Russia Says Karabakh Peace Not Linked to Turkey-Armenia Ties


Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Andrey Nesterenko

MOSCOW (Combined Sources)–The Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday reiterated Moscow’s position on the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process and Armenian-Turkish rapprochement, stressing that the two are separate processes, Russian media reported on Friday.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko discussed recent media reports that Moscow had changed course on its position regarding the two processes. Armenian Media, Nesterenko said, has alleged that “Moscow has changed its position and now links the processes of the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement and Armenian-Turkish rapprochement.”  

“This is a misunderstanding,” he stressed. “Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has repeatedly clarified Russia’s point of view. It remains unchanged. These are two different processes.”

Maintaining that the Kremlin did not link the two processes, Nesterenko said Moscow has a “positive attitude” toward the protocols signed between Armenia and Turkey and “believe the establishment of good neighborly relations between Armenia and Turkey should objectively contribute to further steps to promote peace and security in Transcaucasia.”

“As to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, despite continuing disagreements, the parties have managed to achieve some definite progress in agreeing on the basic principles for its settlement,” he said, adding that Russia see’s its role as a facilitator in the peace process. .

“At the same time we believe that the primary responsibility for the final choice should lie with the Azerbaijanis and Armenians themselves,” he said. “Russia will be ready to support the solution option which will suit all parties involved, and if a compromise agreement is reached, to act as guarantor of the settlement.”

“Clearly, a viable solution will be one that will enable returning stability and tranquility in Transcaucasia and in the post-conflict period help to maintain the historically established geopolitical balance of forces there.”Nesterenko said.

He added that any solution to the conflict must ensure that the region cannot be transformed “into an arena of international political and military rivalry.”


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  2. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    Good for Russia and Long live Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Andrey Nesterenko!

  3. Kiazer Souze said:

    If Armenia wants to have a progressive society and consequently enjoy a progressive economy based on inovation, investments, and intellectual property, then it has to allow freedom of political speach and freedom from the oligarchal/criminal stranglehold and corruption that is so profused in its government.

    Russians are not good at inovations. They are good at intiminating and killing people to extract as much natural resources as possible. They are copy cats just like the Chineese. This is because they are isolated and discriminatory societies. With regards to  Turks, well, they have too much blood on their hands and too much inbreeding. Islam also stifles their freedom of thought. Nobody wants to breed with a Turk because of  the horrible and represive history they have and becuase of their constant denial.

    In the current situation, the only reason the US will survive is because of its diverse population where intellectual and scientific achievements are supreme and that translate into products and services. China and Russia will never catch up with America when it comes to intellectual and scientific achievments. They will just look at other regions to dominate in order to extract as much of the natural resources as possible. They will become giant country factories and that is about it with America selectively giving them blue prints.Their populations are quickly getting older without social programs to protect their aging.

    If Armenia was not a crossroad to some natural resource, she may never have suffered genocide as its population is diverse from so many tribes moving in and out of the region (including the Celtic tribes). Consequently, its people are the smartest and hopefully the healthiest because of shared genes.