Turkey Threatens Israel with Catastrophic Retaliation


WASHINGTON (UPI)—Israel would face dire consequences if it violated Turkish airspace to spy on Iran, the Turkish prime minister said in an interview with an Egyptian journalist.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Egyptian journalist Fahmi Huwaidi in Washington that the Turkish response to an Israeli incursion would resemble an “earthquake.”

Israel “will receive a response equal to that of an earthquake,” he said. He further warned Israeli leaders against exploiting their relationship with Ankara to “wage aggression on a third party.”

The Turkish premier, however, denied rumors that Israel had violated Turkish airspace in order to conduct aerial surveillance on Iran, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Israel has suggested it would use airstrikes to take out the Iranian nuclear program. The Israeli military in 2007 struck a Syrian facility that intelligence information suggested was a nuclear reactor of North Korean design.

An Iranian military strike on the Osirak nuclear plant in Iraq damaged the facility in 1980, and the Israelis destroyed the light-water reactor a year later.

Iran claims its current nuclear program is for civilian nuclear work.


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  1. Aren said:

    I dare them to attack Israel
    the US will turn on Turkey and take our side if Turkey attacks precious Israel

  2. Harout Akhverdian said:

    Lool this guy is an idiot making statements like these eathquake lol u got to be kidding
    this is what it is let washington see their so called ally making statements like these about Israel
    and from what i see turkey is a national treat to the security of the United States of America
    so much for Obama so called friend  of his turkey will never put Israel in an earthquake , i think their time has come to bow down

    • Kisul said:

      why do you think obama says erdogan is his friend? because they are good liars (apsos es chem arajin@ asel sa!!!).  erdogan is not only …, but also a coward. if we wait, soon we will see which fluid hits his head more often.

  3. Frank said:

    Things are unfolding very quickly.
    We waited 100 years for justice and the return of our lands.
    Erdogan will be instrumental in making this a reality.
    It is a matter of  a few days.
    He is under esimating  the power of Isreal.
    At least we have the wisdom not to do stupid things like the Turks
    After all we are Armenians.
    We love being Armenians but we also love other people and respect them.
    For that reason people have taken advantage of us.

  4. Dr. Giggles said:

    These types of statements are of course not surprising. As secular as Turkey may proclaim to be now or 10 years from now, or 1000 years from now. In the end, what Israelis, Jews across the world, the West, and Christians globally need to not lose sight of, is the fact and notion that Turkey is a Muslim state, despite its own proclamations of “post-modern secularism”.
    If push comes to shove, Turkey will ALWAYS stick with its Muslim roots inspired by its delusional and degenerate Ottoman past. The latest behavior and geo-political outbursts regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and now Iran are testaments to the idea that Turkey is playing possum at this time in history.
    Jews worldwide need to wake up from their slumber and recognize the dangers of being bedfellows with these people. In the end if a Muslim has to choose who to align himself with, he will choose another Muslim, despite all the claims of “we’re Muslims, but our religion does not govern our decisions”. Arrogance on the part of Israel and the US will only to trouble down the road. Already, look at how boastful this proxy state called Turkey has become, refusing air base support for the US that was funded by the US, threatening Israel in Iran, threatening Israel in Palestinian -Israeli issues. These are all the direct result of 50+ years of the West, US, and Israel, turning the “other cheek” with these animals in light of their crimes committed against our people not too mention their WW I allegiance to German Fanaticism.

  5. Harout Akhverdian said:

    Joxovurt jan es bolore sax suta shat marthik ete chen haskanum shutov khaskanan erp vor mer dashnak axpernere asum en mah kam azatutyun ay esor es sevakan b…….i txen nobel peace prize stasav u ases te even war is for peace inchem uzum asem vor miayn 2 zev ka hoxere arnelu poxov kamel zenkov u ete meke ka vor ashxarum chi haskanum mer dashnak gaxapare tox mer masin mi kich karta u haskana vor hayi prkutyune mishtel exela zenkov te che es kapiknere sax derasan en joxovurt jan sax helel en bemi vra u anum en irens kapikutyune.

  6. Andranik said:

    ….and the jews are still lobbying against the Genocide recognition in U.S. . Shame on turk/azeri loving Israel!!!

  7. Antranik said:

    What will it take for Israel to stand up and stop this man(Erdogan)barking insults against the state of Israel?

    Given the situation,it is beyond my comprehension to why Israel will not recognise the ARMENIAN GENOSIDE and shut him up once and for all.Could it be money?

  8. Alex Postallian said:

    The big question will be whom Obama is going to back-up.turkey or Israel,which one is the true friend of America….The real answer is neither one……….

  9. Garo said:

    AIPAC , AJC, the whole Israeli Lobby should wake up.  Their “Ally” and friend in Middle east is turning against them.  Watch out Israel, these people are genocidal.

  10. hrair said:

    anyone is foolish to think that erdogan made these comments without the tacit approval of the state department. He must have walked away from DC with a suite case of promises for him to be so bold and threaten Israel. Thank GOD Nethanyahu is the prime minister of Israel.

  11. Mego said:

    Fellow Armenian’s , if anyone is an idiot or needs to wake up that’s our government.
    I hope when Erdogan  said earthquake , he did not  mean Genocide again.This is the man we  are making peace with,look at his face , Do  you see a man of peace ? or a mad man full of hate , that resembles other turkeys faces from 1915.