[VIDEO] Musurlian Confronts Genocide Deniers Steve Cohen & Jean Schmidt

Depraved Genocide Denial on display in these two excerpts shot in Tennessee & Ohio by Peter Musurlian, for his Summer 2010 documentary, “Turkey’s Tools in the Heartland.”

The interviews, from these excerpts, were shot and the overall piece was edited by the ever-so-talented Ara Soudjian, who produced longer videos for the 2008 & 2009 ANC-WR (Armenian National Committee-Western Region) banquets in Simi Valley & Pasadena, respectively. Mark Geragos, nationally-renowned Los Angeles attorney, is in rare form about 3 minutes into the video.




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  1. zaven said:

    cohen should be checked into the nearest psychiatric ward and charged for his physically aggravated behaviour against media personal. Clearly schmidt is a surrogate liar of the turkish government and I LOVE seeing her sorry self being dragged into American courts to explian her brazen reciept of BLOOD MONEY on behalf of a foreign government. Shame on both of them.
    Keep up the great work Peter and Baron Soudjian.

  2. Saro M. said:

    Kudos to Peter and Ara.I hope you both continue to publicize the denialist machinations of the shameless Turkish government operating within American politics.
    I can’t imagine how Cohen and Schmidt sleep at nights. They shouldbe ashamed of themselves.

  3. Peter Parker said:

    Simply brilliant, the film makers in less than four minutes of footage pretty much summed up the hypocrisy, political buyout via blood money, and duplicity by Armenian Genocide deniers that exists today in certain circles of our political system. Ironically enough in this trial, the Schmidt argument was being driven forward by none other than two shameless Jewish lawyers, Bruce Fein and David Saltzman.
    If today you asked these two shameless Jewish lawyers regarding their thoughts on the Holocaust and reparations made to Jews by Germans over the past 50 years, they would not only be staunch defenders of such reparations and the economic concessions Germans have made to Israel, they would further note and site ideas of “morality”, “justice”, and “punishment” for “atrocities” committed by Nazi Germany against Jews in Germany during WW II that today’s modern Republic of Germany is responsible for.
    However, here these two shameless Jewish lawyers are, yet again displaying the incessant double standard as well as politicization that exists today in some Jewish circles and organizations when it comes to the Genocidal murder of Armenians. Accusations of accepting blood money, genocidal regimes, ethnic cleansing, and extermination are only valid when it comes to the Holocaust and Nazi Germany, but human rights violations and Genocide against Christian Armenians do not count for some mysterious unexplainable reason! Furthermore, official recognition of such crimes, here in the US, a country founded on Christian principles is not important while a pre-schooler needs to know about the Holocaust throughout his public education.
    The plot thickens . . the democratic republic of Germany IS accountable for extermination of Jews even after the Nazi regime was toppled and replaced, BUT, for some magical unsubstantiated reason, Ottoman Turkey’s systematic extermination of Armenians does not count after “Ottoman Turkey” was toppled and was replaced by “The Republic of Turkey”, according to some hypocritical Jews, Armenians should “move on” and not demand reparations the way Jews themselves have been doing for more than half a century from Germany.
    The rules of human rights violations and crimes against humanity seemingly should only pertain to Holocaust survivors and Germany. The Genocide of our people, the FIRST genocide of the 20th century should be ignored or “left to historians” according to these hypocrites. Ironically enough the Holocaust in Germany was inspired by the Armenian Genocide, which served as model for Nazis to begin Jewish annihilation. Furthermore, the AG led to the coining of the word “Genocide” by a Jewish scholar, and our resistance of Genocidal campaigns by the Turks as depicted in the book “40 days of Musa Dagh” written by a Jewish author, inspired German Jews in the Ghettos of Auschwitz to resist Nazi obliteration and survive. Now attempts are being made to outfox our own rights to reparations by the very group of people our struggle helped inspire in their time of need. According to these hypocritical machinations, the  Holocaust deserves all reparations and more, but  the AG “does not qualify” for unexplainable reasons.
    Bruce Fein, the Jewish lawyer in the video above, once wrote more hypocritical drivel at this web address at The Huffington Post:
    The man, as a Jew, has the audacity to criticize Armenians for seeking justice for the Genocide committed against them and criticizes the Armenian Diaspora for partaking in politics as a diaspora group! HELLO MR. FEIN, ever heard of AIPAC? But I will digress for now and will conduct a journalistic experiment, lets take some of what Mr. Fein has written in the above article and replace the words “Armenian(s)”, with the word “Jewish”, the word “Turk(s)” with the word “Nazi-German(s)/Palestinian”,  the word “Armenia” replaced with “Israel”, and the words “Armenian Genocide” with the word “Holocaust” and see just how much of an anti-semite one would sound if one were to write about Jews the very same things Mr. Fein has written about Armenians . . .
    BRUCE FEIN WRITES: “First, there is a dichotomy of interests among the JEWISH stakeholders in this dialogue. The interests of the JEWISH Diaspora, even different JEWISH organizations, the American political establishment and ISRAEL are divergent.”

    BRUCE FEIN WRITES: “the dismissal of the bilateral process by U.S. lawmakers who carry the JEWISH lobby’s torch in Congress; as well as the full blown campaign by all JEWISH advocacy and lobby groups in furthering their legislative, educational, political and public affairs agenda in the U.S.and elsewhere, are proof of this divergence.”

    BRUCE FEIN WRITES: “The ‘HOLOCAUST’ narrative is an existential narrative for the JEWISH Diaspora. It has become the glue that bonds the community across social, economic and political lines. Perpetuating this narrative and activating the community around legislative, educational, philanthropic and political endeavors has become the lifeline for JEWISH Diaspora organizations, including the JEWISH SYNAGOGUES. Hatred against modern day Palestinians and Palestine has become an identity strengthening tool, particularly employed toward young JEWS, and examples of this hateful behavior against ordinary PALESTINIANS abound.”

    It’s clear that merely with the three statements above, our experiment quickly reveals that with simple word swapping, what Mr. Fein has written about Armenians, if written about Jews, would quickly and unequivocally be deemed “anti-semitic” by multiple Jewish organizations such as the ADL and Abe Foxman. To let alone call the killings and acknowledgement of the killings of more than 1.5 million Armenians a “narrative” is on the same level as committing the act itself if not worse, but to have it come from someone who is Jewish brings the onset of a whole new level of hypocrisy considering the tremendous proclamations made by Jews and Jewish groups in the US regarding the tragedy of the Holocaust, the importance of reparations for Jewish peoples, and the perpetual continuation of educating the masses regarding crimes against humanity.

    Ending the article Mr. Fein makes several “talking points”, further establishing his own hypocritical ideas:

    FEIN WRITES * Stopping hate: “It is clear to everyone who follows the Armenian Diaspora that the pursuit of genocide recognition has turned into a campaign of hate against Turkey and modern day Turks. This hatred has been manifested in worldwide terrorism and the murder of 40 Turkish diplomats; the continuing adoration of these killers, as well as ongoing harassment and intimidation of Turkish Americans. More troubling, is the fact that hate against Turkey seems to grow among many young Armenian adults who hold more severely hateful perceptions of Turks.”
    RESPONSE: Certainly today there are many proclaimed liberation movements by Jewish organizations that historically have surpassed or even dwarfed any and all combined Armenian assassinations of Turks that were directly or indirectly responsible for the AG or blatant AG denialists. Only a BRIEF look into the historic activities of the Mossad and the Irgun is enough to make the above point by Mr. Fein completely moot  since indiscriminant killings of people of many ethnic groups were conducted by the said two organizations since the early 1930s, including but not limited to British soldiers (see below):
    * Defending academic freedom and stopping intimidation and harassment of scholars: The Armenian Diaspora has successfully created an aura of intimidation in academia through their consistent vilification of scholars, who do not agree with the Armenian narrative of history. By slandering any scholar who deviates from the Armenian narrative as a “genocide denier” and attempting to deny such scholars access to academic and public platforms, the Armenian lobby is effectively stifling more research and debate on this history.
    RESPONSE: Where was Mr. Fein when Jewish organizations were persecuting John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, does Mr. Fein live on this planet or some other dimension of hypocrisy?
    * Exposing the futility of political lobbying: The Armenian Diaspora lobbyists have invested much stock and capital in lobbying efforts to legislate history. Turkey must unequivocally state that it is an Armenian Diaspora illusion that such third country political pressures can force Turkey to accept their narrative and issue an “apology,” opening the way for other demands by the Armenian Diaspora such as reparations or territorial claims.
    RESPONSE: Mr. Fein was probably on another planet when Germany was being pressured to recognize its Holocaust atrocities against Jews and reparations made to the tune of more than 60 billion dollars in capital alone to Jews and Israel.
    * Looking forward: The Armenian community can gain tremendously by looking forward and reaching out to Turkey as their heritage country. Turkey and Turkish civil society should extend a hand of friendship toward the Armenian Diaspora. Turks, by and large, hold no animosity toward Armenians and will embrace Diaspora Armenians warmly. The rich Armenian culture continues to be part of Turkey’s culture, its music, art, architecture, folklore and cuisine. These common bonds can be revived and the Armenian Diaspora, not Armenia, can herald this revival.
    RESPONSE: Mr. Fein, the hand of friendship by Turkey must be extended with official admission of past crimes against humanity and against Armenians during the Armenian Genocide. Next that hand should include a check for damages, psychological trauma, displacement, and stolen wealth from Armenians committed by Ottoman Turkey much in the same light as Republic of Germany has done for Jews everywhere when it was acting as Nazi Germany. Continuous compound interest and adjustment for inflation included of course. Only then can those like Mr. Fein sanctimoniously speak about letting “bygones be bygones” between Armenians and Turks.
    There are more moot hypocritical points made by Mr. Fein in his Huffington Post articles that again can be taken apart in further rebuttal. The point of such an extensive response is to fully expose the level of hypocrisy being displayed unfortunately by a group of shameless individuals like Mr. Fein. What truly is sad and pathetic is how Mr. Fein himself completely depreciates the lessons taught to him by his kinsman during the Holocaust. As a proud Armenian, the Armenian Genocide has taught me a great deal regarding human rights, and though I cannot change the tragic death of those lost during such a murderous campaign, I would never taint the memory of my people’s tragic time in history with hypocritical lies and propaganda the way Mr. Fein and those like him have been doing regularly year after year in a pathetic attempt to act against Armenian rights everywhere.

    In conclusion its not surprising that those like Mr. Fein, would defend the anti-Armenian, and Armenian Genocide deniers like Cohen and Schmidt. Mr. Fein, class is dismissed, go flush your Harvard Law degree down the toilet.

  4. Alex Postallian said:

    Peter Musurlian,for his Summer 2010 documentary “turkeys tools in the Heartland” It should read; turkies stooges in the Heartland.

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