Protocols are Against Armenia, Karabakh Interests, Says Artsakh ARF


ARF Artsakh Organization Headquarters in Stepanakert.

ARF Artsakh Organization Headquarters in Stepanakert.

STEPANAKERT (ARF Press Office)—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Artsakh organization over the weekend held its 16th Regional Convention, at the conclusion of which a statement was issued.

The translated text of the announcement follows:

The current developments in Armenian-Turkish relations contradict the interests of the Republic of Armenia, the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and Armenians worldwide. The humiliating and dangerous preconditions inherent in the signed protocols, as well as new statements constantly being voiced by Turkish ruling circles prove that Turkey’s goal is to weaken Armenian nation and to force new concessions. It is also obvious that an attempt is being made to create a schism within the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora united front.

On the other hand, the recent discussion over the so-called Madrid Principles is proof of the increasing pressures upon Armenia on the Karabakh issue. However, no coercion or bellicose threat can make the Armenians relinquish their national interests.

We would like to emphasize that the Armenian Cause is not a struggle of separate entities in the Armenian reality, but rather it is a struggle for the fate of independent statehood and the existence of the entire Armenian nation. The dignified victory achieved with the efforts of all Armenians on the Artsakh front is not subject to bargaining.

The Artsakh ARF organization will continue the just struggle for the rights of all Armenians.



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  2. Nerses said:

    Don’t you see Armenia; they simply do not want you there. They do not want to see you on the map. They do not want to know you or hear about you. They do not want to explain to their children about you. You are waist to them. How dare you think you are equal to them? You think you ever negotiated with them? What do you have that they might want? They have everything you ever had. They took everything they ever had. They even took your children. You will perish in a heartbeat if they had the chance. They hate you. They hate you!!! Don’t you understand? What takes to understand that? Another Genocide for this generation? You are nobody to them. Your pain is funny to them, your success is pure fortune and nothing more. Stop with these illusions. Make yourself stronger. Unite under one cause – have a nation where your children could live without fear of extermination. Stop being friends with hope.  You think anyone care if you stop existing? They did not care 100 years ago. You think you are more important now than you were then?  … Get ready to survive another heal.   Stop killing time… Unite!!! Open your ears and try to hear your children’s screaming voice.