After White House Meeting, Erdogan Says Turkey-Armenia Ties Connected to Karabakh

WASHINGTON (Combined Sources)—Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters after his meeting with President Obama that the normalization of Armenia-Turkey relations was contingent on the resolution of the Karabakh conflict.

According to Erdogan, the US and Turkish leaders discussed relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

“This is important in the context of relations between Turkey and Armenia,” he said, adding that the two also discussed the Karabakh conflict within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group.

On the issue of Turkish-Armenian reconciliation, Obama said Erdogan had been “courageous” in his efforts to normalize the decades-old resentment and bitterness.

Obama and Erdogan were also reported to have discussed Iran. According to Reuters, Obama said on Monday that Turkey could be an “important player” in efforts to resolve the long-running dispute over Iran’s nuclear program.

The US President made the statement during a White House meeting with Erdogan, who said his country stands ready to do whatever it can to achieve a diplomatic solution to the issue.

Obama said he had stressed the importance of resolving the dispute “in a way that allows Iran to pursue peaceful nuclear energy, but provides assurances that it will abide by international rules and norms.”

“I believe that Turkey can be an important player in trying to move Iran in that direction,” the president was quoted as saying by AFP.

Obama also praised Turkey for its role in Afghanistan, where it has some 1,700 troops.

Click here to read the press conference transcript


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  1. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had never had another or a contrary view on the issue of Armenia-Turkish raproachment. The big problem is that U.S. President Obama’s rating is drastically going down because of his never-do-what-you-promised policy.

  2. Lusik said:

    First, With same precision I can deliver that Erdogan has faced an unusual burst of anger and rebuke from Obama when trying to push his turanistic dream – all Near East under Turkish hegemony.
    Second, erdogan was kind of wrong and correct. Depends on our vision of the Armenian-Artsakh bonding. The word “contingent” has different “flavors”:
    1 : likely but not certain to happen : possible
    2 : not logically necessary; especially : empirical
    3 a : happening by chance or unforeseen causes b : subject to chance or unseen effects : unpredictable c : intended for use in circumstances not completely foreseen
    4 : dependent on or conditioned by something else <payment is contingent on fulfillment of certain conditions>
    5 : not necessitated : determined by free choice.
    So, seems that nalbandian has to learn playing the game of words?

  3. jerry sabounjian said:

    What happened to President of the U.S. stating several times that Armenian- Turkish border must be opened without any preconditions. is Erdoghan twisting the arm of the President ?
    I really feel ashamed as an American.

    • ermeni said:

      “Turkey is a critical ally. Turkey is an important part of Europe. And Turkey and the United States must stand together.”
      -President Obama July 2009
      This quote comes to mind.  It trumps everything else he had said, says, or will say.  Obama is not an ally to the Armenian nation or people.

  4. hrair said:

    I don’t know who these pinheads are at the state department or even Mr. Obama, but you cannot attempt to impose a past colonizer to bring either peace or stability in the Middle East. Regardless, thank you Mr. Obama, you finally succeeded in nailing the last nail on the coffin, what many empires could not attempt, you were able to succeeded with a handful of Armenian traitors (Diocese, Catholicos Karekin II, Serzhik, AGBU and Armenian Assembly). I should have voted for Sen. McCain.

  5. Antranik said:

    I stopped listening to this two faced cowerd  mounts ago.This man does not deserve the respect he gets from Armenians .
    His time will come.

  6. Zareh said:

    Erdogan is going to appear on Charlie Rose talk show tomorrow,
    Call, email, write and give hell. Charlie Rose has treated Erdgan with kid gloves and there is no reason it’ll be different this time. Flood the inbox with complaints.

  7. Kisul said:

    So, Hrair, should we read from your lamenting that Armenians swallow what oval office produces? Hrair means fire-like-man.

  8. hrair said:

    “My hands are tied from Ankara”
    Midnight Express is one of my favorite movies, I’m also convinced that it’s among the top 10 movies for every Greek, Assyrian, Chaldean, Armenian and Arabs living in the diaspora. There is a great line in the movie, that seems to bypass many who have watched it several time. When the judge sentences Billy Hayes he says “I’m sorry my hands are tied from Ankara”.
    This is going to be the next excuse for this administration and Mr. Obama or Mrs. Clinton “My hands are tied from Ankara…”, but this time the word “sorry” will be omitted.
    Therefore, I suggest that the ANC, since the AA seems to have their hands tied, come up with an award to every politician or anyone who questions the Armenian genocide, or decides to dance around the word, the “My hands are tied from Ankara” award. The first freebies should go to Louise Simon and Berj Setrakian, Hirair Hovnanian, the Armenian Assembly and finally the Archbishops of the Diocese!

  9. hrair said:

    Kisul, I don’t swallow, and neither will my patriotic brothers and sisters in the diaspora! I sure won’t allow you to swallow the excrement that  is being shoved in our face.  That’s why we have this forum (thanks to the editorial staff at Asbarez) to make one another aware and re focus our common aim of liberating and reclaiming our ancestral lands and RRR, and demand justice not only from the turks and turkey but every nation that look the other way.

  10. Krikor said:

    Since when the American foreign policy is dictated by Ankara.
     Where is the promisse Mr President

  11. Armanen said:

    What erdogan says means nothing, it is for the domestic turkish/azeri ears.

  12. Gayane said:

    Zareh.. Thank you for the information… I will make sure i sent the website to all my friends..

    We definintely need to flood that station with e-mails and faxes and calls..


  13. Masis Babajanian said:

    What I see happening is that Turkish and almost every other country’s politicians meet behind closed doors and devise often unethical strategies for their gains.  Since WWI, Turkey has been effective in marketing itself as a US ally, a Soviet ally, a Russian ally, a Muslim ally, an Iranian ally, a European ally, a Nazi ally, a Jewish ally, an Azeri ally, a Palestenian ally.  They are even a Chechen ally and a de facto Al Queida ally.   In the end their shortchange everyone but are conniving enough for noone to notice. 

    All our leaders do is get a political position and then work on expanding their personal businesses (like restaurants and shopping centers), devouring good meals, and fighting each other.  No strategic meetings between them and foreign nationals occur, except an occasional one with Russia or Iran.  They do no marketing of their strategic location or capabilities nor make any threats.  Such a passive stance will be destructive.

    Why doesn’t the US feel compelled to support Armenia; otherwise Armenia may support the Iranian nuclear program for example.  Why doesn’t Iran support Armenia, fearing it may allow US bases to use its soil.  Why doesn’t Armenia partially absolve itself of responsibility of the Karabakh issue and shift some of the negotiations to Karabakh.  Just like the rest of the world, Armenia needs to approach any set of negotiations with a multi-faceted approach, sometimes siding and defying with the adversary or mediator at the same time.

  14. Kiazer Souze said:

    As a former American military person, I am disgusted at this president in bowing down under the Turkish sword. I don’t understand the double standards of recognizing Kosovo but not Artsagh. Thank God for the Greek Cypriots veto on Turkish entry into the EU. May the Turks be forever relegated to  cleaning the urinals and toilets of Europe as that is all they are good for. May they go to Jahenem and quickly.

    I think Armenia should recognize Artsagh or declare that they are two states but one nation and start housing developments around the liberated Armenian provences. Armenia needs to wipe clean the undesirabel oligarchil/criminal elements so as to inspire investment.

  15. Vacheh said:

    When ever I look into the picture of the Erdogan, he reminds me of the Turkish generals of 1918-1920, including Vehib Pasha and Kazim Karabekir, who pushed us into situations of being nearly wiped off from the map of the world.
    In his book the Zangezour and Lake Sevan belong to Azerbaijan and the rest of the Republic of Armenia should be one of the Turkish eastern provinces.
    My dear Armenians we need to widen our vision and see the true nature of such current-day pan-Turkists. I wish we had General Andranik, General Dro, General Garegin Njdeh, and General Silikian alive today to see how our national hero’s would have endorsed the Armenian current government to stretch hands of friendship to people like Erdogan.

  16. gregmelkonyan said:

    Who cares what Erdogan says. Artsakh is free and independent. Obama and Erdogan meeting was another tea party gathering. These people have nothing better to do in their lives but to butt
    in other people’s business. How can turkey this blight of Asia be relied on

  17. Ishkhan Babajanian Md said:

    Turks’  Plan  are  clear,   you   should    not   be  a politician to understand   what they are doing. Ordinary Armenians  also know  that  Turks   are  deceiving   Armenian   leaders    (even they can deceive   President    Obama)                                                                                                                             Armenians   all  over the  world   are   amazed  how   Turks   so easy can  confuse    leaders   in Yerevan.   They  should  have understood   this   political    games much  earlier …

  18. Hairenakitz said:

    After The White House Meeting, Mr. Obama Should Be Ashamed For The Damage Caused To Global Genocide Prevention Program; More Than The Damage Caused To Armenian Genocide Recognition Itself. It Is Shame That An American President Despite His Presidential Promises Hesitates Even To Use The Proper Word ‘Genocide’ In The Face Of ‘Red Face’ Perpetrator Of Genocide.
    Mr. Obama.! You Degraded Yourself Much Lower Than Those Republican Presidential Contenders Who Openly Admitted To Serve Only American Hegemony!

  19. Ed said:

    Be realistic plz!!!!It  is not Erdogans nor Obamas fault! It is the Armenian president, primeminister, foreignminister and the armenian government who are preventing the recognition of the armenian genocide!

  20. Araxi said:

    I wonder if Mr. Obama has studied Ottoman or Turkish History? Does he understand who his is dealing with? I would feel ashamed if I were an American.

  21. Vasken said:

    We have to learn from our mistakes. Never endorse again a presidential candidiate.  

  22. Hagop said:

    “I believe that a genocide was committed against Armenians, and I think there is ample documentation of that,” McCain was quoted as saying. “The Turkish and Armenian people and states cannot forget the past. Especially Armenians cannot.”
    It is ironic why McCain did not make the above statements during his campaign a year ago but only months after when he did not need the Armenian votes.  I know it is too late for him and for us, but it is never late for us to learn from the past experiences. Now, it is almost impossible to stop the ratification of the protocols now, but it is not impossible to curtail the consequences.
    At least he is pro-life, pro-family and he never lied so far…
    Just remember before the election how Obama turned against Jeremiah White, his pastor for 20 years, no matter what the reasons were. He never had friends, he never will.

  23. manooshag said:

    Hye, Obama thanked the Turk for the fine reception he was given in Turkey.  I hope that Mrs. Obama was with him, too. Manooshag

  24. Barkev Asadourian said:

    It’s about the time to ignore all Protocols had signed between Turkey-Armenia
    since the Armenian Genocide not RECONIZED as per your campaign PROMISS
    and relations should be without precondions as an Amercan after all in order to
    keep you piece of mind.

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  26. katia K. said:

    Masis you are good! 
    Looking at the Erdogan and Obama picture,.. we know who Erdogan is… he is the descendant of the Ottoman leaders, with the same panturkic vision… the western outfits, and deceitful decency do not fool us, (actually they do fool some of our Armenians,why change old habits), but for the Presidency of the US, this is an all time low.  For Obama to deal with a leader who announces that his “people never committed genocide” because “he personally cannot believe that could have happened” is painful to watch.  Erdogan is buying time and wheezling his way out of paying for what his ancesters have done, with the same age old techniques of “lying” and plain old desperate “acting”.  He said at the press conference that what “happened” was for historians to decide not “politicians”.  Which planet is this guy living on?  All reputable Genocide historians have long ago identified what happened to the Armenians as Genocide.  The word Genocide was created by Lemkin to describe what happened to the Armenians.  Then he had the gul to announce that the reporters in Turkey were freer than the ones in the US.  Isn’t that insulting to Obama?  Obama, where is your dignity?  Journalists like Hrant Dink get assasinated in Turkey, and apparently our journalists in the US are in a worse disposition than that?  My, my!  And for him to be paraded as an important player in the peace of the Middle East is very desperate for the United States.  The United States is treating our Genocide as their bargaining chip with Turkey.  I am no longer sure which one has the lower character.

  27. Gayane said:


    I just love the way you write…

    I could not agree more with what you said..

    Thank you

  28. katia k said:

    Thank you Gayane! I truly think that we as a people can very easily have the upper hand in this situation if we play our cards right. The key is for the Armenian governmentto bring our best thinkers from all over together, analyze our options and do what is right for our people, with no regard to the pressures applied on us by the other countries.We need to appreciate our talents more and respect our people’s capabilities. Other countries can have all sorts of meetings deciding our fate, they cannot accomplish anything if we do not let them. Only weak countries become tools in others hands. When it comes to the fate of our people, the buck should stop with our people. All the prepositions on the table are mostly designed to benefit the other countries in question. They seem to be desperate for these solutions though, and that’s where we can find an opportunity to ask for our share of the bargain.

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