Obama Hails Protocols as Erdogan Presents Ultimatum


President Barack Obama hailed the Armenia-Turkey protocols and pledged US support for the process as Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erodagan, on the eve of his meeting with the president, issued an ultimatum to the White House saying that normalization process could not move forward without an end to the Karabakh conflict.

“We have announced to U.S. representatives since the beginning that if you want to resolve the Turkish Armenian issue you should also resolve the Karabakh conflict. Otherwise, you will fail to resolve either,” Erdogan told the Azeri ANS TV ahead of his scheduled meeting on December 7 with Obama at the White House.

“This is because the Turkish-Armenian issue and the Nagorno-Karabakh problem are interrelated. I told this to Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev, to which they replied: ‘We will accelerate this question,’” claimed Erdogan adding that “if the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is settled, the Turkish-Armenian problem will also be finally resolved.”

Meanwhile in Washington, Obama, in response to a letter addressed to him by a group of Armenian organizations supporting the protocols, among them the Armenian Assembly of America, the AGBU and the Diocese, voiced his “vigorous” support for the protocols, but again fell short of characterizing the events of 1915 as “genocide.”

“I agree that normalization between Armenia and Turkey should move forward without preconditions and within a reasonable timeframe. On October 10, Secretary Clinton represented the United States at the historic signing of the protocols providing a framework for normalization. We continue to support Armenia and Turkey as they move ahead to fulfill the promise of normalization,” said Obama.

“Regarding the past, I deeply appreciate your views on what is one of the great atrocities of the 20th century. As I said in my Remembrance Day message, my view of that history has not changed. My interest remains the achievement of a full, frank, and just acknowledgement of the facts. I believe that the best way to advance that goal is for the Armenian and Turkish people to address the facts of the past as part of their efforts to move forward. We will continue to vigorously support the normalization effort in the months ahead,” added Obama.

“Prime Minister Erdogan – having succeeded in using the Ankara-inspired Protocols to enlist the cooperation of yet another U.S. Administration into its campaign to block recognition of the Armenian Genocide – is now coming to Washington to cement his gains and further press his advantage,” said ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian.

“High on his agenda, it seems, will be showcasing Turkey’s public disregard for President Obama’s twin priorities for Armenia-Turkey normalization, namely that they be established without preconditions and within a reasonable time-frame.  Today, more than seven months after our President’s speech in Ankara – during which he broke his pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide – it’s patently clear that Turkey has in fact imposed preconditions, will not act in a reasonable time-frame, and, more broadly, views this entire process as simply a way to extend U.S. complicity in Turkey’s denials from one April 24th to the next,” added Hamparian.

Erdogan, whose government unequivocally rejected a US call for troops to Afghanistan, travels to the US with the intention to address the Karabakh conflict within the context of the Armenia-Turkey protocols, ignoring Obama’s own clearly-stated view that the Armenia-Turkey talks should proceed without preconditions.

At the same time, the White House has chosen to selectively respond to Armenian-American community concerns, choosing to address only those voices that represent a clear minority in support of the US-backed protocols.

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  1. Lusik said:

    Since the USA accepted policy that state of a war is the normal state, the USA stays bound to demands of Turkey. What do American troops search in Afghanistan? Not Al-Qaeda. Who transformed Osama into a cancer cell? American Bzhezinsky inspired Osama to unfold and see the bigger horizon. Who accelerated Osama-metastasis from far lands to Europe and to the USA? Papa Bush. Is Osama there, where American soldiers are fighting? No, he can be anywhere, most likely in the USA.
    So, what is that, Erdogan will do or say that was not planned many years ago? His way of talking-moving shows degree of despise and disregard toward Obama. Why does Obama swallow that?  Why American citizens have to?
    To us, what is left, to call out nalbandian- and sarkisian-puppets. Somehow, the nations one-after-another woke up, and learned saying NO.

  2. Frank said:

    From what I see the Turks want to move into Karabagh and they are not planning on recognizing the Genocide.
    They want everything their own way.
    They want to be a part of  NATO but dont want do their share of their duty.
    They want to be controlling the middle east like a super power.
    What else do you Turks want.
    We have gone threw this before.
    Why not kick these Turks out of NATO
    Who needs people like this.
    I compare them to a person with a bad history.
    History full of crime and murder.
    Why would anyone want these people in their group.
    Israel said it best.
    They are not honest brokers.

  3. Mego said:

    I wonder sometimes if President Obama is doing us(Armenyans) a faviour, by not declaring who asked him not to mention the word Genocide on April 24.

  4. Kiazer Souze said:

    What I would like from Asbarez is a list of companies and services to boycott whether they are Armenian, Turkish, Azeri or Israeli that have blood on their hands with lobbying monies to hurt our cause. 

    I want a list of banks, law offices, restraunts, food manufacturers,  clothing manufacturers, movies, movie theaters, etc.. to boycott.  

  5. minas said:

    “President Obama, please don’t dissappoint  the one million Armenian American voters of  November 2008″, WE WILL BE BACK
    Suggested poster during demonstration against Turkish president’s visit 12/07/2009

  6. Sarkis said:

    Well, all I can say is that Obama and the Turks are doing their job brilliantly. They are are intelligent, articulate are politically well groomed. I wish I could say the same for our pitiful so-called Ishkhanutyune. They appear to be the exact opposite of the other side, besides being hopelessly illiterate.  How much longer can they sustain the constant barrage of public humiliation?

  7. B. Baronian said:

    Mr. Obama has lost all and any credibility on the Armenian question….and the Turkish governement is not only playing with him but will continue to do so….

  8. Dave said:

    Obama said this: “As I said in my Remembrance Day message, my view of that history has not changed.”
    And I say this: “As I said way before you were elected president, Mr. Obama, you’re an esh.”

  9. Aram said:

    Here it is,

    Finally, one by one Turkey imposes its rules not only to Armenia but even to th US government. Continuation of the denial of the Armenian Genocide, give up Artsakh and put both Armenia and Artsakh under threat of a war.

    I think, clearly this protocol is condemened to be nul an void.

  10. Gayane said:


    I simply can’t stand two faced, low life, liars such as Obama and everyone involved in pushing these illegal protocols upon the Armenian people.

    By saying that Obama will vigerously continue to support Armenia and Turkey, he literally means he will support Turkey and forget what Armenia wants or stands for.. It is so obvious that even a 2nd grader can read between those lines.. Please Mr President.. don’t be part of the ballLESS list of Presidents who could not stand their ground and say.. TURKEY.. you are GUILTY of everything.. FESS UP and GET OUT…

    Ay.. i can’t stand this push over from USA, RUSSIA and TURKEY and everyone else who has their dirty hand in this..

    Hope God punishes them so badly that they will regret what they have caused to us…

    God Bless Armenia

  11. Lusik said:

    Obama has sought to become a mediator between America and broken-heart Muslim world because of his unusual origin. The problem is that this “broken-heart Muslim world” actually prefers to stay in that victimized state. It consolidates Muslims in these troubled times. They go even beyond that by designing an independent and sounded foreign politics. This is a really strong new flux in international diplomacy. This is what worries political leaders – consolidation and independence.
    Obama’s major concern is to butter Muslim world so that there will be no big trouble of known kind during his presidency. He can say anything today and change tomorrow. We have to stop paying to that attention.
    The most important, in my opinion, message from Erdogan-Obama crash is that Obama’s administration might recognize Armenian genocide, if Turkey’s pride will go out of control, and, for instance, Turkey and Armenia talks will halter.
    This is a direct hint to the ears of the Armenian political elite. If you have a single atom of your ancestors still running in your bloodstream, do not hurry with Protocol reading!

  12. gregmelkonyan said:

    President Obama hails to what protocols? Give up on just demands of the Armenian Cause and  give up on Artsakh? What do the Armenia current leaders have to say on this?

  13. Jaff Sassani said:

    The US Governments of President Obama are following the failed policy of the past in Middle East and Asia. President Obama is very weak President without agenda. He is going to lose the war in Afghanistan just like the USA lost the war in Vietnam before.
    The USA lost influence in Asia then and will lose Middle East and this part of Asia too soon, which will be the end of American power in the world.
    The Iraq war is lost already and why he wants to continue with War in Afghanistan which will end up losing the entire region.
    We called on him to have plan for rebuilding the region and dismiss the policy of supporting corrupt politicians in the region, but he is weak to have any mandate. Following Clinton advise will land the USA defeat finally.

  14. Araxi said:

    Once again the Armenian people are being cheated and bullied. I’m ashamed of these world leaders. The so called Armenian “organisations” who agree with Serge Sargisian are davajanner.  You have lost your souls (if you have any!) and trampled on the millions of Souls of the victims of the Armenian Genocide. SHAME! SHAME!