EDITORIAL: A Cherished Document is Further Discarded


UN Assembly session that approved Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1984.

Today is the anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

As we look back on the past six decades, it is evident that the signatory nations have not fully adhered to the declaration, nor have they respected the impetus for drafting this important document.

We see more human rights abuses today around the world that go unpunished and even unnoticed. Yet world leaders regularly invoke the Declaration to paint themselves as arbiters of justice and responsible citizens of a world currently marred by war, genocide, poverty and corruption

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood,” reads Article I of the Declaration.

Using the Declaration as a blueprint for advancing a civilized world is nowhere more appropriate than the current Armenian reality.

After almost 95 years, Turkey not only continues to deny the Armenian Genocide but has set in motion a series of events that aim to forever bury the fact that its predecessors systematically murdered a race and attempted to wipe an entire nation off the face of this earth. The US’s continued collusion in this matter, makes it—a so-called bastion of human rights—complicit in the crime because of the state-sponsored and adamant denial of this historic fact.

On the Karabakh front, this very declaration is being thrown out in the internationally-sponsored peace talks, which all but ignores the Azeri aggression that started the war in the first place and calls on Armenians to make severe concessions in order to appease gratuitous and unreasonable international interests that, at the core, trample upon the 30 articles that make up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Domestically, the Armenian authorities have gradually tightened the noose around their citizens by pillaging the country’s national wealth for personal gain, and this year, through their reckless disregard, have steered the entire nation toward a dangerous path that all but jeopardizes the future of its very existence.

To enumerate the daily breaches of the Declaration in every-day life would require a Web portal quadruple the size of Google.

The utopian nature of the Declaration has given rise to the proliferation of organizations whose mission to preserve the essence of the document has earned them the reputation of watchdog in the international arena. Unfortunately, these groups have also been tarnished, to a certain extent, by personal and political gains and their arbitrations often contradict their stated purpose. By becoming the pawns of political power[broker]s, they have diminished their role and have become servants to narrow political interests.

To preserve and protect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a crucial imperative now, more than ever. Politics, greed and the wanton desire for domination have blurred the lines of acceptable behavior and expectations and heinous violations of basic human rights have become tolerable in this global society.

On this anniversary, each individual—citizen of the world—must pledge to not merely work to preserve but to vigorously fight to uphold and protect human rights in order to ensure that humankind can be differentiated from savage beasts.


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  2. Kisul said:

    after seeing what “international community” can force upon a small nation, i am a litlle bit confused. especially when today obama said that war is peace (like knowledge is ignorance, force is caress, …). everything becomes meaning nothing. for instance, article 28 of this declaration says: “Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized.”. now, if this entitlement does not happen, obama will come and make it happen? applying his “light touch”? but is not it similar to that, if you have to punish your child, social worker will come and put you in jail, and child under a psychiatric watch? who can explain, please!
    all these reminds orwell’s 1984. (also, animal farm)

  3. GregMelkonyan said:

    Artsakh is free and independent. Not a centimeter of Armenian liberated lands to azeri-turks. I do not care who says what! Where are my lands?

  4. KRIKOR said:

    UN resolutions and decisions apply only on pooe, weak, and small countries and nations, doesnt apply  on the rests!  what ever the supper powers want and decide UN will do  and decide, whoever has the stick he is the UN, whoever has the money, the money will decide and make resolutions, other then that dont rust the UN and its resolutions and decisions, the history proves it, whatever the bigs decide  UN will work for them, other then that you are fooling yourselfs,  there are tons of decisions sitting at UN shelves for dacades need to be done. do not rely on it 

  5. manooshag said:

    Hye, the savage beast… actually the beasts/animals, as I seem to remember reading, donot kill for the ‘joy’ of killing.  Rather, the animals kill when they are in need of food…
    So we ‘insult’ (Turk’s favorite word when they don’t like what is being said about them)…
     as I said, we insult the animals when we call them the savage beasts – perhaps for the style in which they have to proceed to have a meal appears as  savage to humans.
    Howsomever, the savage Turk is a more appropriate use of the word ‘savage’ – murdering, slaughtering, raping, kidnapping and terrorizing fellow human beings – that is savagery.
    Too, that is perpetrating a Genocide – to plan to eliminate the Christian Armenian nation to gain
    a homeland – fully cultured and ‘ready’ for the Turks to claim as their own homeland, well,
    that is the best word to describe ‘savagery’ – humans killing their own kind – humans pursuing
    a program of Genocide to gain their own despotic goals.  A Turkey… 1915-2009.  Manooshag