Azerbaijani President Criticizes Armenia On Karabakh Talks

sarkisian-aliyev in ChisinauBAKU (RFE/RL)– Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has accused Armenia of delaying efforts to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, RFE/RL’s Azerbaijani Service reported Friday.

Speaking at the opening of an apartment building in Baku for 369 internally displaced families on November 17, Aliyev said that although the OSCE Minsk Group was established in 1992 to resolve the Karabakh dispute, there have been no results from their activities.

Aliyev said the main issue in the OSCE-led talks with the Armenians is the “withdrawal of Armenian troops from all seven occupied territories,” referring to the liberated Armenian territories linking Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia.

Aliyev said Azerbaijanis who have been displaced from those territories and Karabakh are “also part of the discussion” and act as “a stimulus for us to participate in negotiations.”

He said Armenian negotiators “keep dragging their feet over issues and prolonging the negotiations.” But Aliyev said such a tactic “will not give them anything,” and that Armenia’s goal is to “populate our lands with Armenians, but they don’t have enough people.”

Aliyev said that Armenia’s population has fallen to 1.7 million (contradicting an official estimate of 3.26 million in 2008.) “It will be difficult for them to defend their front line,” he said. In contrast, he continued, “Azerbaijan’s opportunities, economy, and demography are growing. Our population is already 9 million. In five or six years we are going to be 10 million.”

Aliyev predicted that in a few years, the Azerbaijani economy will be 13-15 times larger than Armenia’s.

Aliyev and Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian will meet under the auspices of the OSCE at the French Consulate in Munich on November 22 for further talks on Karabakh.


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  1. Ben Sikerem said:

    Aliyev,  why do you always need to mention and assure such things as above to your citizens ? sounds to me like they have lost confidents and you know it ! keep up the encouragement, they do need it obviously.
    Don’t forget to donate to “Our Shoushi” telethon on November 6th 2009
    Hint, Our ?

  2. areg mansuryan said:

    In what language on should tell Aliev that Artsakh( Karabagh) is not under occupation of azerbaijan anymore, so he can understand.
    In turkish they say ” yokht ” which means no. In turkish they say ” billirsan” which means do you understand? Artsakh is free and independent and not an inch of liberated Armenian land will be returned to azeri-turks. Mr. aliev ” bilirsan” do you understand? Artsakh ” yokht”, there is no Artsakh for you to have ! Billirsan? How dump can one be not to understand the real facts. Go get a life aliev!

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  4. Hamik C Gregory said:

    Russia is no longer in Azerbaijan. To end Azeri threats, Armenians should encourage Iranians to declare Golestan (1813) and Torkumenchay (1824) treaties null and void and claim Azeri territory. Iranians will give Nogorno Karabakh to Armenia and allow the Armenian Republic to remain independent and then occupy Baku oil fields and vast southeastern Caspian coast line which contains vast continental shelf oil fields.
    It is exactly because of these fears that Azerbaijanis have aligned themselves with Turkey and falsified their history claiming themselves to be genuine Turks. They are not. They only have linguistic affinity with the Turks and nothing else.
    Azeris are shias and have Zoroastrian heritage which tell us definitively that they have Iranian origins. Centuries ago, when Persian speaking western part of The Persian Empire became dominated by the Ottoman Turks, Persians living there adopted Turkish so they could deal with their Turkish overlords.
    The only ones who are capable of stopping Azeris from behaving like the Committee of Union and Progress of decades ago are the Iranians. They should be encouraged to do so! Karabakh is gone for good. It will never be returned to Azerbaijan. And they know it. They should stop whining and complaining likes children.
    It was unfortunate that Fathali Shah-e Ghagar of Persia being preoccupied with Circassian and Georgian slave girls in his harem forgot the art of diplomacy and statesmanship and easily gave away northern Iranian Azerbaijan to Russia. We should teach Iranians to think about Baku oil fields and Azeri oil and gas industry. To the delight of all of us Armenians they might go for it!

  5. Gayane said:

    To: Hamik.. you may have a great idea there..  hope we can work something to do that..

    To: Aliev:  what powder have you been sniffing?  You gives a rat’s [email protected]*@*(@(  how much you will grow.. If growing population is an issue for you, then start handing out condums to stop childbirth and you won’t have that issue anymore.. but don’t think your whinning and crying is going to get you OUR lands.. srants baxtin nayi.. anter shuna ira halin chi nayum u uzum a get a free ride of our lands.. HELL NO..