Karabakh Mediators Again Visit Armenia, Azerbaijan


YEREVAN (RFE/RL)–International mediators shuttled between Armenia and Azerbaijan on Friday in an effort to push the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process further forward and, in particular, arrange yet another meeting of the two countries’ presidents.

Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian implied ahead of their arrival in Yerevan that the signing of an Armenian-Azerbaijani framework accord is still not imminent despite the recent optimism of the mediating powers.

The U.S., Russian and French diplomats co-chairing the OSCE Minsk Group met with President Serzh Sarkisian and Nalbandian before flying back to Baku in the afternoon. They already met President Ilham Aliyev there on Thursday.

The co-chairs were in Baku Thursday where they met with with Azeri President Ilham Aliyev and Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov.

As always, official Armenian sources gave no details of the talks. Sarkisian’s office said only that the mediators brought up “a number of issues” related to the negotiating process and briefed the Armenian president on the results of their talks in Baku.
Merzlyakov told RFE/RL afterwards that they proposed a date and venue for the next Aliyev-Sarkisian encounter. He refused to elaborate, saying that there is still no final agreement on the summit.

The two presidents most recently met in Moldova’s capital Chisinau on October 9 amid speculation that Armenia’s negotiations for normal relations with Turkey would bring a breakthrough in the protracted peace process. Although no concrete agreement was announced after the three-hour talks, the mediators said the conflicting parties moved closer to overcoming their differences over the “basic principles” of a Karabakh settlement which the troika had formally put forward in Madrid in November 2007.

Aliyev insisted, however, that the Chisinau meeting was “unproductive.” His foreign minister, Elmar Mammadyarov, claimed that Yerevan has toughened its negotiating position of late. Armenian officials denied that.

Aliyev and Sarkisian reportedly made significant progress during their face-to-face meetings held in the first half of this year, prompting the mediators to suggest that a breakthrough is on the cards. In a rare joint statement issued in early July, the U.S., Russian and French presidents urged the two men to “resolve the few differences remaining between them and finalize their agreement on these Basic Principles.”

But speaking to RFE/RL late on Thursday, Nalbandian indicated that the parties are not on the verge of cutting such a deal despite “some positive developments.” “That is a fairly lengthy and difficult process,” he said. “We are not saying that the issue will be solved tomorrow, the day after or one or three months later.”

Nalbandian made the comments in parliament where he attended a committee hearing on the Armenian government’s draft budget for next year. He told lawmakers that the Armenian-Azerbaijani negotiations are currently centering on the final status and security of Karabakh. He gave no further details.

“When we reach agreement on those two principles we will continue negotiations on the other principles,” Nalbandian told RFE/RL. “There are more than ten principles in that document. And when we reach some agreement on those principles we will start negotiations on a draft agreement on the resolution of the Karabakh conflict.

Under the Madrid document, Karabakh’s status would be determined by the republic’s population in a future referendum. The parties have yet to work out key practical modalities of that vote. They are also understood to disagree on the status of a future land corridor between Karabakh and Armenia.


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  1. Harout said:

    Artsakh government should name Artsakh.. Original historic name instead of Gharapagh.. I suggest also Armenian media globally should use the name “ARTSAKH” instead of gharapagh. This will also show, there has never been historic Azerbeidjani land there.

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  3. Gayane said:


    Artsakh had been, is and will be ARmenian Land.. NO dirty Azeri should put foot on it.. We have already been injected with dirty blood in our blood because of Genocide..because of forced marriages and slavery…

    NOT ANYMORE.. why don’t you just leave us alone..?? Why don’t you collect your dirty families and move to the mountains where you belong and return all the lands to their lawful owners.. ARMENIANS..

    Enough and enough.. with your primative minds, you may fool US, Russia and Europe but we are not stupid.. we have been intelligent and still are.. even though our president is not a good representation of the ARmenian nation.. actually i believe, he is probably a Turk who happen to be born Armenian by mistake.. Nalbandian too..


  4. Kiazer Souze said:

    The deal has already been made. The mediators have already been bought off.

    Why even read this garabage propaganda?

    May all of the deniars and their complicit world body stooges all go to Jahenem and quickly.

  5. Sammy said:

    I agree with Harout – we need to start using Artsakh as an original name. Azerbaijan itself is not even a real country, it was formed by a Tatar Turk majority out of the Turan dream of unifying Turks with Tatars through genocide.

  6. Barkev Asadourian said:

    Armenians {Whole}since time ago they issued their final
    dicesion on ARTZAKH it is a NEW COUNTRY for his people
    why you people westing time it is 100% genuene ARMENIANS
    land you better back the HISTORY

  7. GrishBegian said:

    We have lost too many territories toward, unwelcomed invaders from Central Asia. Azerbaijan never been an independent country, but a tribal Ottoman Empire, Muslim ally. Azerbaijan do not have a past civilization or culture, or have even their own alphabets, therefore they will hate Armenians. Artsakh must be remembered as struggle of Armenian nation, against “unjust” “uncivilized” and “uncultured” tribes, where the rule of force remain their only option, over civilized nation…

  8. Kiazer Souze said:

    While President Clinton was playing with his cigar and contemplating on saving a few thousand Turks in Bosnia, the Rwandan genocide exploded. From the same people who brought you the Rwandan genocide and Darfur, now shuttle Mrs. Clinton to Armenia to twist arms and make deals with the Russians.

    Genocide does pay. Ask the shortsighted bankers who financed them. Thus, before you put your deposits in any bank, check to see how they invest their money.