Paul Krekorian Wins City Council Race


Candidate Paul Krekorian with his son Andrew, 4, votes Tuesday in the special election for the Los Angeles City Council 2nd District seat in the library at Ulysses S. Grant High School in the Valley Glen neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley. Photo by: Brian Vander Brug of the Los Angeles Times

NORTH HOLLYWOOD–Voters in the San Fernando Valley sent a resounding message throughout Los Angeles Tuesday night as Paul Krekorian won the special election in the Second Council District, defeating his opponent Christine Essel by a margin of more than 13%.

“Today, the voters of CD2 demanded profound change and soundly rejected the domination of this city by Downtown insiders,” Krekorian said. “This victory is the beginning of a fundamental transformation of the government of Los Angeles, and it sends a strong signal that the people of the San Fernando Valley are not satisfied with business as usual.”

Krekorian spoke to about 200 campaign volunteers, supporters, staff and family members who jammed his North Hollywood campaign office to celebrate the victory.

“The task now ahead is for us to build a city government that will work for the people and that is marked by integrity, honesty and accountability,” he said. “To succeed, we need to start healing the divisions that have resulted from this campaign and begin bringing our community together.”

More special interest money–$910,877.91 in so-called independent expenditures –was spent to elect Essel than any candidate in L.A. history.  According to the unofficial results from the City Clerk’s office, Krekorian received 10,810 votes (56.56%), while Essel gathered 8,304 votes (43.44%).


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  1. Peter Musurlian said:

    Big win for Paul and his wife Tamar. Big loss for former Los Angeles District Attorney Robert Philobosian, who, inexplicably, endorsed Krekorian’s opponent…Christine Essel.

  2. Sako said:

    Armenians on the rise!!! Doing it big taking over the government one step at a time…

  3. Serge said:

    Bravo Paul and big cogratulation to him and Armenians, it is a big gain for Armenians and big loss for Turks.

    Peter,  is that true that Robert Philobosian endorsed Christine Essel?  do you know why he did that?  

  4. Dr. Giggles said:

    Yes zarmanoom em vor mek hat Hye myoos Hye dematz es pesi ge davachani! Robert Philobosian, gna kluxet hoxi mech taxi, amot es besi Hyeri vra vor poxaren vor Hye teknaztu Paulin oknen, gnazteren mek hat teknatzuin oknum vor ira mechkin gangenatzin tachikner yev odarner vor uzumen bolor Hyerin mechiz tanen.
    Way to go Paul, a WELL DESERVED victory! We are all very proud of you! Robert Philobosian . . .the people have spoken, although . . .I do have some change in my pocket, when you’re done taking your head out of the sand, let me know how many nickels it will take to buy your loyalty. With Hyes like Robert Philobosian, who needs enemies?!

  5. Jacque armoudikian said:

    Congratulations and good luck. It is good to see the good guys win once in a while.

  6. Gayane said:

    CONGRAT not only to Paul but to the Armenian People!!

    Definitely a great news..

    Definitely a big win for the Armenians

    Definitely a positive direction for all of us to show that if we put our minds and souls together we can overcome anything and have victory..

    Looking forward to better changes with this victory..



  7. ae said:

    Hurray Paul and kudos Adrin for helping pull off this victory. Onward and upward to great leadership at the LA City Council!

  8. Andrew said:

    Congratulations Baron Krekorian!!! You’ve made us all very proud. You have become a source of inspiration and a role model for not only your 4 year old in your hands but for thousands of Armenian Americans across this country that will follow in your footsteps to achieve the same greatness you have and more.
    All the best to you and Tamar. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  9. For1915 said:

    This was a resounding success.  The voters answered Christine Essel and her campaign’s misconduct.

    Congratulations to City Councilman-elect Paul Krekorian!

  10. Arman said:

    Now let all the Turks who spent their money for Essel to deny the Armenian Genocide and be a political obstacle for Armenians eat their hats. When Essel was Vice President of Paramount Pictures she and her buddies would never allow an Armenian Genocide film to be made. That’s why Turks and Azeris loved to support her to defeat an Armenian. But to save face she wrote an explanation at saying that theres no denying the Armenian Genocide and that our own history must be affirmed, and I commented saying go tell that to you Turkish fundraisers, we don’t need our own history taught to us. She is so two faced its disgusting, just like her shameless mailer calling Paul a variety of names and defaming him. Wheres the Anti Defamation League to protect a man who is being baselessly defamed?

  11. Carina said:

    Big cogratulation to Paul and ALL Armenians. Very proud of the unity of the 3 traditional Armenian Parties behind Paul as well as the activity of the new generation of Armenian Americans in his win.  This is only the beginning. =) 

  12. Dr. Giggles said:

    Arman jan, the ADL and Abraham Foxman are too busy acting like crypto Armenian Genocide deniers. As previously mentioned on numerous web pages and in the press, according to Abe and the ADL, the suffering and murder of more than 1.5 million Armenian men, women, and children can shamelessly be put on the back burner because for Abe Foxman and his pseuo-self-righteous sanctimonious crusade to rid the world of hatred “one anti-semite at a time”; to Abe Foxman, Jewish lives lost during the Holocaust count for something and equate to systematic extermination. But when it comes to other ethnic groups such as Armenians, despite the droves of evidence present, Armenian lives lost is only “tantamount” to Genocide according to Mr. Foxman. After all, as he has stated in the past, he  “is responsible to the shareholders of the ADL.”
    What adds insult to injury was Paul being attacked shamelessly by Ms. Essel and her flyer. How the Jewish community reacts to this will definitely set precedence on future campaign conduct regarding the exploitation of ethnically sensitive subjects such as the Armenian Genocide, Rawanda’s Genocide, Sudan’s Genocide, and the Holocaust. As an Armenian, I would be appalled to know that the Genocide of my kinsmen was being made light of in a political campaign to defame a candidate. All those murdered during these shameless times in history, gave their lives to teach us lessons for the future. Sadly however, Mr. Foxman, and more recently Ms. Essel politicize such dark times and bring shame to the memory of those that were murdered.
    Abraham Foxman = Armenian Genocide Denier and Anti-Armenian Propagandaist
    ADL = Selective Genocide Deniers, which includes the Armenian Genocide, resulting in loss of credibility.
    Christine Essel = Desperate candidate for city council, anti-Armenian ethnophobe, and exploiter of human suffering through politicization.

  13. Garo Tertzakian said:

    This is a delightful victory for our community. Who cares if it turns out that some people with Armenian names endorsed Paul’s opponent? We’re better off without them!

  14. Armineh said:

    Big Congrats to Paul. The right person for the job. It was about time for a reliable representatve like him in that position.

  15. Hrand Ibranossian said:

    Congratulations to Paul and all Armenians, what made this miracle possible despite of all those two faced poleticians who appear in our events and lie to us about how much they do care about the Armenians and their Cause, then they shamelesly endorse who ever runs against our candidates, were the hard work and dedication of Pauls Campaign Manager Areen Ibranossian and the young Volunteers that worked more than 16-18hrs a day.

    Thank you to All and Good Luck for feuture.

  16. Tony said:

    Congratulations to Paul,  all Armenians and allies. I’m very proud of you.  Thanks for being there Paul for us.

  17. Vahe M said:

    The people have voted and your are the man Paul!!! You are a success story in the making. May your actions and words inspire many other promising Armenians to get involved in politics.
    Vartzget Gadar.

  18. Annette Apelian said:

    Congratulations to you, Paul, and your beautiful family.   Sam and I send you blessings of love and continued success in future endeavors.   Best wishes for a joyful Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New Year in 2010.   (My parents, like your grandparents, were from Kharpert!)

  19. Rouben A. said:

    I am happy and proud I voted for you,
    Your victory is my victory, and hopefully an Armenian victory,
    this is a begining of a big diference, a shake up, we need more leaders like you,
    you will show the way to our younger generation to get involved in politics, we can not stand silent, we need more “Pauls” up there, all the best for you

  20. paul tovmassian said:

    bravo paul we all proud of and my wife margo and my son nareg(hes voting for the first time)very proud to support.. another hard working armenian for city councel.. gettsse hayeres