed letter above. Like our President he ignored the majority of Armenians who found the protocols insulting, dangerous and blatantly treacherous. He may perhaps not be a traitor but his actions, even on this one particular instance, certainly lend themselves to him being a co-conspirator and thus an accomplice of traitors.

    Do we let accomplices of genocide off the hook because they chose to tow the party line and murder innocent people??? I think not.

    As a trusted confident of Armenians worldwide he ignored our protests and instead chose to flaunt a flawed set of legal terms that jeopardize and insult Armenia and Armenians. It only shows how unfit he is for diplomacy.

    Shame on him.

  21. KhachKavor said:


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  23. Vartkes said:

    Unfortunately we have people like Yervant who know nothing about politics and diplomacy, they don’t even know about Armenia and Armenians.
    FYI, Aznavour goes to Armenia every year, he has made numerous donations and investments in Armenia for the benefit of the people. What have you done?
    He has supported and advertised our cause and nation on many different levels and you dare to downplay him?
    Shame on you, we don’t need fake Armenians like you that only talk and no action.

  24. Barkev Asadourian said:


  25. Haro said:

    P.S. My original comment seems to be listed in the wrong position. It seems that my “Yes,..” gesture is referring to Yervant’s comment (which I have not even read about). Perhaps, I should never participate in such useless comment forum. It is better for me to write articles or make movies. And from now on, I will represent my thoughts more effectively for the benefit of all Armenians (and will put my efforts on documentary movie making).
    Anyways, my last point here is that I am against the Protocol, just like any decent Armenian should be. But, I cannot fall into a black-and-white trap that our enemies have cleverly devised for us. Turks love to have Aznavour painted black by Diaspora Armenians, because that will kill their 50 years of Armenian pride. They would like to kill all of our heros and intellectuals by painting them traitors (to Armenians). Just like Silva Kabudigyan was named a Bolshevik by Levon Ter Petrosyan.
    This is where my sad thoughts begin. How to unite all Armenians, so that they know who is their savor and who is their traitor. Mr. Aznavour is not a fool. He entered government with a hidden purpose, and although I am not sure whether this last statement of his is part of this hidden purpose. But the point is clear. What can I (a public nobody) do at the public arena level so that it would be effective at the publicity level. Perhaps nothing…
    But what can Aznavour do? Well, he has the publicity, and therefore he can use it for any purpose whether patriotic or not. I am sure it will have its influential effect, much more than all of our comments here.
    Finally, please remember many years ago, how Aznavour twisted the mindset of Turks concerning the Genocide by a single song. How do you know he will not do that again?
    So, yes, I am against Aznavour for his choice of siding with Serj Sargsyan. He’s perhaps like a bad father, what can you do? He is still your father, and you must respect him.
    In short, the Armenian identity is not black and white. It has more colors. This identity has survived more than 5000 years. Like William Saroyan has it, this IDENTITY cannot be broken… particularly not so by a few pages of Khaydarag Protocols.
    Concerning some comments about Aznavour not being fit for diplomacy. My question is: who is more fit, Mr. Nalbadyan? Or is it Vartan Oscanyan who put us in this mess in the first place.

  26. Hrag said:

    Look people, this most recent statement by Aznavour about demanding Western Armenian Lands only shows how incompetent he is.

    We all know that Aznavour supported the protocols like the other tavajuns. He has no choice in agreeing to them because its the party line. Not the greatest news to hear but it was truth. Anyone who has read anything on the protocols let alone the protocols themselves, which I’m sure Aznavour hasn’t got around to doing, knows that if the protocols are ratified you can kiss Western Armenia goodbye.

    Thus, for a supporter of the protocols (Aznavour himself) to make such an outrageous recent demand (the righteous return of Western Armenia) really makes Aznavour look the way he truly is: an ignorant fool with a great voice.

  27. Barkev Asadourian said:

    WELL CONCEPT KHach Kavor
    Hopefully some day we gonna to see WESTERN ARMENIA REPUPLIC
    in DIASPORA present regime over there is BOLSHOVIKIAN style polotic and can
    not be changed..

  28. Armanen said:

    Hrag and all the other haters are fools for even calling Charles a traitor. The man has done more for Armenia than all of us collectively put together, so stop with the insults and at least tolerate his opinion if you can not respect it or him.

  29. Varuzh B said:

    Please, stop liberally labeling very other Armenian as a davajan or traitor.
    It’s way too easy and it’s very boring.
    I bet most of the HATERS (usully the case in my experience) have never been to Armenia, can’t speak or write Armenian and certainly  haven’t the balls to move to the ROA.
    Instead you sit in your big house in Glendale or London or Istanbul where you can comfotably shit on others, as your bank accounts and bellies GROW!!!!
    Please engage your brains before posting slanderous statements!!!!!
    Thank you.

    • Vazken said:

      But Varouj.
      Charlie can’t speak or write Armenian also. I met him in 1972 in Melbourne Australia, after the concert I asked him to write autograph in Armenian, he apologised and said because can’t read or write in Armenian.
      There are lots of Armenians in that circumstances, but, that shouldn’t make them less Armenian as you posture.

  30. Henrik Dumanian said:

    I remember the meshogs of grain Aznavour sent to Armenia in the early 90s.  When the bus carrying these supplies came to our town, one of our neighbors stuck his hand deep into the bag and pulled out…an automatic rifle.  Days later, he went to fight in Artsakh and was martyred there.
    He may be many things, but, a traitor, he is not.