Swiss Urge Turkey, Armenia Not to Lose Momentum

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Swiss Foreign Minister Michelin Calmy Rey congratulating Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian following the signing of agreements with Turkey in Zurich.

BAKU (APA)–The Swiss Confederation is encouraging Armenia and Turkey not to “lose the momentum and proceed diligently with the ratification” of agreements that will normalize relations and open borders between the two countries, Switzerland’s foreign minister, Michelin Calmy Rey, said Tuesday in an interview with the Azeri Press Agency.

The Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Turkey signed in Zurich on October 10 a set of protocols calling for the normalization of relations and the opening of their shared border closed by Turkey since 1993. The parliaments of both countries have to ratify the agreements before they go into effect.

Describing the recent fence-mending agreements between Armenia and Turkey as “positive developments, Calmy Rey reiterated his government’s support for the rapprochement process, saying Switzerland was convinced the process would “greatly benefit both countries, both peoples and eventually the whole region.”

The process has hit somewhat of a deadlock since the agreements have been signed, with Turkey demanding that Armenia make heavy handed concessions to Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh peace talks before its parliament can ratify the protocols.

“Needless to say, we fully support this process which, we are convinced, will greatly benefit both countries, both peoples and eventually the whole region,” Calmy Rey said, describing the political situation in the region as “complex and delicate.”

Despite the complexities, the Swiss Foreign Minister alluded to what he believed would be positive developments in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict if Armenia-Turkey relations were normalized. .

“The normalization process between Turkey and Armenia showed that political courage, genuine commitment and the wisdom to compromise can bring about remarkable results,” he said. “The situation in the region is complex and delicate, but I am convinced that the positive developments between Turkey and Armenia can and will have a positive influence.”

Calmy Rey said Switzerland supports international efforts through the OSCE Minsk Group to mediate a peace in the Karabakh conflict and commended the heightened intensity of meetings between Armenian and Azeri leaders during in the last year.

She also expressed hope that an upcoming meeting between the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan would further strengthen “this positive momentum” and lead to a quick agreement on key principles for peace.

“The two processes are running in parallel and they should both go forward as rapidly as their own respective dynamics make it possible,” he said referring to the Karabakh peace talks and the Armenia-Turkey rapprochement.

“The mandate that we received from the parties was to assist them in coming to an agreement which would allow them to normalize their relations. This was achieved with the conclusion and then the signing of the two protocols. Beyond that, Switzerland remains of course in contact with the parties,” Calmy Ray said. “We are of course ready, if so requested by the parties, to continue to be of assistance in this context.”


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  1. Tavit said:

    First of all, in the photo above FM Nalbandian is smiling.  So why did people make such a big deal out of his not smiling at some point during the signing of the protocols?  Nalbandian looks pretty proud of himself.  
    But I really wish the Swiss would go back to what they do best: making cheese, making watches, and refusing to fight in WW 2.

  2. Pakrad said:

    This charade never had momentum. The only fools pushing this wrongheaded deal forward were those who planned to cash in on it at the expense of truth and justice. Shame on all of them especially the devil in blue.

  3. areg mansuryan said:

    Artsakh is not giving up. Armenians are not giving up. Turks will always remain turks.

  4. B. Baronian said:

    Can’t help but continue to wonder whether history is about to repeat itself…with the great powers, once again, betraying Armenian trust……for their own political gains in the region.

  5. Antranik said:

    The clown in the centre of the picture must resign,he is a pathetic little man,i can’t even get myself nameing him.He seems to be engoying his moment of glory surrounded by the muppets.With this man in charge of our foreign policy,there is only one way and that is down.ARF must force this man out straight away before he does more damage.If there is one party that can do it, that’s ARF.

  6. Hovsep (Osik) Movsessian said:

    They have smelled oil & natural gas too, someone should tell Swiss buzz of; mind you own business;  Just chew your chocolate;  stay neutral and count those illegal funds stashed in your banks.

  7. Sammy said:

    Yeah, what a wonderful country Switzerland is. Make some money selling watches and knives, hide all the wealth of world criminality, be protected by modern civilized nations all around you, and dictate what a threatened nation surrounded by savages needs to do thousands of miles away to make yourself look good.
    NATO countries surround and therefore protect Switzerland. Turkey is part of NATO. The Swiss would love to see Turkey happy and Armenia marginalized. The honor-less would always sell their own mother to get what they want.

  8. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    Many thanks to Ms. Michelin Rey. The photo to the text gives an impression that everyone present (except Mr. Lavrov and the person left to him) are laughing at Mr. Nalbandyan. Is that right?
    [email protected]

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  10. Ozan Kemal Çullu said:

    Hi All,
    As a Turkish person I would like to say some words to about all of yours replies.Turkey is changing rapidly and we are not same people like before.We are getting more mature people and can see our mistakes in those days.Like Armenian Genocide or Dersim Genocide.I think  it s late to recognize our mistakes but that game has been prepared with the super powers of the world.Turkish leadership is changing and reparing past with the power of the economy and educated people of New Turkey.
    I think several of Nations has done those kind mistakes at the past.Like Germans,USA goverments,Belgians,French goverments,Spanish Kingdom,Japanese Kingdom ,Russians etc.
    We are not the only one we will not the only one.But we need to recognize it asap for our wealth.If you want to help peace and recognizing the armenian genocide by Turkish Nation please join my page anf say your words in my page.I respect all your pain and your history.

  11. Garen said:

    Dear Ozan as an Armenian I am proud to see Turks like you trying to help, and fortunately our pain and anger was not coused by Turkish people but by the government.  It is very much possible that your ancesstry is of Armenian, Greek or any other Eastern European…so it seems like you speak from your heart.  Thank you for good words and God bless …

  12. Gayane said:

    To: Ozan

    I respect a person such as yourself who is a Turk and who is willing to share his mind with us.  It takes a man with big heart and some remorse as to what happened.  Thank you for voicing you opinion.

    Unfortunately,  until the Turkish government stops its abuse of her own people by enforcing strong rules and regulations to stop or at least eliminate the remembrance and usage of the word Genocide, until the Turkish government admits openly and willingly that yes Genocide happened and caused by their ancestors… Armenians from all over the world will not and will refuse to believe that a change is happening in Turkey…. I am having a very hard time to believing this.. but GOD my witness, I hope your words are true and if that is case.. i may believe that we may have a chance to end all this painful and tortureous process…
    To:  Sammy.. you said it best.. I agree with you 110% …Swiss need to get their cheesy nose out of this because all they are doing is putting their fake smiles and good wishes to push their money into their banks..
    God Bless