US Ties Protocols to Karabakh


ANKARA (Combined Sources)—The Obama Administration doubts Turkey’s parliament will ratify agreements with Armenia to normalize relations and open borders unless progress registered in the protracted Nagorno-Karabakh peace process, US Assistant Secretary of State Philip Gordon said Friday on an official visit to the Turkish capital, the Turkish Milliyet daily newspaper reported.

“It will be difficult for the Turkish parliament to ratify the protocols signed with Armenia unless there is improvement in Nagorno Karabakh conflict,” Gordon said at a press conference, the Azeri Press Agency reported.

The US envoy was in Ankara meeting with top Turkish officials ahead of scheduled visit of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the United States on December 7.  Erdogan is set to meet with US President Barack Obama for talks on a wide range of issues around Turkey’s growing influence in the Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia.

During his visit, Gordon also expressed U.S. concerns over Turkey’s growing ties with Syria and Iran.

Gordon said Washington was also “dissatisfied with Erdogan’s refusal to adhere to an indictment by the International Criminal Court against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. Erdogan’s government had refused to arrest the leader–who is wanted for war crimes in Darfur—during a scheduled visit to Turkey to attend a regional conference.  

The US Envoy underscored Washington’s calls on Ankara to cooperate more closely with Washington in solving international problems.


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  1. Garbis said:

    and with this the final nail in our collective coffin…
    All hail the fat cats in Yerevan. Way to go champs!
    I hope your foolishness keeps all of you awake at nights.

  2. Sevouk Sevsaretsi said:

    Turkey never had good will in its contacts with incompetent Armenian authorities. They really played them. The sole reason of making contacts with inexperienced Armenian politicians was to corner Armenia into making concession in all aspects. Turkey’s wise and skilled politicians were successfully able to exert maximum pressure during “secret negotiations”, drafting and signing of protocols and they will postpone ratification pending capitulation and disintegration of Armenia. Turkish aims are: Hindrance of international recognition of Armenian Genocide, formal recognition of Turkish illegitimate borders by Armenia, surrenders of Karabakh to Azerbaijan, islamization of Armenia (per U.S. Embassy in Yerevan) and finally capitulation of state of Armenia to Azerbaijan and Turkey. Wise up Mr. President, the honorable thing at this time would be to formally void the protocols, to conduct an election and to step down, you are a disgrace. We don’t need protocols for establishing normal contacts with our neighbors, Turkey knows where our borders begin and end, when and if it is ready to establish equal relationship, it is more than welcome to open the border. Do we have protocols regulating our relationships with Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan?

  3. Lusik said:

    Gordon’s political carrier is over. And this was his last visit to Turkey. Political leaders are evaluating the Middle east policy of Obama and the score is very low. Gordon is considered a “weak link” for the USA and Middle East deals. So, Gordon failed, and soon we will hear new name(s).
    Gordon was selected due to his fanatic love for the idea of Turkish-driven-Middle East, as you can see from his publications.

  4. Gayane said:


    This sure does end all cycles… this sure ends the light days of Armenia and its existance..

    What is next? I am even scared to think about it..

    Shame on you US and shame on you Armenia.. Turkey GO TO HELL… Russia, you are spineless entity..

  5. Armanen said:

    What many fail to see is that this is the rapproachment between Armenia and turkey is a Russian project, not an American one. In essence it matters little what gordon has to say about this or that.

    And for the Armenian-Americans, it’s long overdue to get Armenians in high office rather than continue to give money to non Armenians who could care less about Armenia and its interests. Obama like other presidential canidates before him really played the Armenians who supported and donated time and money to his campaign. It’s time to wise up, get rid of the emotions, and work for Armenian interests with a cool head.

  6. Krikor said:

    Here we go again. US is mounting pressure on Armenia with the Karabagh issue. Talking from the both sides of the mouth as usual

  7. haig salibian said:

    A key moment in his confirmation hearings was Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ)’s questioning of his position on the Armenian Genocide: In previous publications, Gordon had written that acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide would cause undue disruption in U.S.-Turkish relations.[4]

    above paragraph can be found in wikipedia

    see what we are up against !

  8. Sarkis said:

    Unfortunately resignations will not solve the problem, because it seems that there is no clear alternative for the leadership. They are all the same, suffering from a strong Soviet hangover. Their motto: bring in the tanks after elections, kill people, or kill each other. May the fragile status quo continue as the only way out of the current crisis.

  9. Ara Sabounjian said:

    Again, I don’t understand why Armenia does not link the protocols to Cyprus. Turkey is at the weaker position when you talk about occupation of Cyprus. How can we be so weak politically?
    Not even Greece is supporting us fully. Turkey occupied Cyprus in 1973, way before the Armenian helped the Karabagh Armenians. Will Turkey ever withdraw from Cyprus????
    We are putting ourselves in the coffin for nothing. I am eating myself seeing incompetent politicians negotiating for Armenia!

  10. Haroutune Keoroghlanyan said:

    Philip Gordon needs to work on his history studies, being an assistant secretary of state does not give him the right to tell us what to do. If he is trying to be a good little boy to his turkish hosts I find it pathetic and if he really knows what he is saying and he means it, then he should have waited until he was back on home ground
    before putting forward an idea that is paramount to selling us to the lowest bidder.
    Mr assistant secretary of state please keep your nose out of our business.

  11. Mike said:

    this is based completely on Turkish-Azeri sources.
    Is there an independent confirmation?
    I remember some people used to accuse LTP supporters for aiding the Azeri-Turkish propaganda
    because they relied on Turkish and Azeri sources for info.
    Now what, it’s suddenly OK to take your info exclusively from Azeri-Turkish sources?

  12. Ishkhan babajanian MD said:

    Dear Mr. President Sargsyan, US Sec. of State Madam Clinton / Ass. Sec.Philip Gordon, , Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and the secretary of European Union. Please be aware that,
    90 to 95% of Armenian worldwide are disagree with “The Turkey- Armenian protocols” and furthermore they are concern about great powers political pressure on Karabakh negotiation
    Both, Turko- Armenian Protocols and Pressures on Karabakh issues are unacceptable. and unjustifiable for Armenian people We assure you that your mission will never accomplish anything … The Armenian nation who suffered for centuries has a limit for patience. Afterwards as our history showed (Avarair, Sardarabad etc.) Armenian nation will stand up and put an end to this Oil – Gas political circus… At that time everybody will lose.

    Dr babajanian

  13. Mihran Keheyian said:

    If anyone thought that US is a friend of Armenia they are living in Alice’s wanderland.Don’t ever be fooled by their pretence.

    USA has got two donkeys in Armenia doing their dirty work Sergik and Levonik,I leave the rest to your imagination.

    Armenians need to put both of them on trial for being sold to foreign interests against Armenian interests, the sooner the better as both are corrupt crooks and above all traitors.

  14. Antranik said:

    I think Sarkisian should stand firm againts international pressure regarding Karabakh. Without concessions, Turkey will not ratify the protocols.If the protocols are not ratified within the agreed time(I think they called it reasonable time)Sarkisian can give them the Churchill salute the wrong way round ant pull out.
    Unfortunately US in particular have a lot to do with pending capitulation of Armenia.T

  15. Mary said:

    I wonder… Do Parekordsagan, Assembly and all those who defended presdient Sarkissian , do they read the news? Can they get the real meaning of such news?

  16. Vahé said:

    It s safe to say that most Armenians in the Diaspora are not in agreement
    with the terms of the Protocol. However, I would like think that it was
    unlikely that the government of Armenia was hoodwinked into signing
    the protocol. Presently, Armenia has its head in a vice due to its precarious
    financial position. So every now and again someone decides to turn the screws
    tighter! Finally, borrowing the following poignant words from Sevouk Sevsaretsi, I say:
    We don’t need protocols for establishing normal contacts with our neighbors, Turkey
    knows where our borders begin and end.

  17. bolsohay said:

    It is true that we can not rely on Turkish othorities, but dont forget that in politics there are no friends nor enemies, but only benefits and profits. So we have to work with Turks but must be careful.
    Armenia should inform the world that “look guys my people had been subjected to genocide even though we dont want any precondition. But see what is Turkish side tring to do. They dont have the right to require any precondition.”
    Armenia and Diaspora need eachother and has to work together if we all want a future.

  18. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    The U.S. links Armenia-Turkey Protocols with Armenian illegal President’s legitimacy as well. A sort of corruption that can make The Heavens angry!

  19. David said:

    The US needs the Azeri-Armenian border to open (which can only happen if an Artsakh/Karabagh agreement occurs) if it is to get the corridor (Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan) to the Caspian Sea’s energy that it desires (as an alternative to Georgia).

    This is why the US will not be overly disturbed if Turkey holds out for an Artsakh agreement before it (Turkey) signs the protocols. The US wants the full corridor to open.

    The problem is not just the US, however. It is Russia.

    If Russia can get Azerbaijan to agree to sell it all or most of its future natural gas and oil production (or some other quid pro quo), then Russia, in return for that, would try to force Armenia to come to an agreement over Artsakh that is not in Armenia’s or Artsakh’s interest.

    In other words, Russia would sell out Armenia and Artsakh. Russia may or may not do this. We don’t know for sure. But it is certain that Russia has considered this possibility. Russia figures it can do about anything with Armenia since it controls so much of it. Russia says “jump,” and Armenia’s leaders say “OK, how high?”

    If Russia does make such a deal with Azerbaijan, then much of the reason for the US’s trying to penetrate the Caucasus would disappear since there would be little or no future Azeri gas or oil for the US to access anymore. THAT is Russia’s game.

    Armenian Russophiles don’t like to hear this. They think that Russia will never sell out Armenia (even though Russia has sold Armenians out many times before. Like when? Like when Russia/USSR GAVE Artsakh and Nakhichevan to Azerbaijan and initially helped Azeris attack Armenians in Artsakh at the beginning of the Artsakh troubles in the late 1980’s. (Oh, but that was under the Bolshevik Commies, say the Armenian Russophiles, not under REAL Russians.Uh huh).

    Too bad Armenia does not have an honest, nationalist leadership to lead it of this mess but rather a bunch of warmed over old Commies, crooks, and thugs.

  20. Roman said:

    It is really simple my friends. Two countries (Turkey and Russia) play political game in Kavkaz. First turkey will “give up” azerbaijan to Russians, then Russians will agree on splitting Armenia and Georgia. Then two brothers azeri and turks make up their “lost” friendship. And Russia will end up loosing Armenia and Georgia for good, for illusive friendship with azeis. If Russians and some of us Armenians don’t see it, then turks are again playing a very good “gambit”.Fortunately for us ARMENIANS we have our people who are brave enough to stand against turks, but at the same time many of us migrated to Russia UE and US and it is a big question if we willing to come back and sacrifice our fat lives for the truth, for our land as we know it. And i don’t think armenia as it is right , capable of keep what it has , ARTZAKH AND HAYASTAN?????????????
    Proof of my words: 1)Russian army in abhazia osetia,
    2)azeri Russians sign agreement on gas supply 500 mln Kb gas which is joke , it is really nothing. Russia produces 65 -80 bln kb gas itself
    3) turks and Russians agree on transporting russian gas through turkey,
    4)azeri and turks show fake disrespect to each other by burning flags which means none to them anyway,
    5) Armenia forced by Russia to sign protocols from which we loose our word about genocide, our western Armenia
    And in the future 1) Land around Artsakh will go back to azris,
    2) Artsakh ( what ever is left of it)will never become independent of azeris
    3) EU gets gas through turkey
    4) Obama doesn’t have to recognize Genocide because we will be working on protocols for next million years
    5)Azeri and turks make up their brotherhood
    6)Because Armenian borders will be open Armenia gets more and more involved with tuks not with Russians
    7)Georgia gets closer with US
    8) Russia looses KAVKAZ.
    9)Armenia looses INDEPNDECE.

  21. Hovsep Melkonian said:

    I think you have made an error in reporting Mr. Philip Gordon’a statement in Ankara. You are basing your report on the Azeri Press Agency without checking it against official and confirmed reports from other sources. The result therefore is therefore uselessly misinforming readers.


    Hovsep Melkonian

  22. B. Baronian said:

    Why are we even the slightest bit surprised?
    Ankara won this round…hands down…
    OK…we lost a battle…but the war can till be won…

  23. Armanen said:

    It turns out that this is another article written by the azeri ministry of propaganda.  One day after this came out American diplomats said it was not true.  Either way, it doesn’t matter what gordon has to say since Russia pulls the strings in the region, not the u.s.