ARF to Sue Armenian Government

ARF Bureau Member Vahan Hovannesian signs a petition calling on the Armenian Government not to sign the protocols.

ARF Bureau Member Vahan Hovannesian signs a petition calling on the Armenian Government not to sign the protocols.

YEREVAN (Yerkir)—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Supreme Council of Armenia announced Tuesday that after receiving the authorities’ response on questions regarding the process of the Armenia-Turkey rapprochement, it plans to sue the government to prove the Foreign Ministry’s and government’s unconstitutional actions.

The ARF parliamentary bloc petitioned the government to provide all documents and reports detailing the Armenia-Turkey rapprochement from the onset of the process to the present.

“The responses already pose serious questions. We are going to introduce our concerns for discussion in the National Assembly,” said ARF Supreme Council of Armenia chairman Armen Rustamian.

The responses to the 23-point questionnaire submitted to the government illustrate that the Armenian government was completely unprepared when it began and entered the process of rapprochement, said ARF bloc member Artsvik Minasyan.

The lawmaker added that the government did not adhere to provisions of Armenian law and called the answers “diplomatic and legal illiteracy.”

Minasyan explained that the ARF-initiated lawsuit will provide the Constitutional Court grounds to reject the protocols as unconstitutional.


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  1. Svetlana said:

    Finally somebody will employ the young, brilliant, albeit unemployed lawyers.

  2. Stepan Sargsyan said:

    Hopefully, ARF will keep up this activism and ratchet up as the process progresses.  Otherwise, we’re all lost.

  3. John said:

    ARF action is too little too late, in fact the Sarkisian government can completely ignore anything that the ARF does or demands and still count on it’s support. Why not ? this has been ARF’s behavior so far, who says Serzh Sarkisian is compelled to do anything that this party demands?
    In today’s politics Armenia-ARF’s reaction to Sarkisian’s policies can only be called a “show”. The time will come that the parliament will ratify the protocols, let’s see what will be the result of the “reactive” modus operandi of the ARF will yield?
    Not much, I would guess.

  4. Ani said:

    I don’t know where we will be without ARF guarding Armenian nation and our rightful rights

  5. Barkev Asadourian said:

    Great  deal  ARF
    All  ARMENIANS following behand you

  6. Frank said:

    Our only hope for finding a solution to this mess Sarkissian created is in the hands of the ARF

  7. Berge Jololian said:

    The opposition to the protocols is very important as it provides negotiation strength to the Armenian government; it can be used it as an execuse to back-out or leverage.
    That’s exactly what Turkey is doing – it claims internal opposition and considerations for Azerbaijan which does not permit it to open the border or proceed with normalization of relations.

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  9. areg mansuryan said:

    Sue those bastard traitors in the leadership. They deserve to be kicked out of Armenia not alone to be called leaders.

  10. Haro said:

    ARF you are on the right track. But, this is not enough. You need to work more, especially inside RoA.

  11. Mihran Keheyian said:

    That corrupt crook and traitor Serzh and all his cronies round him must be put in jail,as they have sold the Armenian national interests to foreign interests,nothing less will do and confiscate all his personnel wealth which was looted from the Armenian people.

  12. Lusik said:

    The Pentagon delegation arrived in Armenia and will leave Armenia on December 4, when Erdogan is in the USA. What is this? Demonstration of what? Holding Armenia a hostage?
    A delegation headed by U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Celesta Volander has arrived in Yerevan today. The Information and Public Relations Department, RA Ministry of Defense, told that the delegation will visit the peace-making brigade of the RA Ministry of Defense tomorrow to get acquainted with the Armenian servicemen’s potential.

  13. papken hartunian said:

    Armenias must sue all who have been involve in bringing about these so called protocols. I am working toward this goal. If you have suggestions, please contact me at

    ARF should bring a class action on behave of all Armenians agianst all possible defendants inclding the Republic of Turkey who has no immunity protection in the Republic of Armenia, yet. 

  14. Jacque armoudikian said:

    Armenia will get salvation,only and only when the ARF is in power, the only rightful leaders of the  Armenian Nation. Long live the ARF and its will of steel.

  15. Alex said:

    I have suggestion. Let’s start a campaign which will consist that all the Armenians in America return to Armenia. This is the only way to change this government. No wonder those Armenians in USA know the best for the Armenia.